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  1. Re: Graphic Design Feedback Haven't been on here in ages! Been busy with my site, work, school and music. People are getting good at sigs here. Keep it up!
  2. Re: Songs That Get To You Emotionally http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PS60G5gAGs Brings a lot of memories back, good and bad.
  3. Re: Graphic Design Feedback Evra's is the best, pretty nice sig.
  4. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Nah it'll be 1-1, your second goal will he the marchion and bounce out.
  5. Re: Graphic Design Feedback Rooney one is very good, perhaps the render could be a bit smaller but all the same it's pretty well done. KUTGW Bowen.
  6. Re: .Valencia 's Gallery They're too bright. Fabregas is you're best. Nothing special about the Valencia. Try expanding your usage of render effects.
  7. Re: whos ratings will go up deffintly Titus Bramble should go up.
  8. Re: Graphic Design Feedback I can't see what the big obsession is about having two renders, one smaller than another and right beside each other, like the Wilshere one. Not giving out or anything because that JW one is quite good but in general, I don't really like the style used in the renders. No need for the main render and then the same render about half the size. If you're going to do that collaboration then use different renders.
  9. Re: Daniel Ayala He's Roberto Ayala' father's, uncles, mothers', grandad's, grandson.
  10. Re: One weekend in and I’m already bored... OK here goes. We're gonna whup you're sorry ***** on Wednesday night boy Working the trick?
  11. Re: General Gipsy's GFX Thread They're not great but they're not bad. Ribery is probably your best. Keep up the work though
  12. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread I'm pis*sed of to say the least. on top of it he won't appoint Shearer FFS!
  13. Re: How to counter 'Unmanaged 442'. To be perfectly honest you can do all the tactical changes you want and it won't make that much of a difference. All results are generated. Higher rating usually help though.
  14. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Ashley taking the club off the market in 7 days if he can't find a buyer. That means Kinnear back as manager and no new permanent signings. How f***ckin great!
  15. Re: Graphic Design Feedback Yeah .2 is pretty cr*ap. Nice sig, perhaps a little too light though.
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