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  1. Re: From minnow to macho ; a thread for little boys becoming big boys

    Notts County - GC74

    First team:


    Reserve team:


    Other reserves:

    DF - Danilo (87)

    MF - Sanchez (88)

    MF - Vazquez (78)

    FW - Park (88)

    Youth team:

    DF - Isimat Mirin (83)

    MF - Fernando (84)

    MF - Carrasco (83)

    MF - Obi (82)

    MF - Anderson (80)

    MF - Canesin (80)

    MF - Regatin (77)

    MF - Kebano (77)

    MF - Segbefia (76)

    MF - Piscatella (75)

    FW - Narsingh (85)

    FW - Son (84)

    MF - Kelvin (80)

    FW - Diallo (78)

    Club honors:


  2. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    This season your Chairman expects you to finish in the top half of the table.

    Doable. Shrewsbury finished 9th last season. Although there are some interesting additions to D2 - Man U, Hartlepool, D&R, Southend and so on.

    Your chairman has increased the capacity of the Stadium by 734 seats. The new capacity has now increased to 12,497.

    Pffft, kinda cheap, monsieur chairman.

    The squad:


    I'm looking to add two or three players during the first couple of weeks. Radu, Biglia and Park could be leaving.

    The first five games of the season:

    Hull City (A)

    Newcastle United (H)

    Wolverhampton Wanderers (A)

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Burnley (A)

    7 points and I'll be a happy manager.

  3. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    I think I'll just modify my theory to 'You get a stadium increase if you get 2 successive promotions (though maybe Brighton and Shrewsbury didn't?) unless you're a team was already relegated first' date=' or if you get promoted and stay in the division for 2 successive seasons, unless, your stadium was sufficiently high already to be on par with those in your league'.

    I know, it lacks the elegance of all the good theories :o[/quote']

    If I remember correctly, I didn't get a stadium increase after the first promotion. But since then I've gotten two [small] increases.

    Well i got a stadium increase of this much :P

    Your chairman has increased the capacity of the Stadium by 4' date='745 seats. The new capacity has now increased to 12,701.[/b']

    Then again my stadiums still a terrible size even after it...

    That's bigger than my stadium! :rolleyes:

  4. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    Look' date=' I'm not saying you haven't done a good job, or that you haven't improved the side in your time at the club - not once did I allude to that. The only thing I object to is you doing deals in the days leading up to your departure, especially if you knew that you were leaving. It doesn't matter how good or bad the deals are going to be, as the new manager coming in may not appreciate them. The Sergio/Muslera deal in itself isn't that bad a deal, but in my opinion, it should be a deal for the new manager coming in to make. If you disagree, then fine, but it appears that I'm the only one to say anything about it anyway so you've got nothing to worry about.[/quote']

    Nope, you're not the only one to take notice. I totally agree with your points. His message to Tom pretty much makes any argument void.

    "I am actually thinking of leaving Blackpool soon, so keeping my star assets doesnt mean much to me anymore, so I will accept your bid for Muslera"

    It reads pretty clearly.

    1. He's leaving.

    2. He doesn't mind devaluing the squad by selling his "star assets".

    His own words, right? "so I will accept your bid" implies that 1 and 2 are the reasons behind him accepting the bid.

  5. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread


    Unlucky Red' date=' the stats suggest a close game that deserved to go to penalties, and from there it's always a toss-up. Just as I hoped for, the SM God's smiled on me tonight, but I have no doubt that you'll make it next season buddy. :)

    I look forward to being reunited with my buddies at Brighton and Shrewsbury in Division Two next season. :)

    And congrats to Jooles for a superb achievement, as well the Exeter manager.[/quote']

    Congratulations, pal! Great season and well deserved promotion. We're looking forward to some nostalgic matches next season.

    Jooles, you maniac. Absolutely crazy season! I'm really looking forward to watching you do some damage next season.

    Also congratulations to Santana at Exeter.

  6. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    Totally delighted to log on and find that Birmingham somehow managed to pull out of their seemingly unstoppable relegation nose dive. A 2-0 win at Matts place and Man utds 1-1 draw with Chelsea' date=' see's City survive by the narrowest of margins....:D:D[/color']

    Well done, pal!

    10 straight victories' date=' including last nights stunning 4-0 drubbing if 2nd place and promoted Reading! The end if season result? Little old Brighton finish 7th, narrowly outside the play offs!

