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    Brumster got a reaction from Nikidinho in Brumster's 2010/11 10k Risers   
    2010/11 10k Risers

    John Bateman

    3 starts 1 sub
    Kevin De Wolf

    2 starts 1 sub
    Andreas Anrestidou

    1 sub (54 mins) Rated just 65
    Calum Butcher

    3 starts(For Barnet)
    Phillipp Zeiger

    2 starts
    Dale Hilson

    4 starts 1 sub
    Please note i do not claim for the find of these players. I am just simply displaying there stats.
    Will try to update regularlly and add new Players as soon as i come across them.
    Comments welcome

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    Brumster got a reaction from scribe313 in Brumsters' Hot Buys   
    Welcome to my new thread. Here i will post the most promising talents of each League around the World. This is my thread so please do not post. I do not take credit for these players, it is simply just rating predictions.
    Feel free to PM me with your suggestions.

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    Brumster got a reaction from Shepherd 9 in Brumsters' Hot Buys   
    Re: Brumsters' Hot Buys


    Marc Albrighton

    Current Sm Rating:75
    Preddicted Sm Rating:82/84
    Marc Albrighton has so far Shone for Aston Villa this season. His pace, Crosses and ability to take on defenders as well as being very mature minded for his age has put him at the top of my EPL list.
    His current form will see him rise considerable within the next Rating Changes.
    Phil Jones

    Current Sm Rating: 80
    Predicted Sm Rating: 85
    Having Continued his impressive form from the end of last season Phil Jones has to be one of the best Young Cb's in the EPL. His Power, Height and Vison has nailed him in the Blackburn starting X1. He has already started as many games as he did last season so a bg rise is inevitable.

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    Brumster got a reaction from najduch5 in Brumsters' Hot Buys   
    Re: Brumsters' Hot Buys


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    Brumster got a reaction from tecalee in Brumsters' Hot Buys   
    Re: Brumsters' Hot Buys


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    Brumster reacted to Skarmory in Abdel's Corner - Enter at own risk   
    Re: Abdel's Corner - Enter at own risk
    too late for that. It's countless how many times he has crossed those...
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    Brumster got a reaction from MCFC James in Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread   
    Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
    The fact that he is a Wolves fan may cause problems
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    Brumster reacted to mob96 in Patrick HERRMANN- Germany's new wonderkid   
    Name- Patrick Herrmann
    Age- 19
    Nationality- Germany
    Club- Borussia Mönchengladbach
    Position- Wing/Forward
    SM rating- 77
    Born- Uchtelfangen, Germany
    Squad no- 15
    Patrick Herrmann is a 19 year old right winger currently playing for Borussia Mönchengladbach. He was born on February 12, 1991 in Uchtelfangen, Germany. Currently wearing the squad no.15, he recently scored a brace in Borussia Mönchengladbach's famous 6-3 win over Bayer Leverkusen. Last time Borussia Mönchengladbach beat Leverkusen, Patrick was just 3 years old and now 16 years later he has helped his side repeat history. After this victory, he made Goal.com's 'Bundesliga Team Of The Week: Round Two'. Below is a description of his performance by Goal.com
    Germany National Team caps(goals)
    Germany u18- 10(1)
    Germany u19- 3 (0)
    Germany u21- 1 (1)
    SM rating change-
    He has currently played 88 minutes for his club and after his great performance in his last match, i cant see him being dropped so if he carries on appearing and performing for his club, he could be in for a rise to 83/84/85 by the end of the season.

