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  1. Not for the money it would take to get them, easily looking at around £70m for them. Much better value elsewhere.
  2. His first season was fantastic so I wouldn't say he had failure written all over him. Things just went stale due to his unwillingness to change. I think that is what we need for now, someone to get us back to where we where prior to Martinez.
  3. Over a year later we now have Koeman!
  4. All last season and all summer we have needed a number 10, even Martinez said we need one and we end up with Lennon. Don't know why I get my hopes up regarding Everton transfers.
  5. Hi value is difficult to determine due to how stupid the transfer market is especially for English players. Probably around £30m, which is what Luke Shaw went for. However we won't sell him for that, IMO he will be the future Everton captain (if he is still here when Jagielka goes) and a future captain of his country, that added onto the fact that we only have two centre backs and we don't need to sell with Barnsley also getting 15-20% of the transfer fee, I can't see us selling for a penny under £35m. I also don't think he will go to Chelsea, I have heard rumours Pep has had scouts at a number of Everton games (mainly in Europe last season) and there was also interest in him from Barca last summer, it wouldn't surprise me if he ended up at one of the top foreign clubs.
  6. Yes but that was a laughable first offer and then you made two more bids that weren't going to be accepted. Maybe a deal would have been done if you opened with your first offer.
  7. No Chelsea left it to late, if you came in a bit earlier then I probably would have.
  8. Can't see us selling Stones now, it makes no sense unless the board have got a death wish.
  9. Now Clyne is a good signing at a good price as well.
  10. Expected, still delighted with the signing. Now for that CB (hopefully not the £10m rumoured for Scott Dann) and a CAM.
  11. Looks like Deulofeu will sign in the coming days, happy with this signing as we really need another winger and he is young and has a bit of potential. Also pleasing that he turned down better offers as he wanted to play for us. Also nice to get some early business done with him and Cleverley joining the team for pre season. Think the next signing for us will be a CB then a CAM then that will be us done for the summer. That is depending on selling no one, if we sell Mirallas then we will buy Lennon and if we sell one of Stones, McCarthy, Coleman or Barkley they will also have to be replaced.
  12. You don't even need him, waste of money.
  13. I thought after Kyrie went down the Cavs would get swept. How wrong I was, LeBron is an animal.
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