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  1. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Cheers pal:)
  2. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Decided to get back into the forum First post in like 3 months? Looking for deals in: Gc146- Everton Gc139- Benfica Gc118- Fiorentina Nice to see the same old faces here!!!
  3. Re: Brumsters' Hot Buys Added Aurentnexe to La liga. Thanks for the comments guys
  4. Re: Brumsters' Hot Buys Liga Portugal Maicon Pereira Roque Current Sm Rating: 85 Predicted Sm Rating: 87/86 Maicon has secured his place in the heart of defence along side Rolondo following Bruno Alves' depature to Russian side Zenit. Has played 6 out of 7 games and has looked fairly confetable in all of them. Can't wait to see if he keeps his place in the side and develop further throught-out the season Fabio Coentrao Current Sm Rating: 87 Predicted Sm Rating: 89/88 Coentrao stared in Portugal's Average World Cup performance, leaving the WC with many clubs chasi
  5. Re: Brumsters' Hot Buys Ligue 1 Kevin Theophile Catherine. Current Sm Rating: 75 Predicted Sm Rating: 82/85 Rennes is know for producing talented youngster. We have all heard of M'vila, Marveaux and the list could go on. A new addition to that this would be this guy. Catherine just 20 has played every minute of football this season, helping his team Rennes to top spot from 8 games. He is one of the most talked about players so far in Ligue 1 and has been linked with some of Europes top Clubs. Adrian Gunino Current Sm Rating: 78 Predicted Sm Rating: 84 The Uraguyi
  6. Re: Brumsters' Hot Buys Bundesliga Mario Gotze Current Sm Rating: 75 Predicted Sm Rating:82/85 Mario Gotze is the new star at Borrussia Dortmund. The Bundesliga is world renound for producing talented players and you could say that Gotze is your average one. But he's far from average. Starting 4 times at just 18 years old, he has something every manager wants. The Dominican Born teenager has hinted he will hope to play for Germany very soon Deigo Contento(Suggested By Nikidinho) Current Sm Rating: 82 Predicted Sm Rating 85(Then 87) Contento is now numbe
  7. Re: Brumsters' Hot Buys La Liga Michael Pereira Current Sm Rating: Not On Database Expected Added Rating: 75 Predicted Rise: 77/78 Having played in every game for Mallorca this season ( 1 start, 5 Sub) its easy to see he is a highly rated player on the Spanish Island. Coming from french decent you could say its a late start for the 22 year old, i will keep an eye on this youngster as more starts is very plausable. Jon Aurtenetxe Current Sm Rating: 75 Predicted Sm Rating: 82 Another young Spaniard from Bilbao's academy, Aurtenetxe is another who has played every mi
  8. Re: Brumsters' Hot Buys Serie A Leonardo Bonucci Current Sm Rating: 88 Predicted Sm Rating: 90/89 Bonucci played every Serie A Minute last season for Bari and was rewarded with a dream move to Juventus. He has continued to impress and has instantly become Chellini's partner at the heart of the Defence. Last time round he recieved a +2 from his 86 become Bari's highest rated player, this time around i expect him to get that rise once again. Andrea Ranocchia Current Sm Rating: 86 Predicted Sm Rating: 88 (Deserves 89) Ranocchia(Bonucci's Bari team mate last season) was al
  9. Re: Brumsters' Hot Buys EPL. Marc Albrighton Current Sm Rating:75 Preddicted Sm Rating:82/84 Marc Albrighton has so far Shone for Aston Villa this season. His pace, Crosses and ability to take on defenders as well as being very mature minded for his age has put him at the top of my EPL list. His current form will see him rise considerable within the next Rating Changes. Phil Jones Current Sm Rating: 80 Predicted Sm Rating: 85 Having Continued his impressive form from the end of last season Phil Jones has to be one of the best Young Cb's in the EPL. His Power, Height an
  10. Welcome to my new thread. Here i will post the most promising talents of each League around the World. This is my thread so please do not post. I do not take credit for these players, it is simply just rating predictions. Feel free to PM me with your suggestions.
  11. Re: Gold Championships, Official Transfers Thread. Advertising Only! Looking for Deals In Gc117, Gc121 and Gc126 (Milan, Bayern and Liverpool) Really dont want to quit the first two but i havent done deals with other managers since the start. Tb's are up in Gc126 so deals welcomed
  12. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Looking for Deals In Gc117, Gc121 and Gc126 (Milan, Bayern and Liverpool) Really dont want to quit the first two but i havent done deals with other managers since the start. Tb's are up in Gc126 so deals welcomed
  13. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Gc140- Not many forumers in this Gc i dont think but anyone else finding Spurs and Man Utds dealings/Articles/Online times a little fishy? made a ticket so lets see what sm Do about it
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