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    Brumster got a reaction from Sean Cox in Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread   
    Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
    Well..... oh.... idk
    You may have a little competition
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    Brumster reacted to Jooles in English Championship 7046 Match Reports/Transfer Gossip Thread   
    Re: English Championship 7027 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread
    Only one day in and already there’s been frantic activity in the transfer market. Here’s a brief review of what’s gone on, who’d been busy and who’s landed the top stars. Having started this review I hadn’t reckoned on how bloody long it would take (so this will not likely be a daily event, probably even a one-off) but it should give an indication of what certain managers’ strategies are.
    To date 166 transfers-in have been accepted or completed, with 121 players being traded out in part-exchange. At the time of writing 36 of the 54 managed teams had accepted or completed bids. Only 8 transfers were between two managers, the rest being from external clubs. The most popular clubs being pillaged (so far) were: Inter (12 players), Free Agents (9), Real Madrid (8), Bayern Munich (7), Barcelona (6), Seville, & Milan (5), Athletico Madrid, Juventus, & Santos (4), Porto, FC Schalke, & Millonares (3), 11 clubs with 2 transfers, and 68 clubs with just a single transfer.
    The most active clubs were as follows: Leeds (17 transfers in), Derby (12), Bolton (11), Wolves (9), Notts Forest (9), Northampton (9), Middlesbrough (9), Hull (8), Ipswich (7), Arsenal (6), QPR (5), Wigan (4), West Brom (4), Tottenham (4), Sunderland (4), Cardiff (4), Burnley (4), Bristol City (4), Blackburn Rovers (4), Man Utd (3), Liverpool (3), Everton (3), Chelsea (3), Brighton (3), Stoke (2), Reading (2), Portsmouth (2), Huddersfield (2), Aston Villa (2), Sheff Utd (1), Peterborough (1), MK Dons (1), Man City (1), Crystal Palace (1), Chesterfield (1), Birmingham (1).
    Surprisingly, some of the big guns were only successful in a small number of transfers, though the players they did land are hot properties. Having not followed the bidding I’m unsure if they have been playing it cautious, but I’m guessing that they were mostly outbid by some of the smaller clubs. Notable successes include Stoke’s landing of Pedro, Chelsea signing of Ozil, Man Utd getting Muller, and Wigan’s haul of young stars. Bolton too added a whole host of talent to their squad, Ipswich managed to grab some future stars including De Gea and Canales, and Middlesbrough (myself) scored some big hits, notably Casillas, though uncertainty remains over how many will want to come play on Teesside (it’s grim up north!).
    Here’s a brief club-by-club breakdown (apologies to those clubs that I’ve just skimmed):
    Arsenal: A decent haul of stars in all areas of the pitch: Busquets 91 DM/CM, Negredo 90 CF, Hernandez RM/W 90, Silva CB 91.
    Aston Villa: Added Riise LB/LM 90, and traded Fabiano CF 93 for Harewood & Heskey
    Birmingham: Krunic AM/F 85
    Blackburn Rovers: Strengthening squad with Palop GK 91, Van Bommel CM/DM 92 + youth
    Bolton: Strengthened the team with key signings all across the board: Eduardo GK 89, Leon RM/W 89, Borriello Fwd 90, Menez W/fwd 89, Van Buyten CB 90, Navarro LB 90, Motta DM/CM 90, Molinaro LB 89 + few in mid-80s.
    Brighton: 3 lower-rated players.
    Bristol City: 4 free agents in the mid-80s.
    Burnley: A couple of CBs in the upper 80s CB, CB, Romero GK 88, Altintop Mid/RB 90.
    Cardiff: 4 mid-to-upper 80s players.
    Chelsea: Ozil AM/LM 91, Lucio CB 94, Arbeloa RB/LB 91 (out inc. Zhirkov LM/LB 92, Bosingwa RB 92, Alex CB 91)
    Chesterfield: 1 young Boro keeper
    Crystal Place: Guilherme Fwd/AM 88;
    Derby County: A focus on risers & future talent, one of highest Burdisso CB 86;
    Everton: Strengthening CM with Defour 89, Granero CM/AM 89
    Huddersfield: 2 inc. Soder CF 84;
    Hull: A mixture of risers and young strong players inc. Biabiany Fwd/W 86 Inter, Howdes Def 88, Hulk Fwd/W 89,
    Ipswich: 7, Host of young talent De Gea GK 87, Neymar Fwd/AM 86, Canales AM/Fwd 87,
    Leeds: Most active manager with a focus on risers & future prospects.
    Liverpool: Bonucci CB 88, Van Der Wiel RB 88, Di Maria LM/W 90 (out Kuyt Fwd/W 92)
    Man City: Just 1 accepted bid so far - Santon Inter RB 87
    Man Utd: Big signings of Julio Cesar GK 95, Muller Fwd 88 (offloading Neville 88 & Owen 89)
    Middlesbrough: A mixture of risers and bigger stars: Casillas Gk 95, Ambrosini CM/DM 92, Samuel CB 93, D’Agostino CM 89.
    MK Dons: 78 rated Inter youngster Countinho
    Northampton: 9 risers/potential talent
    Notts Forest: Strengthening the squad in key areas with Simplico [Roma! – when did he move to Roma?] CM/AM 90, Abidal LB/CB 92, Helton GK 90 + a selection of risers.
    Peterborough: Wolves youngster Danny Batth
    Portsmouth: Wolves stalwart Craddock at CB and the contentious signing of Keith Andrews from Blackburn.
    QPR: A strong haul with: Di Natale Fwd 93, Zanetti Def/DM 94, Tymoschuk DM/CM 91
    Reading: Strengthening midfield with: Albelda DM/CM 90, Poulsen DM 90.
    Sheff Utd: Delac 84 Gk
    Stoke City: Just 2 signings, but big ones nonetheless: Pedro W/Fwd 90, Honda AM/CM 87
    Sunderland: Potential risers + Otamendi CB/RB 88, Mariga CN/AM 87 (Inter)
    Tottenham: A focus on midfield and up front: Forlan Fwd 94, Giovinco AM 88, Kanoute CF 93, Gago CM/DM 90
    West Brom: Added strength and depth to the squad with 2 free agents, Hildebrand GK 88, Pires W 88 and Suazo CF 88, Marquez CB 90
    Wigan: A solid hall with: Marin W 90, Neuer GK 91, Badstuber CB/LB 88,
    Wolves: 9 players including strong signings of Cordoba Inter CB 92, Mo Diarra DM/CM 90, Grafite Fwd 90, and a selection of risers/talent
    And just a brief disclaimer: These stats are based on the transfers accepted so far, the first day's worth of transfer activity, though for various reasons there is no guarantee that all of these will go through successfully (I’m thinking particularly of Casillas here!). Apologies too for any errors on my part, I’ve done my best to get it right.
    Things though look like they are hotting up in EC7027 (or whatever it ends up being called). Be interesting to see who the next set of forays into the transfer market are aimed at, there’s still plenty of talent out there.
    And how does it work now with all the other bids that are in for players from the clubs just having sold some of their players? Do the remaining players go up in value (as they are now worth more to those clubs) and if so does that mean that all bids exactly at chairman value will now fall short?
    Best of luck in the next round of bidding!
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    Brumster reacted to notredamefan83 in 7 ways to improve soccer manager   
    the financial system in the game is pretty unfair and unrealistic. for starters if you choose a club with a big stadium you have an unfair adavantage over a team with a smaller stadium. a team like arsenal can all most make double then everton in any given week. this makes it unfair for the teams with the smaller stadiums. there are a few ways to change this without having to change stadium sizes tho.
    - shirt sponsers should be picked at the begining of each season. the teams that do better should be rewarded with more lucrative sponsorship deals
