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  1. Re: Mexican Ratings - Couple of possible gems Hope you filled your boots with these two! Both went up by 7 as expected.
  2. It has been literally years since I last put a scouting post on here, but here we go! What with the Mexican changes looming on the horizon I’ve had a little nosey about. Not spent long looking and two players have jumped out at me already. There seems to be loads of good deals in this league at the moment! VINIEGRA, Manuel Club: UANL Tigres Age: 21 Position: CM Current Rating: 73 (increase +7) Games Played: 9 Starts and 5 as sub. NAVARRO, Fernando Club: Atlante Age: 20 Position: RM/CM Current Rating: 75 (increase +6) Games Played: 12 Starts and 4 as sub. Most games has come since the last rating changes. Mexican league ratings are quite high so should see a decent rise. I’d also like to add that both players are playing regularly for clubs that are not doing bad at the moment in the league. In fact I’d like to think that the ratings I’d put down are a bit conservative and could reach higher. If anyone knows more about these players of others would be great to see a post!
  3. After a break away from the game for near a year and a half I’ve made a return to management. I’ve found one of my old teams available in English Championship 113 and started up a new one in English Championship 3531. As expected a lot of new names on here, but good to see a lot of well known ones as well. Will take a few weeks to get up to speed again, but hopefully I’ll be able to recommend a couple of hidden gems like the old days! Good luck all!
  4. Re: Perry81 Retires From Sm Like I said before my decision was more down to time than anything. I can honestly say it has very little to do with Olly Meaton. I can assure you I give as good as I get! I only mentioned it as SM have worked hard to remove people like this and create a community. It would be a shame to start lossing that. Thanks for the kind words and best of luck for the future.
  5. Re: English Championship 1 Yes I've quit all clubs. Decided it was time to quit SM. This was the one team keeping me going, but decided to go. Full reasons why are below http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?p=226633#post226633 May I just say good luck to who ever takes on Southend Utd. I've had them for four seasons and this really should be their year to go up. There shouldn't be a need to buy/sell players either. They have a good squad that has taken years to assemble. Good luck everyone!
  6. Yes its true, I've decided to quit all teams and stop with SM. Why? I first played this game to pass time away. Two years on I just haven't got the time anymore. I've also won what I wanted to win when I set out so nows a good time to walk away. Always said I'll quit when I win the league with Millwall. Since posting on the blog I'd also like to mention the continuous rubbish I got from manager Olly Meaton/Grim ReApEr (both the same people). Blocked them both, but their still posted on the comments section (which you can't block). Couldn't be bothered with the hassle from a chav every day so that also contributed. He even took over my EC14 Millwall team. I won't swear here. May I just say its a great game and its been a pleasure to be part of it. Good luck everyone!
  7. Re: Inconsistent Rating Scheme Must admit I thought there were a lot of harsh changes. Looks like SM are trying to decrease the Premiership as a whole. Compare the O'Hara and Omozusi ratings and I can't work out why there is a 3 point difference at this early stage. I'm hoping there are a few more change to come as well. Most notably Shuan Wright-Philips.
  8. Re: Can we send articles for the blog? I've just sent an email, but I'll send you a PM with it all on as well. Cheers!
  9. Re: Can we send articles for the blog? Cool. Cheers mate.
  10. If so does anyone know the email address? Cheers!
  11. Re: English Championship 1 Shrimps shoot down Eagles Southend United continued their fantastic start to the season with a 2-1 victory away at Crystal Palace. Four games into the season and Southend remain joint top with Norwich City whom have also won all of their games. "This is just the start we needed. Some of the bigger teams haven't quite started as brightly as I thought so to get a lead on them this early is great news. Up front we look excellent and the rest of the team looks in great form too. We've got some tough games coming up against Portsmouth, Stoke and Sunderland. Hopefully we'll be able to get at least four points from these games and then kick on after these. Norwich have started just like us and I have no doubt that they will feature come the end of the season. However they also have a tough few games coming up and they will drop points through that period. Anyone can beat anyone in this division."
