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  1. Re: Possiable world cup proformance ? Increase/descreas

    Felipe Melo should be the goalscorer of the tournament to earn his rating stay :P

    I agree that lower rated players should benefit more on their rating then higher ones from a good wc run. It's obvious a good tournament is expected from a rated 93+ player anyway right?

    I don't remember any good english prospects being "stolen" by any team in La Liga or Serie A, though surely there are many examples of the other way around.

    arguably slightly better league
  2. Re: Dutch Eredivisie Ratings and Analysis

    I have Suarez on one of my teams and have surely expected a rise and i'm disappointed but comparing him to players rated higher then him and not as good isn't gonna help in any way; you will always find many examples like that.That just how the rating system in this game works, no one would actually buy players rated above him like trezeguet for example ahead of him in the real world :P

    On a different note i wonder if anyone else thought Labyad was supposed to get a rise, he has a few minutes to his name and 2 goals scored against Groningen.

  3. Re: AM/Wing

    Well just a personal opinion is getting david silva is the better choice out of the ones mentioned. He is going to the WC and should be an important player there, in comparison Arshavin will not be there, is older and that tells me he is on top form right about now so won't be growing much more. Jesus Navas is also a good player but his homesickness thing might have something to say about his WC bid.

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