    - consider this my everton team won my league in season 5. all i got for this was 7 mill in prize money. since i made very little money in in attendence i was faced with either debt or selling off my players. in real life if a team like everton actually won the premier league that would recieve tons of money in new tv deals and sponsorships.
    - the fact is that all teams should originally have a equal starting oppurtuity and teams should actually be rewwared for there good play
    - another aspect of finances that should be changed is this. in one of my worlds there is a arsenal team that has total wages of about 1.2 mill. now ive seen eams with 2 plus mill wages survive and actually do well in this game which is realistic just as long as the team is successful, but the arsenal in my world came in 17th place last season, how on earth is it possible tha a team can come 1 place above being religated and it can still hold onto its players. i have a way to fix this which i will mention when i come to the transfer section of this post.
    - the last thing i want to say about finances is the matter of a team accumlating huge amounts of debt. take portsmouth for example. they had a a huge amount of debt and had to sell off there players and eventually got relegated, but in this game there is no penalty for debt. i think if u go into a certain amount of debt your chairmen should demand the sale of certain players to limit the debt
    - tthe major problem i have with the transfer system in this game is it doesnt take into account anything but the money. could you imagine if barca sold messi for two 90 rated players and 15 mill? no but that can happen in this game. so here i am going to suggesta way to make the transfer system more realistic
    - like in real life if ur team finishes the season low in the table(ie liverpool last season) certain players on your team(ie torres) are going to want to leave. so again a team that performs well should be rewarded bc players would want to go there. so well take my world for example again. so tht arsenal team's (tht finished in 17th) players such as fabregas would want to leave for lets say sheffield united (who finished 2nd). now im not saying youd be forced to sell these players but the players would become unhappy and play poorly and become a team distraction evetually leading to them demanding to be transfered and refusing to play.
    -this sounds similar to the player concern system in place except that thing flat out sucks. in my world gerad pique didnt play a game for 2 straight seasons and AND HIS LEVEL OF CONCERN IS 2. thats stupid. the system has to either be sped up or revamped
    - finally certain players (ie fabregas) on certain teams (this is for external and unmamaged teams) have to be considered more important and shoudl cost more then theyed normally cost considering there more important to their team
    - consider this there is no difference between michael owen and emile heskey in this game. in real life theses two players are completely differen but this game doesnt differentiate between the two. he same can be seen at every position on the field. in reality there is no difference between any two players rated the same at the same position other then the name. somehow someway there has to be a way implimented making specific charateristics about players. the only way i can think this could happen is adding indiviual attribute chategories( like in fifa the video game)
    - obviously this would take a huge amount of time but i think this is very important ( the fact that ledley king recovers after a game at the same rate as a 17 yr old kid is unreal, stuff like this can be found in every aspect of the game)
    - ok obviously the ratings need to be updated more frequently but i thought id give u an example of how bad it actually is- take this hypothetically scenario.- laurent kosclieny will probably tart at cb this yr for arsenal lets say he starts everygame this for them for the year and he playes really well his rating would still be an 88 until december and (most likely) a 90 until june. ( ths is exactly what happened to vermalean last yr and he was the best cb in the epl this yr) obviously wed know by septemeber whether or not kosclieny is a 90 or not but he wouldnt change to a 90. so since the in game seasons on soccer manager are not during the same time period as real life someone could get totally jipped bc koscliny shoudl obv be a 90 but hed only be an 88
    - the other thing this title stands for is the fact tht the game tells us when leagues r going to be reviewed so ppl can buy like 25 70 risers and sell them for a huge profit which is very unrealistic, id suggest not telling when leagues were going to be reviewed that way ppl would have to by this players in advance and this would cut down on ppl just making a quick profit( at this point in the game the this is the only way to make money so its fair, but with my new financial system this wont be needed any more in theory)
    -ok this is simple on this game there is no correlation between more talented teams winning more games, its ok for a team that lets say is unbalanced in talent, or overcrowded with superstars(cough man city) to play poorly, but i dont understand how a team rated 93 can lose to a team rated 85. i dont care if u have the worst coach ever that will almost never ever happen. look a the forums and youll see this actually happens alot and it drives alot of people to quit. last season i won 12 straight games then lost to fulham who was latered relegated.idk why tht happened but it shouldnt
    - ok in this game its pretty much throw lineups at the wall and see what sticks. i dont understand those stupid ratings ur players get at the end of each game. why is my pique getting 5s and 6s and my emile heskey getting 7s and 8s. more in depth match reports explaing why players r playing good/bad, saying if players dont play well with these tactics, i
    - actually make it so the captain free kick taker and pk taker feature actually means something. really the match reports and game commentary in this game ssucks so bad just make it better
    - like i said this game is pretty much throw lineups and tactics against the wall and then sign players and play the stock market with risers. make this game more realistic. make it so ur a manager no an accountant
    feel free to comment or add ur own imput on improving the game:)
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    Brumster got a reaction from Ashh in Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread   
    Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
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    Brumster reacted to Dan Griffin in Football Manager 2010   
    Re: Football Manager 2010
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    Brumster reacted to BigGameMo in Egypt is FINALLY being reviewed!! Risers here.   
    So SM has FINALLY decided to answer our prayers and at least review the Egyptian Premier League (whether or not they'll add more teams as I asked is another story). This thread will be a quick guide for those managers who just want to go through and pickup the biggest risers from the EPL. Additionally, if anybody has any questions about any players in the Egyptian Premier League (I can already forsee people asking me about Amr Zaki's rating), you can go ahead and ask me here as well.