  12. Re: GC10 - Club Swap Don't know if I'm a little late for this, but I'd take on Queens Park of Scotland if they were available.
  13. Re: English Championship 1 Division Two - Season Preview We're in for a real treat this year in what must be one of the most competitive divisions on SM. Here we will look at each team and predict what lays ahead for them. Bristol City Average Rating - 88 Squad Size - 14 Star Player(s) - Van Der Saar (94) Strengths - Goalkeeper and goalscorer Weaknesses - No right sided midfielder and squad depth Prediction - 15th Other - With only 14 players they will struggle as the season goes on. A cup run would cripple the players. However a strong first eleven Carlisle United Average Rating - 83 Squad Size - 22 Star Player(s) - Dunne (90) Strengths - A decent spine to the team Weaknesses - Age of better players will mean they won't like teams pressing them. Lack depth too. Prediction - 17th Other - With Danny Williams at the helm you know the team will be organised. However financial constraints for a club of this size must make survival the aim. Charlton Athletic Average Rating - 82 Squad Size - 24 Star Player(s) - Pizarro (92) and Gilberto (92) Strengths - World class midfield. Goals shouldn't be a problem. Weaknesses - Goalkeeper and slight gaps in defence. Prediction - 2nd Other - A great midfield make them a match for any team. Kiely in goal could be their down fall though if they want a top 3 finish. Coventry City Average Rating - 86 Squad Size - 18 Star Player(s) - Palop (91) Strengths - Good young players. Weaknesses - Lack depth and strength in midfield. Prediction - 14th Other - With such a small squad might struggle when the cup games come round. They do have a decent balance and should steer clear of the bottom three. Crystal Palace Average Rating - 86 Squad Size - 20 Star Player(s) - Canizeres (91) and Tuncay (91) Strengths - Good upfront and have a good balance. Weaknesses - Weaker CB's Prediction - 8th Other - Not a bad squad of players and if the star players stay fit they could be a surprise package. Gillingham Average Rating - 83 Squad Size - 18 Star Player(s) - Helguara (90) Strengths - Stronger up front Weaknesses - Weak midfield and gaps at the back. Prediction - 20th Other - Small club and no money. Will struggle this year with the strength and size of the squad. Ipswich Town Average Rating - 82 Squad Size - 23 Star Player(s) - Barbarez (90) Strengths - Balanced with a goalscorer Weaknesses - No full backs Prediction - 16th Other - Shouldn't go down, but may struggle at times. Norwich City Average Rating - 87 Squad Size - 24 Star Player(s) - De Sanctis (91), Hleb (91) and Zigic (91) Strengths - Perfect balance, good depth and some real star players. Weaknesses - Weaker at the back... but not by a lot! Prediction - 4th Other - A high finish should be on the cards here. Good loan signing could make promotion a real possibility. Nottingham forest Average Rating - 84 Squad Size - 18 Star Player(s) - (Pizarro 90) Strengths - Goalscorer Weaknesses - Lack of depth Prediction - 9th Other - Not strong enough to launch an attack at the top, but will certainly throw up a few surprises early on. Expect them to start quickly. Portsmouth Average Rating - 88 Squad Size - 16 (10 in youth) Star Player(s) - Figo (93) Strengths - Figo and midfield Weaknesses - Rely on Di Vaio up front and lack depth through out Prediction - 7th Other - In Figo they have a star, but I don't think they are quite strong enough for promotion Queens Park Rangers Average Rating - 85 Squad Size - 33 Star Player(s) - Jansen (91) Strengths - Midfield and plenty of depth Weaknesses - Lack an attacking star man Prediction - 10th Other - Should surprise a few people. Won't set the league alight, but expect them to grind out results. Could finish strongly. Rushden and Diamonds Average Rating - 84 Squad Size - 19 Star Player(s) - Perez (89) and Castillo (89) Strengths - Midfield can compete Weaknesses - Up front Prediction - 18th Other - For such a small club they've done amazing. However it looks like they are going to struggle to score goals and just don't have the quality this year round. Staying up would be huge achievement. Sheffield United