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  1. Re: Hazard vs Reus and selling Schweinsteiger Thank you for your feedback! I will keep that in mind about showing my squad. In fact, I'm going to edit it tomorrow when I have time. 1) I agree, I think at the moment I need to strengthen my squad in general instead of having some stars and some mediocre players. 2) Don't forget lukaku . I already told him I wouldn't negotiate unless Javi Martinez was included in the deal and he seems willing to include him in the transfer. How would I exchange 3 players for 1, would I need 2 offers? It seems to me that this isn't very safe because he could cancel one of the offers and if I didn't notice in time only the one he is interested in would go through. Am I missing something? 3) I'm not worried that it might take a season for Javi to go up to 94, I think medium-long term when I plan my squads. 4) I was also leaning towards Reus, thanks for helping me decide. 5) I would say there are about 6-7 teams that are stronger than mine and 2-3 equal. There are only 5 unmanaged teams in 1st division. 6) I think you're right, I need a good defender (I play with a 3-5-2, so I don't need that many), but I respectfully disagree about de Sciglio, I think he will hit 91 by the end of next year.
  2. First of all, I manage Real Sporting in a Spanish championship world and after Schweinsteiger's latest rise to 95 real madrid are all over him. I have a good eleven but not many substitutes and I might benefit from an exchange for two good players + money for Schweinsteiger. This is my squad: Real Madrid has already agreed to include Javi Martinez in the deal, but I also want Ozil and 25 million. He offered Higuain and 5 million in addition to Javi Martinez. This is real Madrid's team: So if I asked for Javi Martinez + Reus/Hazard + 35 million there is a good chance he would take it. With the money I could buy Badstuber and James Rodriguez as well as some lower rated young players. Would you do it, or should I keep Schweinsteiger? Would you ask for a different deal? Will Javi Martinez rise to a 94 any time soon? Who is better, Reus or Hazard? Is my team any good, will it be good in a year? (You don't need to answer all of the questions if you prefer not to ) The game world is fairly competitive with most stars taken, so I am looking for a good deal medium-term, not short-term. Thank you for your answers.
  3. So, this is my Napoli team, what do you think my player ratings will be this time next year? Which players are likely to rise or drop and by how much? SQUAD: DE SANCTIS, Morgan GK 36 90 LENO, Bernd GK 21 89 JOEL, Robles GK 23 85 MONREAL, Nacho D(L) 27 89 MARTINS INDI, Bruno D(LC) 21 88 DONNARUMMA, Daniele D,DM,M(L) 21 76 GUERRA, Walter D(RL) 21 75 DIANA, Alessandro D(RL) 22 75 LUIZ, David D,DM© 26 91 CAMPAGNARO, Hugo D(RC) 33 90 MARTÍNEZ, Iñigo D© 22 89 MARQUINHOS, Corrêa D,DM© 19 87 FIDELEFF, Ignacio D© 24 83 MAGGIO, Christian D,DM,M® 31 90 AZPILICUETA, César D,DM,M® 23 89 VARELA, Guillermo D® 20 75 MARTÍNEZ, Javi D,DM,M© 24 92 INLER, Gökhan DM,M© 29 91 LICCARDO, Crescenzo DM,M© 22 76 HAMSIK, Marek M,AM© 25 92 WILSHERE, Jack M,AM© 21 90 VAN GINKEL, Marco M,AM© 20 87 MAIELLO, Raffaele DM,M© 22 82 ÓLIVER, Torres M,AM© 18 78 DEZI, Jacopo M,AM© 21 77 SCHELOTTO, Ezequiel M,AM® 24 88 GATTO, Vincenzo M® 21 75 LAVEZZI, Ezequiel AM,F(RLC) 28 92 GRIEZMANN, Antoine AM(RLC),F(RL) 22 89 VARGAS, Eduardo AM(RL),F(RLC) 23 87 INSIGNE, Lorenzo AM,F(LC) 22 87 QUINTERO, Juan AM(RLC),F(RL) 20 85 CIANO, Camillo AM,F(LC) 23 83 ISCO, Alarcón M©,AM(RLC) 21 90 CASTRO, Gonzalo D,DM®,M,AM(RC) 26 90 KIYOTAKE, Hiroshi AM(RLC) 23 87 ANANIDZE, Jano AM(RLC) 20 86 PIAZÓN, Lucas AM,F(LC) 19 78 AMMENDOLA, Massimiliano AM© 23 75 HERRMANN, Patrick AM®,F(RC) 22 88 DE VENA, Alessandro F(RLC) 20 78 CAVANI, Édinson F(RLC) 26 93 MARTÍNEZ, Jackson F© 26 90 ICARDI, Mauro F© 20 85 DUMITRU, Nicolao F© 21 83 All help is appreciated.