    +6 Risers
    Ahmed Ali Kamel (74 - 83/84) (83)
    Salah Ashour (74 - 82) (78)
    Cofie Bekoe (75 - 82) (82)
    Ahmed Ali (76 - 82) (80)
    +4/+5 Risers
    Ahmed Adel (77 - 82/81) (82)
    Rami Sabry (75 - 80) (No Rise*)
    Mahmoud Abdel Aati (78 - 82) (80)
    Ahmed Assem (77 - 81) (80)
    Ahmed Shoukri (78 - 82) (80)
    Alaa Kamal (78 - 82) (80)
    Minusu Buba (80 - 83/84/85) (83)
    +2/+3 Risers
    Mohamed Talaat (75 - 77/78) (77)
    Mohamad Abdel Shafi (82 - 84) (84)
    Sabri Rahil (78 - 80/81) (No Rise*)
    Abdul Hamid Sami (77 - 80) (80)
    Eric Bekoe (83 - 85) (84)
    Amr Hassan (80 - 83) (No Rise*)
    Ibrahim Abdel Gawad (77 - 80) (No Rise*)
    Mahdi Soliman (76 - 79) (77)
    Mohamed Gaber (80 - 83) (No Rise*)
    Mohamed El Etrawy (80 - 83) (No Rise*)
    Amr El Sulaya (80 - 83/84) (83)
    Alaa Ali (80 - 82/83) (No Rise)
    Ali Farag (78 - 81) (No Rise...Yet)
    Karim Zekry (82 - 84/83) (No Rise)
    Ahmed Hassan Mekki (80 - 83/82) (83)
    Players who I've put a "No Rise*" by their name are players who definitely deserved to rise but were overlooked due to SM's hasty and careless review of the Egyptian League. You may send a ticket in for these player and see if SM will do anything to correct their mistakes, but if not, I apologize, and will probably stick to reviewing Al Ahly, Zamalek, and Ismaily SC next time around, in addition to like "definite" big risers like Cofie Bekoe or Salah Ashour (who was definitely undervalued by SM, just like the majority of the Egyptian league & its players).

