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    Re: Arsenal Gossip
    Well i'm going to change the whole subject now and talk about whats really going on with Arsenal atm, i'm sure u'd all rather hear that then a boring chelsea fan go ramble on in the WRONG thred.
    Right so what really is the problem with Arsenal atm. This time last year we were fyling high in the league and now we are loosing to mediocre teams who we should be beating 2:0 and 3:0.
    Now i hate to say this as an Arsenal fan, but honestly on this form are we going to win the league. I have to say but the answer in NO, will we drop out of the top 4? NO i dont feel we'll do that, however unless we shape up ASAP then can you seriously see as challanging for the title come may?
    Looking at our squad i've highlighted what i think are the main problems. Firstly and most importantly is the defence, secondly it's the MF and more specificlly DM and Lastly the goals, or lack of.
    Firstly the Defence. Sagna, Toure, Gallas, Cliche, Djourou, Silvestre and Eboue (i wont count Senderos and Traoure as they're on loan).
    Now before i go on, i know some wise crack is gonna have a pop at gallas and eboue, and tbh with you i'm sick of it, this our team who we are meant to support with passion and pride, not have a slag of certain team members. So please no slagging off keep that to yourself.
    At fist glance you look at the defence and no there isn't a problem. They are ALL good defenders, after all if they weren't would they be at arsenal? However the real problem is that only 1 player (Djourou) is over the 6ft mark. This of course leaves us in danger from set pieces and arial threats, if you look at them games we've lost the main reason has been from arial threats and set peices, altough i'm not sure about Stoke as i've not seen that game.
    I know someone is gonna mention the tottenham game. And your right, there is now way we shouldn't of taken 3 points from that game, we outclassed them and out played them, (althought thats not hard when tottenham are concerned) and yet we drew. Why did we draw? We didnt go looking to kill of the game but getting the 5th or 6th goal, we got cocky and we made some defending errors. But thats 1 game, last seaon we were ok with defending from standard play, i'm sure we will be fine this season. .
    However theres only real way to sort out the set pieces/arial threat. And that would be to buy a tall (6ft4/5) defender in January. Can you see that happening? i'm not sure.
    Ok midfield. We all know the problem here, Wenger not replacing Gilberto or Flamoney. I think it's fair to say Wenger got it wrong . We had plenty of options to replace the with players such as, appiah, toure and inler, but i'll focus on the first 2.
    Firstly with Flamoney gone, there was no way in hell we should of ever got rid of Gilberto. The wrong side of 30 maybe and not very fast, but he could still track back, allow cesc to move forward, head the ball, help out with defensive duties, pass, score, he was strong but the main thing was, he was a LEADER.
    However sadly Gilberto left us, and we wish him well. But with Gilberto gone there was also the option of King Kolo's brother Yaya. I think this was a really good option because, not only is Kolo a massive attraction, but yaya said he's love to play with him. IMO Arsenal didnt try hard enough to buy him. Yes Barca would of wanted a fair bit of money for him but it's not as if we didnt have the funds to buy him.
    I remember over the summer reading somewhere that Hill Wood and Danny Fiszman had a meeting or lunch with Wenger, and asked him if they gave him £100 million which 3 player would he buy, apprently he said he'd give the money back. Nope we didnt try hard enough and were to busy interested in Gareth Barry along with liverpool, although i'm glad we didnt get him.
    Secondly once the transfer window had closed there was also the option of Stephen Appiah. This would of been great cos not only was he a good player but he was avaliable for FREE! But no Wenger declared he wasn't interested .
    It seems he would much rather put his faith in Denilson. Now i'm not slagging denilsion off but, he isnt a DM. Firstly he hasn't got the phsyicall attributes and he is much more of a Cesc/Rosicky type of player which we have already seen from his goal scoring this season.
    Overall in the midfield i think we are ok, we could do with a few more midfielders for depth but i feel our MF has got plently of quality. We replaced Hleb with Nasri who imo is better aanyway. And Yeah ok cesc isnt playing like he was last season, but you can link that back to not having a good DM allowing him the freedom to do so.
    Walcott can break down any defence, i dunno why he was on the bench yesterday, and when Rosicky comes back it will be a great boost to our mf becuase he is quality too.
    Lyk with the defence, the only way to sort out the DM problem is to try and buy Yaya in January, its well documented that he's annoyed with his playing time at Barca. If not Yaya then at least sum1
    Finally the striking department. We are lacking goals no doubt, we all no the problem to that solution, Carlos Vela and Eduardo. << Can't wait till he comes back. I know people will be thinking, but he wont be as good cos he broke his leg. However when Alan Sheare broke his leg, he was still good when he came back. I'm not comapring the too but, if Eduardo is a really good player like we've already seen, he will come back as good as new.
    So like i said earlier we really need to take advantage of the January transfer window, if we strengthen in certain area's then yeah we can challange for the title and win it we have qualtiy no doubt about that. Whats positive is that Wenger has already said that he may look to strengthen in Januray, but where have we heard that before?
    Honestly though if we dont strengthen in January the title will be another distant dream for another year.