  4. Hi, I recently noticed the site is "powered by soccerwiki", so I decided to check out the site. It contains the database that soccermanager uses, bit I noticed that it also has player attributes (strengths and weaknesses). My question is if those attributes are taken into account in the matches. This would be great as it would add another layer of depth to the game, but I can't really find the attributes in the player profiles. Thanks in advance.
  5. I want to replace Raul García who I've heard wil go down (can you confirm it?) and I will either buy Hamsik or Ireland. Hamsik is younger and one of the topscorers of serie A, but he plays in a worse team. Ireland plays regularly in Manchester city, but hasn't got as many goals and is 1 year older. Who should I buy? Who has a largest chance of rising? (THEY BOTH PLAY AT UNMANAGED TEAMS SO I CAN GET THEM FOR MINIMUM PRICE).
  6. Re: The What will he drop or rise to Thread. What will happen to Diego Capel? Thanks
  7. biellls


    Re: 80s -> 90s, Must Keep Players and The 90 - Droppers Great post, but Mesut Ozil is playing nearly every game for Werder Bremen and plays wonderfully. And not only for Werder Bremen, he already plays most of the games with the German national team and has already scored some goals with them, so I think he deserves a 91. Lass Diarra should also be a star to keep and Iker Muniain a youngster to keep. Hope this helps although it's just an opinion.
  8. Re: Need urgent help in winning second division I should be very grateful if someone answered.
  9. This is my squad http://es.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=355936&clubid=1157362&sid=14074 and I've been first in 2nd div. all way long, but now I've started losing games. Which is my ideal formation against weaker teams? (I've got the best team in the league). My only preferences are that I would like to play with lass as a defensive midfield and preferably with three defenders, but I will accept all suggestions.
  10. Re: CONTEST: Best eleven after rating changes Good, except that benaglio, schafer and grafite are over 24. Doesn't matter, just edit the post and replace them.
  11. What do you think the best possible eleven will be after the next rating changes? RULES: You can only pick one player with a 91 rating, two with 90, 4 with 89 and 4 with 88. The winner will be the one with the highest number when you add up the ratings of your players after the change. In case of a draw, the winner will be the one with the youngest eleven. I will start: Asenjo 88 Rolando 89 Pique 90 Vermaelen 88 Diarra Lass 91 Valencia 89 Gourcuff 90 Defour 89 Dzsudzsack 88 Hulk 88 Dzeko 89 Maximum age of players: 24
  12. Re: Raul García + 3m for Obi Mikel I know that Raul García is injured for two weeks and I've heard that he doesn't play up to his level. What about Obi Mikel? Does he play frequently, and when he does, does he play well?
  13. Re: Raul García + 3m for Obi Mikel Anyone has some advice?
  14. I have the chance of buying Obi Mikel from an unmanaged club for Raul Garcia + 3m. Is it a good deal? Are any of them likely to rise/fall in the short term?
  15. They are about to review the Argentinian league and I've heard about Pastore. Does anyone know how much he will rise?
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