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    Brumster reacted to Keane in Several young Man. Utd players   
    Nicky Ajose
    Birthdate: 07 Oct 1991
    Position: Forward

    Nicky Ajose is a highly-regarded attacking talent hailing from Bury in Greater Manchester. He can play up front or out wide on either flank, and most importantly likes to beat defenders and score, or create, goals.
    Paul Pogba
    Birthdate: 15 Mar 1993
    Position: Midfielder

    Paul Pogba is a highly-promising young French midfielder who possesses a broad range of qualities required to dominate the midfield. He is powerful, skilful, creative, has stamina, vision to pick out key passes, an eye for goal and a penchant for the spectacular.
    Magnus Eikrem
    Birthdate: 08 Aug 1990
    Position: Midfielder

    A midfielder with good vision and a penchant for set-pieces, Magnus Eikrem made the step up from Academy to Reserves football look easy.
    from manutd.com
    There are many others, but I picked the obvious ones.
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    Brumster got a reaction from Richarddi in 433 defensive?   
    Re: 433 defensive?
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    Brumster reacted to markers17 in GK Statistics   
    Currently, the number of games, goals and assists are in the players statistics.
    For the GK, its the same.
    I suggest that Gk should have an extra slot which is Conceded.
    As in, the amount of goals they conceded.
    This is coming from my personal view.
    Anyone share my idea?

