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    Cesc Fabregas or Andres Iniesta
  1. Re: Some Predictions for Liga Zon Sagres Nice work but i can see a couple of errors. In Braga Manoel and Hass will not rise +3, Djamal is a certain drop. Andre Gomes rised to 80 a couple weeks ago.
  2. Re: Geraldes from an amateur league to Portuguese 1st league Actually he plays in the portuguese 2nd league and he is starter in Desportivo das Aves
  3. Re: Kadu, 15 y.o GK called to the National team!!! Update: Actually, Kadu is Porto 3rd GK behind Helton and Bracalli. He played few minutes against Pero Pinheiro in the Portuguese Cup and is now in the DB. For now isn't worth buying but in the future is a must buy
  4. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread
  5. Re: Pizzi; great portuguese talent and riser Update: Pizzi is now 84. He had an incredible season in Paços de Ferreira being one of the best players in Portuguese League. He scored 7 goals and played 1918 minutes. Next season he will play in Braga. However a transfer to another league is possible. Portuguese sports press talked in a 14m proposal from a russian club, IMO it´s only a rumour.
  6. Re: Portuguese League risers/ possible risers
  7. Re: Portuguese League risers/ possible risers Post reserved (3)
  8. Re: Portuguese League risers/ possible risers Sporting Rui Patrício 88-88/89 Torsiglieri 83-85/86 André Santos 86-87/88 Joao Pereira 88-88/89 Nacional Nuno Pinto 83-83/84 Claudemir 80-81/82 Danielson 83-84/85 Skolnik 83-84 Bruno Amaro 82-83 Todorovic 78-80 Edgar Costa 80-82 Diego Barcellos 78-82 Paços de Ferreira Cohene 80-82 Bura 78-79/78 Baiano 82-83 André Leão 82-83 David Simao 80-81/82 Jose 80-82 Caetano 77-78/79 Rondon 78-81/82 Nelson Oliveira 80-81 Pizzi 82-83 Rio Ave Paulo Santos 80-82/83 Jeferson 78-81/82 Tiago Pinto 80-82/83 Gaspar 83-83/84 Wires 82-83 Yazalde 82-83/84 Joao Tomas 84-85
  9. Green - Riser Orange - Possible riser Porto Helton 90-90/91 Rolando 90-90/91 Alvaro Pereira 90-90/91 Otamendi 88-89 Maicon 87-88 Sapunaru 87-88 Moutinho 91-91/92 Guarin 86-88 Belluschi 89-89/90 Varela 89-89/90 James Rodriguez 86-87 Hulk 90-91 Falcao 91-92 Benfica Roberto 87-88 Coentrao 90-90/91 Carole 76-78/79 Sidnei 87-87/88 Roderick 75-77 Jardel 80-83/84 Salvio 87-88 Gaitan 87-88 Jara 85-86/87 Braga Artur 84-86 Sílvio 85-86/87 Garcia 82-83/84 Paulao 84-85/86 Kaka 83-85 Hugo Viana 87-88 Vandinho 87-88 Salino 85-85/86 Ukra 83-84 Lima 85-86/87
  10. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Roberto rose to 87 today:D It looks like someone has to eat his shorts:p:D
  11. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Porto won 5-0 against Benfica As a Porto fan i'm delighted:D. Benfica was humiliated:)
  12. Re: Diogo Salomao, new Sporting talent Yes' date=' the profile information is wrong. Salomao he's a lefy-footed. I will send a ticket to correct this. Thanks for the info. BTW, here is the goal of Salomao against Genk
  13. Re: Nelson Oliveira, 18yo huge prospect and 1st division starter Now, Nelson Oliveira plays in Paços de Ferreira where is a starter. This season stats added. BTW Paços de Ferreira is playing in this moment and Nelson Oliveira has just scored a goal, in this moment he has 2 goals scored
  14. Re: Pereira Roque MAICON He will rise to 86/87 keep him
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