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  1. Re: Todays rating chances

    lol. i dont mean robbie fowler should be a 95. i just saying just because hes a legend it doesnt mean he should rise.

    robbie fowlers a legend but that didnt stop him dropping from 95

    Yeah i know that was a joke :) But to say Giggs doesnt deserver it ? i mean come on.Watch the prem this year he is creating everything and inspiring and baggin a few goals! Along with his pfa player of the year and bbc sports personality of the year B)

  2. Re: Todays rating chances

    Agree about Aquilani he can just ping a ball. But dont think lucas deserves a raise.. i was looking forward to seeing him after all the hype about being brazil u21 captain and he hasnt really proved any point at all yet. Aquilani will take his place B)

  3. Re: Wesley Sneigder or Diego Ribas

    All this has got way out of hand! Diego is a better player, Technique wise definatley the only thing people can compare lapmpard to him is medals? and thats because he plays for CHELSEA! Diego Has bossed the midfield at every Club hes been too. Even now at Juve WIth the likes of Melo,Camorenesi ect. And joey i also watch vale all the time. Im from Leek way. Need to pick up the season a bit! ;) But in this case and this topic Its definatley Diego :D

  4. Re: Wesley Sneigder or Diego Ribas

    lampard still has to play the killer pass to put someone in. the most creative player is judged on created chances' date=' so the other players involved dont matter. and doyou knnow why lamps was playing with the better players than diego... because he is a better player himself, the best play with the best[/quote']

    You cant really say that. The best play with the best mate? the best start from scratch eg. Van nistelrooy, Kaka , Ronaldo , Etoo and many more. Like i said everyone is worthy too their own opinion but in this case its 100% Diego for me :D

  5. Re: Wesley Sneigder or Diego Ribas

    Yes and Lampard plays with Essien' date=' Ballack, Drogba, Cole, Deco, Drogba, Anelka etc.. And Diego played with Borowski, Hunt, Baumann, Melo, Marchisio, Amauri etc. See any difference in quality? Diego in the position he plays is the 2nd best player in the world behind Kaka. Lampard is a different type of player though who tbh is no where near as talented as Diego.[/quote']

    Couldnt agree more ;)

  6. Re: Wesley Sneigder or Diego Ribas

    i do watch football........lampard is a better player than diego

    end of and simple.

    im not getting wound up i just find it funny when you say "please be serious " and " if you actually watch football" comments like that are a bit harsh / over the top as the answer to both is yes.

    many more people believe lampard is better than diego and i dont see your point.

    although you can have the last word if you really need to i most likely won't continue from here as it is a pointless argument

    Im gjust going to leave it .Pointless debating .I was over the top .. apologise for that.. but my opinion is diego.. end of :D

  7. Re: Wesley Sneigder or Diego Ribas

    please be serious ?

    i am and i understand you saying diego is very good i agree but lampard right now is better than him. lampard only as a couple more years left in him but personally i rate lampard higher than diego.

    he also plays at a much bigger club than diego and has proven himself there so factually wise lampard is better than diego.

    i know stats arent everything but i think you saying

    "please be serious "

    is a bit ridiculous + THE biggest player maker ? i doubt very much he is THE biggest playmaker. iniesta xavi gerrard all spring to mind.

    Im not being harsh but if you actually watch football..And can understand the play.Diego Sprays balls like any midfielder Iniesta and xavi Are barcelonas way forward from attacking .. yaya toure and keita create the play for a start. Steven gerrard Is more or less a striker he plays behinf torres at liverpool and attacking mid for england!! Diego is compare to players for passing like beckham And Xabi alonso is being compared to diego? must meen something. I have not long been a member of this forum but i really know my football having also played at high levels and i just cant understand you getting wound up? then just being false with your reply ? :confused:

  8. Re: Didier Drogba

    My humble opinion' date=' he has to rise by +1.

    He has captained his country to WC qualification and his club form is sublime.

    The only negative has been his lack of CL football due to his ban.

    Hoping this happens because I've just snapped him up in my league.......;)[/quote']

    Cl appearances wont change anything he will definatly rise :D

  9. Re: Sean's & Jared's Request Thread

    As Sean said in the first post' date=' I will be doing any of the avatar requests. Some of my works:



    So get requesting some avatars! enough with the sig requests!


    and btw sean can u make me a yossi benayoun sig like the ebanks-blake one but with the same text as the rooney one

    Any chance in a ronaldo one ? the good one luiz ronaldo ;)? if you could in a corinthians kit? many thanks
  10. Re: The What will he drop or rise to Thread.

    Bassong should rise +1 or +2 due to an impressive start with Spurs initially.

    Obertan hasn't really played enough minutes for Man Utd to merit any sort of rise or drop - will stay.

    Aquilani hasn't made his proper first team debut for Liverpool yet - has played cup minutes though - will most likely stay.

    Don't know about the others' date=' sorry.[/quote']

    Thanks for that.. repped

  11. Re: The What will he drop or rise to Thread.

    In my southampton team im currentley 5th in division 3. i Have luiz ronaldo and edin dzeko up fron with ransford osei and mame diouf as my sub forwards. Are they all worth keeping?

    And Also Should i hang on to this list or if not who too replace them with..

    Raphael Jean

    Sebastien Bassong

    Massimo Gobbi

    Giacomo tedesco

    Gabriel Obertan

    Alberto Aquilani

    Christoph Moritz

    Help would be Appreciated ! :)

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