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    Brumster got a reaction from Sky_Blue_Gould in What should i do here.   
    Re: What should i do here.
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    Brumster got a reaction from Jooles in Set-times GCs   
    Re: Set-times GCs
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    Brumster got a reaction from Gunner in Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread   
    Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
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    Brumster reacted to Sky Blue Lee in Football Manager 2010   
    Re: Football Manager 2010
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    Brumster reacted to Lensois in Lorenzo Tassi - Can He Do 'A Lukaku'?   
    Valuable Info:
    Name: Lorenzo Tassi
    Age: 15 (1995)
    Club: Brescia
    Position: Midfielder
    'Grow a talent, and sell him for a high fee after a few years'. That's how the smaller teams around this globe mostly gets their income, but in this case, nothing matters. Brescia may not have the best economy, but instead of selling Tassi for a high fee, they are keeping hold of him.
    Tassi has been developing under the Rondinelle system (The Brescia academy), and has already been training with the A-squad at the age of 15. He has been developing in the right way and has already attract interests from perhaps the two biggest clubs in Italy, Inter and Milan. He, and the Brescia president, Fabio Corioni has quickly turned down both. Although both Inter's and Milan's bids were quite shockingly high for a player in this age (Inter's 2.5M € and Milan's 5M €), they've been rejected, as I said.
    Fabio Corioni has already expressed Tassi as the new Baggio, and has stated that if Tassi keep playing like this, then he will have no problems whatsoever to get some first team action next season in Serie A. I also need to say that Tassi didn't want to leave Brescia when both Milan and Inter, so he has some heart for his club. This sounds abit like Roberto Baggio, don't it...?
    I personally noticed this player under the Bannikov Tournament for U-16 kids earlier this summer (yes, he played with those who are 1 year older than him). He had an outstanding tournament playing in the role as the playmaker/fantasia, just like a certain Baggio. He impressed with me his vision and passes throughout the whole tournament. He and his Italy played very good football and beat Russia, Serbia and Ukraine, and came to the final where they faced, well erm... Belarus, and lost 2-1 against Belarus. Once again Tassi played great and if it weren't for that last minute goal from Belarus, Tassi may have had a gold-medal around his neck.
    He has been dubbed the new Baggio and I can see why. He has no problems with the passes and has a great vision for the game. His primary role is beeing used as a playmaker right behind the striker, where he can use his these strengths. I believe he'll end up getting some chances in Serie A next season. Corioni is a strong man and is always getting as he wants. If he wants Tassi to play Serie A football, then I believe he'll get some too. I honestly believe we can end up seeing this player do 'the Lukaku'. I mean, he is 15 (even younger than Lukaku!), but he has a great chance of getting A-team football next season.

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    Brumster got a reaction from Hercule Poirot in Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread   
    Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
    26-28 Million
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    Brumster reacted to Matt Abbott in Gold Championship Regional Challenge M/R Thread   
    Re: Gold Championship Regional Challenge M/R Thread
    Nottingham Forest brung in six eastern european hopefuls to the city ground earlier today and yesterday. Matt Abbott told the press it was an important decision to join the regional challenge as he wreckons it will be a big benefit and great fun.
    The six signings where -

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    Brumster got a reaction from Matt Abbott in Gold Championship Regional Challenge Discussion Thread   
    Re: Gold Championship 125- 'The Regional Challenge'
    Yeah, i looked earlier and saw Chelsea and Barca had bid, Rediculous considering he'll drop considrably soon
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