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  1. Re: Football betting!

    Funnily enough' date=' I was just looking to see what I would do, and it's very similar to what you've put down. A bit surprised to see Crawley down as favourites for League Two though, I (hypothetically) went for Shrewsbury at 12/1. I agree with your choices of Huddersfield and West Ham, although I'd be tempted to pluck for Chelsea this year for the Premiership title. Like you, I can't see past Barcelona for another UCL crown.

    Those five would come in at a hefty 4129/1....screw it, £5 on for £20,000+ profit! :D[/quote']

    The Premier League and League 2 were the toughest to pick for me, really fancy West Ham under Allardyce and Huddersfield are a good side too, only just missed out last season. I went for Crawley because they're quite rich compared to the rest, so I'm hoping they spend a bit. United just edged Chelsea for me.

    Not holding out much hope of it winning though, at the start of last season I had Chelsea (2nd), Reading (5th), Bournemouth (6th) & Gillingham (8th).

  2. Re: Football betting!

    As everyone else is putting theirs up, I put this on about 2 weeks ago....

    1. Champions League Winner 11/12 Barcelona @ 2/1

    2. Npower League 2 Winner 11/12 Crawley @ 4/1

    3. Npower League 1 Winner 11/12 Huddersfield @ 6/1

    4. Npower Championship Winner 11/12 West Ham @ 7/1

    5. Barclays Premier League Winner 11/12 Man Utd @ 7/4

    Put £5 on it, worth over £11,000 if I remember correctly.

  3. Re: GC150 - The Forum Invasion / Choose the League!

    Sheffield Wednesday have signed Yann Sommer, Dino Spehar, Nathan Kabasele, Takashi Usami, Gohi Bi Cyriac, Luke Williams, Mateo Kovacic, Carlos Izquierdoz & George Thorne so far. Now skint so gonna wait for some external bids on my players. First game tonight against Colchester.

    Btw, if anyone can loan me a defender 80+ I'd appreciate it :)

  4. Re: Football betting!

    I got Liverpool, Notts County, Rangers, Roma, Barcelona & Real Madrid all to win, only 8/1 so put a tenner on it. Didn't realise Barca were already 5-0 up from the first leg though and are therefore playing a weakened side...

    Also got Tevez, Keane, Nolan & Gerrard all to score in 90 mins, returns £105

  5. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    I PM'ed telling him he should re-think what he was doing and delete the article. But he has deleted the article but kept doing dodgy deals.

    All we can do is wait for the inevitable and the deals will be reversed. Its not a case of if' date=' its when.[/quote']

    Yeah this happened in GC29 not so long ago, deals got reversed after 2 tickets.

  6. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    If this is GC78 you are talking about then the Barca manager made a newspaper article stating his GM was running out so he was selling all of his players. 2 Articles actually.

    I was offered Pique for chairman's value' date=' accepted then saw the articles. PM'ed him saying it was against the rules to do what he was. I offered a fair deal for Pique after but he accepted a different offer.[/quote']

    Yeah GC78, I didnt see the newspaper articles though. I put a bid in for Muniesa not expecting them to accept then he did, so I went on to their full squad to see if he had any other young barca players for me to get afterwards, then I saw a load of suspicious ABD's and TBD's so withdrew it.

  7. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    Mate he will not quit I have been talking to him I made 100% he would not quit as he has been looking for a Barcalona for age and he just dont like Messi and them he is going for players he likes.

    I like Serge Makofo but I wouldn't replace Messi with him. He won't be able to get hardly any 90+ for cash unless for unmanaged, completely wrecking the team. And then he'll quit...

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