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  1. Re: Most profit made on one player Long time ago in the game I bought Stephen Ireland for about £4m and sold him for £42m, I also bought Kwadwo Asamoah for £10k and sold him for £25m, bought Gotze for £300k but I resisted a lot of offers for him.
  2. Re: Falcao to 94? I find it ridiculous that a player gets penalised in rating changes just because of who they play for, Falcao is a top striker, and is as good if not better than the overrated Rooney, has won prizes in consecutive seasons for Porto and Atletico (in Europe) yet is still only 92 whilst Rooney is 94/95 (can't remember off hand). Falcao should be at least 94.
  3. Re: The Manchester City Academy This the same Manchester City Academy that got chinned 3-1 at home by Liverpools academy this week?
  4. Re: seydou doumbia Exactly my point, he'll probably rise to 90, but NOT straight to 91 as the OP stated.
  5. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 Silva has been nothing short of superb, been impressed with him every Man City game I've seen.
  6. Re: seydou doumbia 91 is a bit much, a year or so down the line, perhaps, but jumping him from 89>91 is a bit much to be honest. Although from what I have seen of the lad he has everything, pace, power, aerial ability, great finisher, could see him in England or Spain very soon.
  7. Re: Emilio Izaguirre Konchesky has played in the Premier League for 10 years or so, Izaguirre has one season in a sub standard league, so how can he be more highly rated on SM?
  8. Re: Ivan Graf - CB/CF? About 17 or 18 years ago there was a player called Paul Warhurst, who played for Sheffield Wednesday and Blackburn that was adept at either CB/CM/CF as far as I remember. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Warhurst
  9. Re: help with youngest talents which are gonna rise big Marco Boogers (ST) should be on the database soon as well, top, top talent from Holland.
  10. I have a custom league coming to the end of it's first season, that would ideally suit anyone from Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, as it's an all Ireland league. It is a bit different to most leagues in that there is a purchase cap on players rated over 80, so it's a good challenge, and a nice alternative to chasing after the same players in every one of your setups. If anyone is interested in becoming a member of this league please send me a PM and I'll send you the details, thanks.
  11. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (II) Thanks for your reply, one other player I was curious as to your thoughts. Benedikt HOWEDES (CB/RB/22/88) Schalke 04, Have him in a few setups also, and his progress seems to have slowed considerably, I notice in the new Bundesliga rating predictions he is to stay at 88 (again), what are his long term prospects?, worth keeping?, or should I sell now? I have Kjaer/Hummels/Luiz/Westermann as my 4 CB's, would Howedes have any chance of being better than these 4? Again, many thanks.
  12. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 Any rise or drop in store for Davide Santon or Philppe Coutinho?
  13. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (II) Is Tasci (CB/90) of VFB Stuttgart definately going to drop?, I have him in a few setups and was holding on to him hoping we would rise sometime, I don't see much of him play, does he have the talent/potential to get above 90 some time? Many thanks.
  14. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 Will SM, drop Yuri Zhirkov twice in a row?, I know he hasn't been playing, but surely his 91 is safe for the time being?
  15. Re: Edinson Cavani +2 I found it ridiculous that he didn't rise to 91 in the last changes, given some of the outrageous increases given to Barcelona players last time, seems SM are buying into the media Barcelona hype machine. Even though they are completely different players, it is an insult for someone as limited as Busquets to be 92, and for Cavani to be 90, same goes for Pastore, who has to rise to 91 next time round.
  16. Re: Russian Risers 2010 I have Kozlov (75) wing/fwd of Spartak Moscow and was wondering if anyone could tell me if he is in for a rise?, I know he is a highly rated prospect.
  17. Re: sergio BUSQUETS- +2 rating increase? One of the stupidest rises I've seen in nearly 3 years of playing this game, a 93 rating for a diving, play-acting water carrier, Khedira is a better footballer and got a +1, he is now 2 behind this cheat.
  18. Re: The Trenches Championship - The Toughest League On SM * FIGHTERS WANTED! How do I join this league?, fancy a challenge
  19. Re: Strikers on form this season Hooper plays in a nothing League and Celtic are out of Europe, so he can be no higher really.
  20. Re: 88 Destroys 96 I'm sure SM will survive just fine without your £14 yearly subscription mate, Bale plays in fits and starts, was anonymous against Man United the other day, and seems to be either anonymous or brilliant, no real consistency to his play. SM reward consistency, Bale is inconsistent and will need to perform at last night level for a whole season/18 months to reach 93, he needs to prove that this isn't just a purple patch.
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