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  1. Dybala really stands a chance to reach 94? I know this season is his highest scoring season so I think it could be a possibility, also honest opinion about Carvajal and Casemiro reaching 93? Also any updates to the Spanish preds already done? Still confident of all the rises and drops predicted?
  2. Depends on your team, Di Maria probably, Matic is a great player but Chelsea are doing e so far so an increase isn't likely any time soon so it's basically a choice of solid 93 vs a not so solid 94, I'd go with Di Maria, depends who you can replace them with though, if there are no good CDM/CM players I'd go Matic and vise versa.
  3. Out of those two deals' date=' I guess Calhanoglu and Verthoghen for Grizzly is the best shot term option, I believe Mkhitaryan could rise come the end of the season. For me, Azpil is a great solid option at both RB and LB, if you absolutely feel the need to cash in on him then I would go for Carvajal or Otamendi, with the injury to Danilo, Carvajal is back in the 1st team and hopefully he will stay there and Otamendi has started the last 3 games for City, Varane might be another option but I believe if he was available you would already have hiim, I don't believe there are a lot of 92 pote
  4. Any Barca/Real fans have any say on this? Who watch Marcelo and Alba every week?
  5. Maybe, what do you think of Bravo and Keylor Navas?
  6. ABSOLUTELY Griezmann, no question, Sturridge has barely played since he has come back and Ibe is a great talent, he will rise but he is not lighting up the league like he did pre season, whereas I believe Griezmann could end up 93 by the end of the season.
  7. So i'd just like to know people's opinions about which team is the best to manage income related wise for these divisions, so stadium size, team value and starting balance which team do you people prefer to manage?
  8. Maybe but where could you see him going?
  9. Maybe, he's my favourite under 25 goalkeeper but do you think he could reach it at Leverkusen?
  10. I agree with you no one looks likely any time soon, but eventually someone is going to have to hit 92 so who do you think the next person potentially could be?
  11. Exactly what the title says, these forums are quite dead with lurkers not willing to contribute and a lot of people just generally ignoring everyone so let's start a discussion, next goalkeeper to reach 92 and why? If BRAVO comes back from his injury soon and manages to win something with Barca whilst keeping TER STEGEN out I think he could be the next 92+, if not I honestly see NAVAS as the next best candidate to reach it at the end of the season maybe, depending on performances and if RM win anything. Thoughts?
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