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    PRO_EVO got a reaction from DP 91 in Official Arsenal Thread   
    Re: Arsenal Gossip
    no not at all danny not trying to fall out and of course i will defend arsenal purley because i'm a die hard arsenal fan
    But what u have to understand is alot of what we read in the papers, is absolute bull, and is purley printed to get us to buy and read their papers. Loads of people are saying its all doom and gloom at arsenal and i did too at first. However i kno exactly what is happening behind the scenes at arsenal due to the fact that my boss at work is firends with arsenal youth teams coach who happens to be friends with mr wenger. Whether u belive me or not is your choice. However, look at what every1 was saying bout fabregas, they have been saying that he is off to madrid but i knew days ago that he wasnt, and look what happened today he came out and openly admitted he was staying at arsenal check skysports
    Now i agree totty have sum qualtiy in their side but it's just not enuf to over come arsenal and i am not just saying that. look at our new striker, i was like who the bloody **** is that when i found out, but his record is second to none, 34 goals in 32 games, i dont kno anyother player like that bar Henry. Wenger is very good at pulling hidden unkown gems outta the hat he's done it before and he will do it again. i.e Henry, Van Persie, Fabregas Da Silva etc
    On the surface Arsenal are screwed. I kno wenger hasnt commited to a new contract, but what you dont kno is that wenger has asked the bored to allow david dein back in and that the bored is now more likley to bow to a takeover bid by stan kroneke, purley because Hill-Wood has stated that he looks forward to working with him in the future. So here we have a perfect match for money for transfers. Also we have all forgotten about highbury where we spent many happy success field years. What is happening to it now. Well it is now becoming homes/flats for the rich and at present has currerntly sold 80% of avaliable living space pulling in £180 million. Again more money for Transfers. So here we have the situtation of transfer money solved. How wenger chooses to use it is his choice but again i can see many great players being brought either already stars or gems .
    Now lets look at the gems who Wenger has already bought. Now, I'm not saying that Arsenal can or will win the Premiership next season, but Arsenal are far from a spent force. We will miss Henry but look at Man U, they sold ruud who went and scored loads of goals for them and what did they do, win the league. So yes we will miss henry but, Wenger has got us some wonderful talent.
    Van Persie. Without a doubt he is one of the most exciting young players in world football. It's been said by several of his team mates that he is the most skilful player at Arsenal. He has shown in the season just past that he has a lethal finish on him as well as aerial power, and a lethal left foot. He can score 25 goals in a season.
    Adebayor. This young man has been compared to Kanu by many and yes i kno loads of people will be saying he's crap and cant finish etc but give him a chance let him mature and wait and see. He never stops working for the team, great power, pace, prepared to run a people, he's a complete pest for defenders and shows a great touch for a big man. He'll score more and more as he matures.
    Fabregas. He's the daddy at Arsenal now. The sale of Henry seems to condem Arsenal to another season of transition, and it'll be the final step towards building the next generation around this young man. He has everything other than goals atm. With a bit more luck he will get many more goals next season and he's not one to shy away from a challenge. He'll step up and take a lot of responsibility next season. Future skipper? you bet
    Theo Walcott. The similarities between Thierry and this boy are unbelievable. With a bit more work we will see a fantastic striker. He suffered from a shoulder injury most of last season and Wenger himself said that after the injury we only saw 50% of what walcott can do. And the big thing is, He's ENGLISH
    Denilson. '50% Rosicky, 50% Gilberto,' the words of Arsene Wenger. He showed last season that he has the skill in his locker, a bite in the tackle and an eye for a pass. He has already ran Spurs' midfield ragged, and contributed greatly in his 2 appearances against Chelsea this season. He'll be a force in midfield for years to come
    Diaby. This boy needs no introduction. He has already bossed Chelsea's superstars, tore Zokora a new hole, and showed a versatility that the last midfielder Arsenal had in this mould (Vieira) didn't. He's played on both wings, in a holding midfield role, an attacking midfield role and as a second striker He'll be a monster
    I could go on with players like Bendtder, Djourou, Clichy, Hoyte and Traore but I think you all know what these players are about.
    but look at this. Arsenal's current players play better individually when Henry is not on the pitch. When Henry is playing there is immense pressure on players to do things his way. Pass the ball when he wants it, run where he wants and play to his strengths.
    When he isn't playing players like Cesc Fabregas, Van Persie and Adebayor play with a freedom they don't otherwise have.
    So the futures bright the futures arsenal.
    and to Dan Payne no offence meant with end off, but clayte's ****** me off, and when am i wrong lol OJ
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    PRO_EVO got a reaction from Jayzee14 in Official Arsenal Thread   
    Re: Arsenal Gossip
    that is because the other side of the stroy is wrong. so what you have more english players dosent matter about the nationality so long as the sqaud is winning. Arsenal are still an english club, our bord is english and the club is english owened, unlike most other teams. Wenger is not killing the league at all, he is the best manager in the league in many, many peoples opinion unlike martin joel or wotever who cant really manage to save his life. You are trying to come up with all these facts that is wenger fault that arsenal isnt english etc etc and tht totyt are better when the reality is walcott is way better then ur english players and has more potentiol and who can develop under arsene wenger. Look at cesc he didnt get loads of first team football when he arrived same ages as walcott, look at him now one of the best.
    And spurs arent a great example that you dont need to sign foreighn players because they arent winnign anything at all, when did u last win a cup ? And last i looked ur 2 strikers wernt "english" Look at henry he spoke better english then half the english players.
    As for darren bent, well u got ripped off there, u telling me he is worth more then Henry lol yeah rite not in a million, he's just gonna be another flop at totty like Defo who had potential but wasted it middle classed club where they couldnt develop. end of
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