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  1. Re: World Derbies Youth Competitions just noticed they dont have a manager what happens now?
  2. Re: World Derbies Youth Competitions the real madrid manager has still not offered a friendly so not much i can do at this point.
  3. Re: World Derbies Youth Competitions Milan 3 - 1 Arsenal S.FEGHOULI 3, 11 P.DENILSON 71 L.ACOSTA 43 ac milan played David James aged 39 and had Eto aged 28 on the bench arsenal will appeal the result and expect to get the 3 points awarded in their favour.
  4. Re: World Derbies Youth Competitions arsenal 1 - 3 real madrid T.WALCOTT 37 - R.VAN DER VAART 40, 55, 77 real madrid manager jake mallinder fails to play by the rules and doesnt field a single player under 23. arsenal manager George Fulton will be demanding the 3 points are awarded to his team.
  5. Re: World Derbies Youth Competitions arsenal squad goalkeepers GAVRILOV, Ilya 20 MANNONE, Vito 21 defenders GIBBS, Kieran 19 STEER, Rene 19 ANELE, Ngonca DDef 21 CAMACHO, Pablo DDef 18 SCHWARZ, Matthias RM-RBRM/RB 21 MANGALA, Eliaquim DM-DDM/Def 17 GABRIELSEN, Ruben DM-DDM/Def 17 midfielders FABREGAS, Cesc CMCM 22 NASRI, Samir AM-LMAM/LM 22 SONG, Alexandre DM-CBDM/CB 21 DENILSON, Pereira Neves CM-RMCM/RM 21 COQUELIN, Francis DM 18 KENIA, Levan CM-AMCM/AM 18 MERIDA, Francisco CM-LMCM/LM 19 RANDALL, Mark CM-AMCM/AM 19 WILSHERE, Jack AMAM 17 MORÁVEK, Jan AMAM 19 strikers VELA, Carlos W-FWing/Fwd 20 WALCOTT, Theo W-FWing/Fwd 20 FREEMAN, Luke FFwd 17 SUNU, Gilles FFwd 18
  6. i took over my first gold championship team recently and managed to get lazio but not long into it i was inundated with requests to buy the team from me offering money and and buying me my own leagues, i turned them all down but it got me thinking how is this even possible, if i said yes how would i even give them the team. even if i quit the team the job would be offered to someone else. so how does it work?.
  7. Re: NEW "world derbies" setup - clubs available can i take arsenal
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