    One awesome plus, my old adversary Jinxmillion - finally finish above him!!! Delighted with that!!!![/quote']

    Hahaha, I was wondering when you would throw that in my face. ;) Kidding aside, that was an absolutely fantastic run, Ed! All three promoted sides in D3 finished in the top 10.

  7. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    God darn it :mad::mad:

    Withdrew my bid of 9 million and Bendetti (Valued at 1 million) for Zabaleta to see how much Brandao was worth in the deal' date=' He was only worth 7 million to the riverplate chairman so i thought ok ill offer the 9 mill and Bendetti went to do it and all of a sudden all the bids got accepted :(.

    So i didnt get a bid on in time and ive missed out on him...

    Think he'll got to bolton anyway.[/quote']

    That's kinda funny, mate. ;)

    We'll see about Zaba. My bid is just over 12 million.

  8. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011

    Stats wise means nothing ' date=' Cannavaro has been playing outstanding and tbh i wouldnt be surprised if he got 90 next time.

    Campagnaro Solid but not as outstanding as Canno & Not entirely sure on Astori or Canini.[/quote']

    Totally agree. Cannavaro definitely deserves his 89 and he has IMO performed way better than Campagnaro. The same goes for Astori over Canini. Astori is a class act and I hope he moves to a bigger club soon.

  9. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    Yeh mucked that up a little' date=' but same thing applies in that you can't really make the play-offs.[/quote']

    I'm holding on to my theoretical chance (quite unlikely, I know). ;)

    Only really five teams fighting for anything at the top, the four in the play-offs and Coventry. Whilst at the bottom there's four teams fighting for three spots. To be honest it isn't as competitive at the end of the season as you would have thought from over the course of the season but the play-off battle and relegation battle are certainly fearce.


  10. Re: The Intercourse, General Banter Thread.

    1-0 against Bari. Silva with the lone goal.

    @Lenny: Asian's team is called "Four wrongs make us really right" (for the score update).

    I thought I'd post a little update from Mechelen. The following players have joined over the last couple of weeks:

    Maarten STEKELENBURG (90)

    Neven SUBOTIC (91 - rose a day after he joined the club)

    Gregory VAN DER WIEL (90)

    Pablo ARMERO (87)

    Simon ROLFES (91)

    Santor RAMIRES (90)

    Ivan RAKITIC (88)

    Javier PASTORE (90)

    David SILVA (93)

    Kevin GAMEIRO (89)

    I'm looking to bring in 5 or 6 more players.

  11. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    [...]Rather unlucky though with the other results. Hull won' date=' Palace won and Wolves won but Coventry did lose which does help. With results though, perhaps something good to come out of it was that the likes of [b']Shrewsbury[/b], Cardiff and Millwall didn't win and as a result it is definatly a 5 horse race for the 4 play-off spots. (Well done to Reading and Villa aswell, securing there promotions to the top flight)

    Say what? I'm pretty sure Shrews bagged three points against Middlesbrough. ;) Just moved up to 8th.

    Not looking forward to the play-offs. :(

    Beaming with confidence' date=' huh? You'll do fine (oops, did I just jinx you?). :D

    Blackburn take the TITLE after a hard fought battle all season. Good start to the season, then great work by PNE......And then came Portsmouth...but still able to soak up the pressure and take home the trophy to Ewood Park with 2 games remaining.

    Amazing work, Yhanick!

  12. Re: Who Gets Custody Of Jay Champion Hilton?

    Baby Jay is staying with his mother. Simple. It's quite clear that any chance of joint custody went down the drain once Heidi Montag stepped into the picture. How do you baby proof a home with Heidi Montag working as a full time parent? You can't! Heidi Montag is an anagram for baby poison.

  13. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    Well SJ was bang on after Palace draw 2-2 away at Shrewsbury. I'll take that seeing as we were hammered in the stats' date=' out-shot 3:1 (on target) and had only 38% possession. :o

    The good news is that we gain on Hull who slipped up away at Cardiff. The bad news is that we slip down to 4th after Reading and Villa both win. I tell you, it's going to be some run in! :o[/quote']

    Sorry to dent your promotion plans, Jooles. ;) You've done seriously well this season!

    Talk about an inspirational substitute in Gamiero. Subbed on at 60 and grabbed two goals to hold on for a point.

    I would definitely have sold the match for a point beforehand but I am kinda disappointed over the dropped points. Villa up next in a very difficult game. Hmm, what to do...

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