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  1. I'm getting Torres, I play a 3-5-2, with Alonso, Fabregas and Ozil in the middle '3', and Kaka, Sahin, Ramires and Hamsik as my back-ups for the '3.' Therefore, I have De Rossi spare, Kaka is TB'd as I would've used him in the deal. My Forwards are Villa, Pato, Sanchez, Falcao and Suarez. Therefore, is this a good deal for me, money is virtually worthless in the setup? Thanks.
  2. Re: Midfielder Help! Problem with Kaka is, I'm currently using Alonso, Fabregas and Ozil in my 1st XI and I'm wondering whether to use him to strengthen other areas, or is he too good to lose?
  3. Currently have too many midfielders to fill the '3' in a 4-3-3, need to know which 3/4 to keep from: Sahin Ramires Mikel Hamsik Pastore Pjanic Kaka Just need to know who to sell and why, Thanks in advance.
  4. Currently need to flog some players from my squad but don't know who to sell, any help? And if you have any advice on where i could strengthen that would be appreciated. Currently play 3-5-2: Neuer Def: Pique Puyol Evra Van Der Weil Subotic Coentrao Alderweireld Bonucci Rannochia Otamendi Mid: Alonso Kaka Fabregas De Rossi Ozil Sahin Hamsik Mikel Ramires Pastore Sissoko Wing: Ribery Robben Di Maria Pedro Pjanic Hazard Fwd: Villa Pato Falcao Suarez Sanchez Balotelli Need to reduce this to a League XI and a Cup XI, with a few covers, who would you sell, and where would you improve this team? Thanks,
  5. Simple Q, was wondering who to sell, currently using Kaka, Alonso and Fabregas as a 3 in midfield, so I have De Rossi spare, wondering who to sell. Also, out of Mikel, Pastore and Ramires which 2 would you sell? Thanks.
  6. