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  1. Re: Gold Championship 14 (News, Gossip, Match Report, Etc) Thread Bit of an anti-climax for Hearts, finishing outside the top 4, still with the cup semi final to play, a trophy would help, especially after losing in the shield final to hibs. The squad still requires a lot of work, which seems hard to do in this gameworld.
  2. Re: "Crippling attendances and gate receipts" The fact that this thread has rumbled on for so long and no "official" word has came back says a whole lot I think.
  3. Re: Playmaker I obviously meant when you do tick the box.
  4. Re: Need urgent help in winning second division If I were you I would read the newcomers thread, lots of different ideas on how to play in different situations. Its up the top of this forum.
  5. Re: International table Up the top hover over gameworld then international and bobs your uncle!
  6. Re: International table I have realised where they are! But really there should be a link on your squad page ala normal squad IMO
  7. Re: .Selena's Avatars!!!! [requests are here] Hi again, Just wondered if you could make me a Manuel Pascali avatar, preferably in a Kilmarnock colours please. Cheers
  8. Re: "Crippling attendances and gate receipts" If it doesn't get changed, I very much doubt I will renew my gold membership to be honest. Especially after people have provided SM with stats and they have just shunned it!
  9. Re: Gold Championship 63 Official Match Reports And Transfer News Thread. Cheltenham Town 3 - 0 Stockport County A. Lindegaard '20 D. Siradze '44 P. Connor '76 Stockport never really turned up to Whaddon Road to face Cheltenham and the home team took advantage. Some say the poor performance was down to team selection for the previous shield game, others think it was to do with speculation that manager Chris Hutcheson was going to Hartlepool. However, the manager confirmed that he rejected the offer and wants to stay with Stockport, this is a decision that pleases the chairman and
  10. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread These points deductions are ruining football, was it league 2 with 3 teams with points deducted? As if it isn't bad enough that your team is in administration the FA come along and put you at risk of going down due to the penalty points.
  11. Re: Arsenal Gossip Do you think Wenger is really getting rid of all the African players before the next cup of nations? Or is that just to soften the blow of losing all these players?
  12. Re: Gold Championship 63 Official Match Reports And Transfer News Thread. Stockport County 2 - 4Southend United G. Tansey '10 D. Scannell '31 R. Ertsas '51 F. Laurent '60 D. Freedman '78 D. Freedman '87 A Stockport County reserve side go down in the shield despite leading twice. The match got off to a feisty start with a booking for bad tackles for both teams. On the 10th minute young Greg Tansey the County Centre Midfielder breaks away from his marker and thumps a shot into the bottom corner. This was a start that the all but keeper reserve side needed to get them settled into
  13. Re: Illegal Gold Champ Entering You only have to do that if you want to be a glory hunter! If you just want a game you can pick up teams at any time of day.
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