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  1. SAF is retired but you were pointing out stats so I was pointing out stats back at you About that graph - Moyes - did everything wrong, turned United into Everton, LVG was like Hitler with his ways for 2 years and brought in mainly average players, even Giggs scouted and pointed out Gabriel Jesus and Mbappe to LVG and they would of cost £5mil each roughly. Down to Mourinho, 1st season - had to sort out mess, gave up on league and focused upon Europa Cup. 2nd season - 6th to 2nd - Still reckon to this day he wanted United job when SAF retired Mourinho does like to criticise players to
  2. That stat is right but United won the title in 92/93 when they lost 2 of the starting 3, don't write off United a they still can climb back up the league - United has had a dodgy start under Fergie before (Rooney got injured/ Ronaldo got sent off vs Pompey at start of season) and won the title Rashford is fine, lost his head vs Burnley but he's young. Alexis had a decent game vs Burnley, would like to see him running with the ball instead of stopping. Fred needs time to settle, he has a good engine in him. Media making up the Pogba stories as Pogba said he wants to fight for United for tr
  3. Burnley vs United Moss needs his eyes testing - Rashford red - Correct, Barnsley red should of been, Mee should of gave United a 2nd penalty as he was over the back of Lukaku, Mee should of seen red for handball as Lukaku was clear through again Pogba poor penalty and Lukaku should of scored more
  4. I watched the match, did you? even the pundits was slamming both sides at half time Arsenal should of had 3 goals more or at least 2 if Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan sitters and harder chance in Iwobi Still Kepa with his price tag should of saved both of Arsenal goals especially Mkhitaryan's but he was slow to get down I guess the truth hurts - I guess Sarri needed a cig badly when Arsenal made it 2-2
  5. Shocking - got away with 3 points today vs Arsenal up until 65min Shocking Defending - Arsenal should of had 3 more goals, expensive keeper in football was poor
  6. Talking nonsense - The stuff about DDG is all lies
  7. Moyes signed 3 players - Fellaini, Varela then forced to buy Mata, you got your facts wrong as united as spent roughly 700mil since SAF left Like Carragher and Neville said Mourinho has had reasons to moan etc, came into United and had to sort out LVG poor transfers and mess which he had to get rid of 10 deadwood players, then he building his side - like Neville said it's like a house that is 3/4 built but DEADWOOD and boardroom not giving Mourinho the money to finish it off Contracts you talk about, I think DDG has been in talks about for a while, Shaw wants to stay, accordingly Un
  8. Fred has had a ban from football but that not in his United days Good performance vs Leicester - if only United wasn't wasteful in their counters, Pogba needs to stay captain, Bailly needs to calm in tackles, Sanchez was kinda frustrating as 90% he kept giving the ball away
  9. United had a point tally worthy of winning the title but City got the luck with late goals Man United has the money to spent year after year. Ibra was good (28 goals/should of been 29) and Its hard for a player to adapt from 1 club to another in January, this season Sanchez must prove his worth with runs, goals etc - Ive been saying for 5 seasons United still missing a right sided winger who stays on the right. Leicester won the title as all but City were in transformation, United been a mess as they appointed 8th choice weak Moyes who didn't know what he was doing, LVG was just poss
  10. You don't see a keeper join in January but I said Courtois will go Mourinho got 6th to 2nd - Mourinho only on edge as he never got his players, IMO Deadwood was too much focused on Bale which he'll never admit, Deadwood is the problem. Courtois had 1 year left but still 35mil is cheap, who says Kepa and Kovacic will be hits? they could end up flops like Morata
  11. plus 35 mil on Courtois is cheap compared to Kepa and Allisson transfers this summer Still don't think Chelsea will do well under Sarri
  12. Hazard still wants to go - maybe next summer I predicted Courtios would go like in 2016 Official Chelsea FC Thread TalentSearcher replied to a topic in UK and ROI Football Courtois wants a return to Spain and has a Spanish girlfriend(Ik people say De Gea in the same situation) but De Gea has a 3 year deal over him, IDK How muchCourtois has to go on his contract but If Chelsea doesn't finish in a European spot then It's more likely RM could get him plus RM will have t... April 12, 2016
  13. Who was right about Courtios going to Real Madrid???
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