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  1. Re: EC Anno Domini - General Discussion, Banter etc

    Blackburn have brought in 2 very good young players:


    Gastón Ramirez111111 Ilkay Gündoğan

    Gastón Ramirez is a fantastic young player attracting interest from loads of top clubs including Barcelona.

    Ilkay Gündoğan is another hugely talented player who has just signed for Dortmund.

    Surprised both of them were readily available' date=' but hey i aint complaining :D[/font']

    I was actually planning to sign both after my TBs were up. But great signings there!

  2. Re: The Intercourse, General Banter Thread.

    The season's more or less over. Congratulations to Jenks. Really nice track record, dude!

    I'm following shack and quitting some of my less favorite teams due to RL commitments. Mechelen are unfortunately in that category.

    Mechelen are back where they started four seasons ago, division 2. Sadly I couldn't keep them on top. They're a great team on paper, so who ever takes over should have an attractive basis to start from.

    Thanks for a couple of enjoyable seasons.

  3. Re: EC Anno Domini - General Discussion, Banter etc

    Beat Jinx's Doncaster 3-0 in the Cup Final tonight!

    Great work on getting there with Doncaster buddy' date=' don't be too disheartened ;)

    Nice little £3million added to my budget as well.[/quote']

    Congratulations! No worries, mate. Definitely wasn't expecting a win. The best team won. Please with 3,5 million in income though. ;)

  4. Re: The Intercourse, General Banter Thread.

    mate ease up on the gear.. you think way 2 much in to the game seriously.. ;) ..
    ... i kno its time not 2 take this game 2 heart.. should try the following phalosophy yourself jinx :D ..

    Quite funny that you think my post is me taking the game too seriously? Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't you the one that just used three posts to comment on my one post?

    Your captain expressed his opinion regarding our match. I expressed my opinion regarding his comment on you getting "robbed". That's a forum's function. I read a post that I disagreed with' date=' so I replied. Just as you did when you read my post. How is that taking the game too seriously?

    tell me why on earth i would not play counter if im playin defensive??? :rolleyes: .. soak up and hit on the break..

    If you take a glance at what I wrote you will notice that I mentioned a discrepancy between counter and slow/short not counter and defensive.

    In my opinion playing slow tempo and "soak up and hit on the break" don't mix. If you are of a different opinion, I'm fine with that.

    you can counter surely playing passing football rather than waster of a hump up field..


    3-5-2 purely on this basis.. your half way line leave ur lot with 6 possible outfield players in defense.. 6 possible outfield players in attack.. my 3-5-2 is 8 possible in defense 7 possible in attack so over powers your formation completely..

    I understand what you are trying to say, but it's what I would call deductive reasoning. Your conclusion is only valid if the premises are true and I haven't read anything in the rules or help section to suggest that they are. Unless you know something about the game engine that no one else does?

    i completely over powered you in both attack and defense..

    Yeah, I'm going to point to the result of the game.

    2 be quite honest.. your there trying to give reasons and make my formation look a joke wen you played very defensive and counter yourself :rolleyes: .. playin 4-2-3-1..

    To be honest I never meant to make your choice of formation look like a joke! I used my observations to argue that the result wasn't "robbery" like Arfon claimed. That's all. I was never personal.

    In my experience 4-2-3-1 works wonders against 3-5-2. Again, if you are of a different opinion, I'm fine with that.

    Yes, I played very defensive, counter, direct passing, tight marking, men behind ball and so on. I'm not sure what your point is here. I never wrote that defensive and counter attacking isn't a fine choice. I wrote:

    - Racky played counter attack which seemed kinda odd when you're playing short and slow.

    gurantee you now mate if you didnt have the players you do your formation would be a complete waste of space seriously.. as your league position is prooving with the squad you have..

    Well' date=' I have obviously bought players that work with the formations I use!? Who doesn't?

    My league position has nothing to do with 4-2-3-1 as I varied between several tactics all season. Feel free to check. My league position is probably due to me playing in the Champions Cup, going all the way in the Intercourse Cup and simply that D1 has gotten better compared to last season.

    you beat me mate fair play you should have.. infact the team you have id say you did a pritty poor job on all stakes but the score line..

    Exactly! The game was a must win for me and I won. I'm really not bothered that you think I did a poor job regarding everything else. Last time I checked the scoreline is what counts.

    infact mate havin had another scout id even go as far as 2 say..

    i would win the league 110% with the players you have nailed on..

    Yeah' date=' I doubt that playing 3-5-2 all season, even with my team, will win you any trophies in a competitive setup like this. Also, you seem to think that my team is the best team in the league. Obviously that's not the situation as both Lazio and Racing are way stronger (and several other teams on par with Mechelen).

