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  1. Re: Gold Championship 15 - Match Reports / Transfers ETC. qwick round up Last Night Hearts made it to the semis of the scotish cup wining 1-0 against league chalingers also thay are still 1st with now 11 games gone and 9 wins 2 draws and no loses can anyone stop them there next game is against 3rd place then 6th then 2nd all top team also thay have signed Lionel SCALONI and Lucas PUSINERI for 7.2M and now are in the hunt for the league and cup this season next cup game is dundee in the semis good luck to all in the scotinsh league this is the best in this gw
  2. Re: Gold Championship 66 Official thread a week ago Zaragoza named mattuie beckett there new manager he is looking forword t the new season with the signings of Bezunartea MIGUEL FLANO, Lukasz FABIANSKI, Simon CZIOMMER, Habib BEYE, Leonardo DEDE, Fernandes DERLEI all joining for a woping 35M the deals also sore 6 players going in the over direction also the team has signed Callum DAVENPORT, Márton FULOP, Roman WEIDENFELLER and Paulo TINGA in deals that sore 13 players leave and also 62M come in and lastly the team is prepering for the signings of Alan SMITH, Aritz ADURIZ and Efr
  3. Re: Gold Championship 29 Match reports/News/Transfers Thread League 1 Get A Big Manager! Today League 1 team West Bromwich Albion has named Mattuie Beckett there new manager he is hoping to leade them back to the Premiaship in the next 4 seasons and is hoping he can make a impact the manager has managed England and USA and also Aston Villa and Wigan so thay no what thay are geting here and thay look like thay could have gota big manager here.
  4. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread New Contract. Today Notts County manager Mattuie Beckett has signed a 1 Year extention on his contract at County after recing 1st and looks serten to get promotion to div 3 with dett at there team but the manager has puled it around and has gone from 2M in dett to 3.4M in normall money and this is what got him his contract the manager seem happy to sign a new deal and is aming to avoued relagation if promotid to div 3 next season.
  5. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread my recored this season with Grimsby was 13 games picked up 17 poinets pritty bad only 1.31 a game avr but 3rd best out of all 5 managers thay have had and the 2nd longest manager there and then Notts County played 5 games this season picking up 9 points got my avr up to 1.80 so rising as a manager also 15th out of 21 managers this team has had hoping to get that up a bit go to the top 10 by the end of next season in div 3 (HOPING)
  6. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread Division 4 Manager of the season Sean Fitzpatrick - Crewe Goalkeeper of the season Shay GIVEN - Wycombe Wanderers Defender of the season Cédric MONGONGU - Brentford Midfielder of the season Jay TABB - Brentford Forward of the season Serhiy REBROV - Notts County Youth player of the season (Players Aged 15-21 only) Roy BEERENS - Shorpe Team of the season why Serhiy REBROV as striker of the season
  7. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread I only keep track on Div 4 so here gose! Manager Of The Season: Jonathan Crawford SU Goal Keeper Of The Season: VAN DER SAR GT Defender Of The Season: Mario YEPES CA Midfilder Of The Season: Jay TABB BF Striker Of The Season: Vieira ADRIANO WW Team Of The Season: CA
  8. Re: Gold Championship 63 Official Match Reports And Transfer News Thread. Today Aston Villa played Almería in the 2nd round of the SMA CUP and with a win before Beckett took over and it was a home win 1-0 Beckett new all he had to do was win well it didn't work that way as seen by thounsonds on the 9th min Curtis DAVIES put Villa 1-0 up but 2 mins later on the 11th min Fabián VARGAS made it 1-1 and it stayed that way all the way to the 49th min when Marco BORRIELLO scored his first goal of the season at Villa and made it 2-1 but on the 55th min Esteban SOLARI scored for the home
  9. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread i can help with div 4 as i have been here with 2 teams this season
  10. Re: Championship 4016 Championship Race thread today tottenham and sheffiled united came to a deal for Jamie O'HARA the deal will see the young star join Teddy Sheringham on a season long loan and is looking forword to working with him also the manager has been linked with 3 liverpool stars and some more signings from the Premiaship in the next 24H.
  11. Re: Gold Championship 55 Transfers / Match Report Thread
  12. Re: Gold Championship 55 Transfers / Match Report Thread you intrested i a deal for beckham i can offer 9M and Takashi INUI if you like
  13. Re: Gold Championship 55 Transfers / Match Report Thread small post i got SM Caen looking for some deals i need a cb 85+ for less then 8M a cm 86+ less then 8M and a striker 87+ for less then 11M if anyone has any message me.
  14. Re: big ask right i have made the new thread so have fun and post loads to make manager keep reding.
  15. Mattuie Beckett has been named as manager of Sheffield United " He brings a wealth of experience in to the job" said the board of directors. " His Knowledge in the tranfer market and reputation as a coach should help up put a team together capable of avoding finishing bottem of the league for this season." I will bring the success that United deserve if we dont get in to the top 12 this season I will viwe that as a failure." Said a Bullish Mattuie Beckett.
  16. Re: big ask make a new profile and use that i am using my teddy profile with the blades
  17. Re: big ask just been made
  18. dose anyone whant to join the new ec 4016 and chose championship teams and have a race for the premiaship position 1 season long it will be fun
  19. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread i can offer 2 88 for bojan if you like
  20. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread GET YOUR BIDS IN FAST. Today Notts County manager Mattuie Beckett is redy to lissen to offers for star youth Seydou DOUMBIA if anyone whants him offer a old player and cash.
  21. Re: Gold Championship Teams - Who I'm Going For & Who I Landed ! what was the score bro
  22. Re: Gold Championship Teams - Who I'm Going For & Who I Landed ! i qwit the team that i had because somone stole my acount and got that team then i moved to oxford and got removed not my forght.
  23. Re: Gold Championship Teams - Who I'm Going For & Who I Landed ! you no i just notest Crewe Alexandra have a mean youth team so i am now going for them hope i can grab them and make them a all english team if i get them i hope people with loan me some players.
  24. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread need some new blood in gc15 celtic and rangers managers dont post no more so please join
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