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  1. Re: Fabregas named Arsenal Captain yeah a great move Cant wait to see how he'll do tonight. I reackon this will be the boost he needs. Hopefully he'll lead Arsenal to victory. Btw is Arsenal v Dynamo on ITV ???
  2. Re: Arsenal Gossip Directed towards Dudeskin8 just to let u know
  3. Re: Arsenal Gossip i apologize for this, not not u Neller Its directed towards, well i'm sure he knows i'm sorry to the rest of u guys for having to suffer his inmaturity
  4. Re: Arsenal Gossip and u clearly do i dont think i've seen 1 constructive post from u about Arsenal FC?
  5. Re: Arsenal Gossip That was my come back, but i guess your to slow to realize that
  6. Re: Arsenal Gossip PIRES legend, he's done fairly well to, and overmars, and silvihno , plus VB
  7. Re: Arsenal Gossip to true man, especially the ones who clearly think they know what they're talking about compared to us arsenal fans
  8. Re: Chinese Democracy,and the AXl Rose show Thank u guys, finally some real Gn'R fans Yeah i kno sampling Dr King is funny, suppose he's trying to apologize 4 One in a million. But hey, i liked that song lol I suppose Axl deserve's credit for actually sticking to his word and finally releasing it. But 14 years to be to totally honest, i could of mixed all tht in Pro Tools in about a year and i'm rubbish @ it HAHA. Seems to me that it's been, 14 years of silence and 14 years of pain I see it's already topping I tunes and everyone on there is writing about how wonderful it is, Basicall
  9. Well he's finally done it, after 14 or wotever years of waiting, Axl Rose has finally released Chinese Democracy, and ................... wait for it, its a piece of poo haha! I can quite happily say that this garbage is not Gn'R, its Dog POO and a great big disappointment!!!! and that all those who believe this is better the UYI and Velvet Revolver are bloody deluded I believe a congratulations are in order, SO Congratulations to Slash and co (duff etc) for being right And thanks Axl for ruining it all for us I know no1 will respond to this post haha but i dont care!!!! I'm glad i've
  10. Re: Arsenal Gossip No it will still be the same Top 4 Come may, i'd put money on this. Villa have a chance, but arsenal haven't hit form, IF and when they do, will villa be able to keep up? I think not I don't count Spurs as i dislike them
  11. Re: Arsenal Gossip U must be joking!!!!!!!!!! Wenger's an intelligent man, he wouldn't let arsenal drop out of the top 4. He's already stated today that arsenal are not consistent enough to win the league, and he's right. He's not a stupid man, he's located the problem (being Gallas and squad Depth) and hopefully he'll rectify this. With us being linked with Van Buyten or however he is, and De Rossi maybe Wenger plans to change his tactics in the January transfer window. I can see us being fine come january. And for this reason i'd put my money on it being the other way around.
  12. Re: Arsenal Gossip yeah and Newcastle for relagation
  13. Re: Time for Wenger to Go? Don't start moaning at me for swearing!!!! lighten up guys like you lot have never sworn in a post before ??? like Mr.Adamski said, he's checked a few post and there's been swearing yet i'm the only 1 who get punished yeah we'll win the carling cup.
  14. Re: Time for Wenger to Go? so basically arsenal are (a team of skiers ) and it's all downhill from here? So we should do pretty well hey! Now dosnt that look better than swearing ,youve been infractioned and warned already by one of my moderators then repeat it again ,next time i will give you a short span of forum ,please dont take it up on this thread PM me if your not happy about not getting away breaking rules.
  15. Re: Time for Wenger to Go? so basically it goes down to the whole buying of titles. Not being biased or anything but how do their teams completely out class our??? This simply isnt true. Our squad is young, yes, in a bad spell, YES but apart from that we can easily out class them on our day!!! i dunno why i bother? i'll only be accused of being a typically biased arsenal fan. Everything i seem to say gets shot down
  16. Re: Arsenal Gossip we wont drop outta the top 4. As soon as january comes we should be fine plus wenger apointing a proper capatine
  17. Re: Time for Wenger to Go? anyways getting back to more relevant issues, Wenger wont strengthen in january because he's bloody stubborn!!!!! and Nella why shouldn't we expect to win titles???
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