Average Rating - 89 Squad Size - 19 Star Player(s) - Vagna Love (92), Pardo (92), Hildebrand (92) and Materazzi (92) Strengths - Star quality all over the pitch Weaknesses - Lack of left sided players Prediction - 1st Other - A great season awaits Herby's United side. The wealth of star players should see them up and up as champions. Expect them to get better as the season goes on. Sheffield Wednesday Average Rating - 89 Squad Size - 17 Star Player(s) - Saviola (92) Strengths - Number of world class players Weaknesses - Depth Prediction - 5th Other - If they stay fit they could have a chance. Southend United Average Rating - 86 Squad Size - 23 Star Player(s) - Scholes (94) Strengths - The manager! Weaknesses - That would be saying! Prediction - 3rd Other - A complete over hall to the squad makes them a stronger unit that finished 4th last time round. Should challenge at the top end if injuries stay low. Stoke City Average Rating - 87 Squad Size - 24 Star Player(s) - Howard (90) and Zokora (90) Strengths - The squad as a whole Weaknesses - Lack enough star players to scare teams Prediction - 6th Other - One of the best squads in the division. If they start quickly they could feature high. Sunderland Average Rating - 86 Squad Size - 24 Star Player(s) - Cruz (91) Strengths - Goalscorer and good squad depth Weaknesses - CB's and lack of star midfielder Prediction - 11th Other - Good squad, but lack the star quality to get promoted at the moment Swindon Town Average Rating - 84 Squad Size - 21 Star Player(s) - Palacio (91) Strengths - Up front Weaknesses - Lack of wide players throughout Prediction - 19th Other - Could struggle if they don't start quickly. Not enough real quality in vital areas Wigan Athletic Average Rating - 85 Squad Size - 22 Star Player(s) - Sergio (90) and Muntis (90) Strengths - Sergio and Muntis Weaknesses - No wide right players Prediction - 12th Other - Much will focus around star players. Not enough quality else where to challenge. Wolves Average Rating - 84 Squad Size - 23 Star Player(s) - Moretti (91) Strengths - Defensively sound Weaknesses - Lack width and squad depth Prediction - 13th Other - Surprised many with a high finish last year. Could be a tougher season this time round. Goals could be hard to come by.
  14. Re: English Championship 1 Southend shut up shop Southend Utd can confirm the capture of two more players in Dmitri Loskov (90) and Shabani Nonda (87). This takes their summer signing to a total of twelve with the vast majority pushing for a starting role. "Loskov despite his age was a steal. The season is finished over in Russia so I can't see his performance dropping in the near future. A can't believe Nonda is rated so low at only 87 despite playing and scoring in Europe's top leagues. Over his career he has averaged nearly a goal every other so I can see him getting better." "We are now skint. There won't be a penny to spend during the season, but I think the squad is good enough to compete now. We may have to sell one or two during the season and look at some loans, but we'll come to that bridge when we get there."
  15. Re: English Championship 1 Southend ring the changes The Christmas sales are still going strong at Southend United. A total of nine new first team players have arriaved at Roots Hall with further transfers still on the card. The transfers to date read as follows - - Helton (90) - Tim De Cler (90) - Freddy Ljungberg (90) - Simone Barone (90) - Danny Koevermans (89) - Mama Niang (89) - Glen Johnson (87) - Stephan Carr (87) - Lee McCulloch (86) Two more players are lined whom will challange the above players for places too. "I'm delighted! To get this list of players for the squad that we finished with is amazing. I had fears that we wouldn't be as competitive this as last, but I'm not anymore. In fact we really should be finishing top three IF the squad stays fit." "As for money... we will be skint come the end of the season. This is a big gamble as the club will be making huge loses. We will be able to make it up at the end of the season though if we finish top in the top eight. Add to that any cup revenue and we should be ok."
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