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  1. Re: My football website thanks man. Appreciate the support. However we need many more writers for that to happen!
  2. Hi! A couple of my friends and me have started a football website and are planning to buy a .com domain. It would be amazing if you guys could join and help us grow this website. Here is the website http://footballmaniacs.byethost8.com/ Please help us spread it on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/footballmaniacs?v=wall Plans are in shape for footballer of the week, daily news, many more editorials .We are currently making graphics and such for this website and are currently looking for some more writers for it. Forum members, please join in! It is being done purely for fun, and is not
  3. Re: Hit counter on players check out balasz dzudzak from psv
  4. Re: Rooney to 97? wwhat are your predictions on this player for now? as the changes have started.
  5. Re: If you dare< come challenge the empire of juventus and manchester united SUNDERLAND TAKEN! EVERTON TAKEN! Aston Villa free!! A few other teams availableSeason 1 just ended, season 2 hasnt started, so here's your chance to be competetive!!! In wc7543, roma just got free .take it !!
  6. Re: Rooney to 97? BUMP if rooney keeps his form and beats ronaldo's 42 in one season or even denis law's 46 in one season, he's getting 97 right? maybe 98 in one go like ronaldo???
  7. Re: Scholes/lampard mitch ,beaty of a post
  8. Re: 40 million to spend on risers! yeah but which one is upcoming?
  9. Re: Creative Central Midfielders / Trequarista's?? hamsik easy then ozil
  10. Re: Scholes/lampard 100 goals- Legend
  11. Re: Rooney to 97? pointless talking about john rooney dude you fail so how about his form now? and when are the english changes???
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