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  1. Re: Soccermanager.com problem.. That's lucky, I have 4 out of down...at least you can do two of your teams:D Procrastination sucks!!!!
  2. Re: PE DEALS-WHEN it will be REMOVED Problem is that we have no ability to offer wages to players in the game so that is not a valid argument in terms of the game. If you remove p/e, you would also need to totally alter finances, player ai, club ai etc to make it "realisitc". Currently there is no budget to balance (as long as it is + your fine), no fans to appease, no board to answer to, no real player input on moves and so on. all would have to be rewritten. And even if all this was done, would anyone really sell a top player for just cash and risk not finding a replacement? At the end of the day this is a game and it is not real life and I am ok with that.
  3. Re: New User Interface [beta] Has anyone else noticed that in the new interface, when the window pops up for a player, the window will then not let you exit? I have found that as soon as i do something in the window (reject a bid, transfer list) it will no longer let me close the window, I have to go to another page outside of the current game world.
  4. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * Thought I would give my input on the first game. Watched it on ESPN3 which was a bonus as it was scheduled to be the Spurs game before it got called off. I wasn't too impressed by the lineup at the start of the game (mainly due to the way the American TV had lined up Heskey on the left!!!) Once the game started I was more comfortable with it. I thought Given played very well and is just what we needed after losing Friedel. The defense looked solid against mid table opposition. I think only time will tell if this group will be last seasons defense or the one from two years ago . I would like to see Clark given some time to establish himself as a CB and I really think we will miss Walkers attacking ability. I was really impressed with Delph. He looked calm and comfortable on the ball and did well against Murphy and Etuhu. I like Petrov but every time he got the ball I felt like out tempo slowed and he always turned to the left. As for the front 4, I think you could tell it was only N'Zogbia's second game with us and there is more to come and Bent didn't have many chances but both will be good for us in the season. Heskey had a typical game (worked hard, won headers, fluffed a couple of chances). As for Gabby, his attitude really bugged me during the game even though he played ok. I just wanted him to play the game, use his pace and strength and not complain as much. Overall, I was happy with the point on the opening day. A defeat would have been a disaster for morale. It did look like the first game and there are definitely areas we could improve on. For the Blackburn game I would like to see Albrighton get a start instead of Heskey and allow him, Gabby and N'Zogbia more freedom to rotate on the wing and support Bent. That would be my only change. I would also like to see a couple of more signings if possible. One I would really like is to bring in Hitzelsperger. He is an experienced player on a free transfer and he created the 4th most chances in the league last year despite only playing 11 games.
  5. Re: New Features & Improvements I like it overall but there are two small concerns. I think that boxes for each club on the homepage look pretty empty...maybe re-size the kit or add in some extra detail (league, position, form). Also, unless I cannot work it out, you seem not be able to drag players from your starting 11 or bench out of the squad directly. You have to do the drop down menu and select to remove them. Found it really slowed down moving a bunch of players from my cup lineups today. Oh, and the notifications need to be cleared once you check them.
  6. I have these three CB in my team and am looking to use one in a p/x deal to improve my RB position. I wanted to get some opinions on how people would rank them. Thanks
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Need some help. Have an accepted deal for my Marcelo for Mata and Sahin. Is it a good deal for me? Other LB are Adriano (Barca 91), David Luiz, Badstuber Other CM/WG are Montolivo, Muller, Marin, Perrotti, Lavezzi, Agbonlahor Thanks
  8. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * No way Gabby should be that high. I could understand around 45 or so but not above Dublin, Mellberg and Saunders. Dion should be top 10 just for the Savage headbutt alone.
  9. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers *
  10. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers *
  11. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * http://www.skysports.com/story/0,,20876_6988538,00.html Just posted on SSN website. I don't have the words to explain how bad I feel about this possibility. Just wish I knew what was real and what was all paper talk.
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... How would you rate the following players? Pastore, Javier Pranjic, Mirilam Jovetic, Steven I may exchange my Pastore for Ivanovic and Koralov. Is that a good deal for me?
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Been offered to swap my Kevin Kuranyi for Mevlut Erding. My other CF is Negredo but I also have Agbonlahor, Lavezzi, Muller and Neymar who can play up front.
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I am swapping my Glen Johnson for David Luiz and 9.3 million. IS this a good deal as my new RB would be Trasch or Beck (both 89).
  15. Re: been made an offer for ozil. yes or no Keep Ozil as he may rise again by the end of the season. I don't think I would do any of the deals even if I was going to sell him.
  16. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Been offered to swap my Pastore for Lukaku I play 3 Midfielders: Ozil, Milner, Dzagoev, Rodwell, Gotze, Munian I play 1 main striker: Negredo, Agbonlahor, Carroll I feel I need a little more from the deal but what do you guys think?
  17. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? A couple of questions 1) Would you buy Dzsudzsak for 25 million? I am looking to get more 90 + rated players and wingers are a weak spot on my team 2) How would you rank these three strikers - Hulk, Falcao and Nilmar? Thanks for any help
  18. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * Great Signing! Hopefully a couple of more signings (Samba, Adam..) and we can get out of the relegation zone. Not bothered if he moved for money...95% of people would change job for a decent rise. And as for the fact that he only scores goals in the box...That beats our current strikers who only score goals on a full moon.
  19. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * Watched most of the game on ESPN3 after work. Just don't know where to begin. The tactics wee shocking. Playing Agbonlahor out wide with Young up supporting Heskey. Making no changes until the 87th minute. Not switching formation when it clearly wasn't working. Then playing CB as CF. I know the players have to take their share of the blame but the manager is supposed to motivate and guide the team. Ultimately, it is the managers job to get the best out of the players. Right now I would say we need a new manager and a clear out of players. As I have said before, Villa are potentially wasting two transfer windows. If a change is made it needs to be done now and the new manager in within a few days. I just don't know who I would bring in. Not sure about Jol or Hughton, definitely don't want Allardyce. Not sure who else is an option. Just extremely depressed and frustrated about the whole situation:(
  20. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * Didn't get to see the second half but it sounds like we fought and were competitive. After the Man City game that was one of the most important things. I know we could have had 3 points but I would have snapped your hand off before the game for a draw - especially scoring 3 goals against the best defense in the league (I know they were without Ivanovic but still). The penalty was debatable in my opinion just because we see so much like that in every game. Bookings were a joke as he didn't book Ferrera (persistant fouls) or Essien (penalty and tackle on young) in 1st half but every villa foul was a booking. I think now some fans will be off Houlliers back and we can see who we can bring in and look to cut some dead weight.
  21. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * 20 pens a game if that is one (stupid challenge though)
  22. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * I agree that there are better options, but for a player under contract in the premier league that is probably what we would have to pay. Plus we know that Samba can play in the prem which is a question mark on foreign buys. The Dunne of last season is a better player, but this season he is having a real dip in form (whether due to injuries, new manager or whatever). Plus if he doesn't want to play for Houllier, then he has to go.
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