    I just love these kinds of statements. "If I had your team I would be the best bla bla bla". I'm glad that you have confidence in your managerial skills. Bring it on. Let's see what you've got. You took over a team the Bibi built from scratch, got promoted and almost won the cup with. What’s stopping you from reaching for the stars? Please amaze us with your talent.

    i reckon youd struggle with my leicester if you cant keep the team you got at top spot 2 seasons on trot..

    Well, let's view the facts shall we? I built my team completely from the ground. I've managed the team from day 1. No one but me can take credit for anything in relation to the team. I've won:

    - The D2 playoffs (season 1)

    - D1 (season 3)

    - Runners up in the SMFA Shield (season 3, not that it matters in this setup, but the cash is nice)

    - Runners up in the Charity Shield (Season 4)

    - The Intercourse Cup (Season 4)

    I find it kind of conceited that you are questioning my managerial skills when you yourself haven't shown the game world anything yet.

    exact reason i dont even waste time reading reports or checking statistics..

    Let's get your facts straight. Your captain used the stats to prove a point, not me. I actually pointed out that stats shouldn't hold too much weight, just like you are doing now.

  5. Re: The Intercourse, General Banter Thread.

    Racky - was robbed (lost)

    Unlucky Dan' date=' looked at the stats and the fact he didnt have all his players 100% you were rather unlucky.[/quote']

    Robbed? Haha, in what universe?

    Stats? Racky had more shots and shots on target, but shots on target won’t win you any games if your strikers can’t put them behind the keeper. Ergo the result was fair. In football, and in SM, shots (and/or possession) can be indicative of a win, not equal to a win.

    Fitness? I don't think that anyone has empirical evidence that shows how much fitness weighs on player performance in the match engine. None of my players were NMF.

    You looked at the stats. You looked at player fitness. Did you look at the tactics?

    - Racky tried to play a possession game i.e. 3-5-2, defensive, short, slow. Quite troublesome when you don't actually win possession.

    - Racky played counter attack which seemed kinda odd when you're playing short and slow.

    - Racky chose a three-man-defence which is notoriously vulnerable against wing play (attacking down both flanks) which I played.

  6. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    Bibi and Jinx' date=' if you two were a tag-team you'd be called "[i']The Vultures[/i]"! :P

    Thought it seemed too good to be true that i would get him unopposed right enough, unfortunately my chairman doesn't value him very highly so most likely one of you will get him :(:rolleyes:

    Haha, nice one, mate.

    I think Bibi may have it in the bag. My bid is only worth 9,4 million.

  7. Re: The Intercourse, General Banter Thread.

    Congratulations to JinxMillion and KV Mechelen for their 1-0 win tonight in the cup final. I am happy to have made the final' date=' and I've won it before. I get 1.5 million in prize money, and about 1.7 or 1.8 million from the gate receipts, which was well needed. I don't see me winning the league without the top 2 losing a few games, but I can still try. :)[/quote']

    Thanks mate. I wasn't expecting to win. You've got a really great team! Now to concentrate on surviving D1.

    It looked like a very strong team to me' date=' full of stars. Vidal scored the winner. I barely got home in time to switch to my best team.[/quote']

    Obviously my first team. David Silva was suspended though.

    im 3 above them and hav them this week..

    must win game 4 me..

    Must win game for me as well' date=' so we'll see.

    cant believe there league position with team they have..

    Tell me about it. Champions last season, relegated this season?

  8. Re: EC Anno Domini - General Discussion, Banter etc

    brilliant Jinx.
    Brilliant stuff Jinxy..........Very well done.........Win it and its Europe next season fella:)
    well played jinx :D

    Thank you' date=' guys. Even thinking Europe might be a tad bit overly confident, Lenny. ;)

    Very well done on getting this far. Hopefully I can put an end to your little run in the final :P

    Looking forward to it!

    You too, Ryan. Hopefully, we'll have an upset on our hands. ;)

  9. Re: EC Anno Domini - General Discussion, Banter etc

    Division 3 side Doncaster Rovers book their ticket to the EC Anno Domini Cup Final!

    After knocking out Arsenal in the quarters and Everton in the semis we're up against Fulham. Seeing as Doncaster aren't going to win D3 this season, a cup triumph would definitely ease the pain. Realistically though, the team probably doesn't have another cup victory against a D1 team in them.

    In other news Noboa, Jallet, Fernando, Medel, Campagnaro and Plasil join the Vikings. More players to come.

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