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  1. I have made an offer for Sanchez and the manager has countered a straight swap for Hamsik. I have Gourcuff and Pastore also in Hamsik's position. Do you think I should do it?
  2. Re: Reducing my youth squad Cheers mate, appreciate the advice. Do you think Dzagoev is better to keep than Douglas Costa?
  3. I'm looking to reduce the size of my youth squad in terms of AM and RB. In AM I have: Dzagoev Douglas Costa Coutinho Kakuta Eriksen Pastore Ganso Pjanic, in my senior squad I have Gourcuff and Hamsik. Which ones from my youth team do you think I should sell and which ones should I keep? I'm looking to have only 2 or three of them. Also I'm looking to sell two of my youth team RB's. I currently have: Santon Luiz Danilo Serge Aurier Stefan De Vrij Sagna is my starting RB. Which two of these do you think I should sell? Cheers for the help.
  4. I have a chance to swap Thomas Muller for Javier Pastore. I have Muller. Do you think its a good deal for me? Who do you think is coming off better? Neither would currently get in my first team so I'm looking toward the future. CHEERS!
  5. Wossamatta U


    What are your opininions on the current events surrounding the controversy? What do you think about the recent global warming?
  6. Re: Angel Di Maria = £20m Cheers, I've just signed him.
  7. Re: David Silva vs Samir Nasri? Cheers I will keep him, it was just I manage Lyon and am a bit more partial to French players rather than Spanish players.
  8. I have David Silva at the minute but I'm thinking of swapping him for Nasri. What do you think? Please vote as well.
  9. Re: Angel Di Maria = £20m If I do this deal I would have £24M left to spend. What do you think? I'm not looking to buy anyone else really other than De Federico and Javier Pastore, do you think they would be a good buy?
  10. I can buy Di Maria for £20m, do you think I should do it? Will it turn out to be a good deal in the future?
  11. Re: Player squad numbers I would like to see the player squad numbers implemented on the 'Squad' page replacing the national flags and have their nationalities displayed in a different, I don't like the huge contrast of colours you see on there. With the squad numbers there the team would be more personal to the manager and would look like it does on TV when you see the team line-ups. I don't think it would be too hard to introduce either.
  12. Re: Valencia + Zezinho = Di Maria Cheers guys, I don't think I'll do it.
  13. Re: Valencia + Zezinho = Di Maria Cheers guys, I'm still unsure, Di Maria looks like he could be a key player especially at the World Cup, does anyone know more about him and do you think he's worth swapping Valencia and Zezinho for?
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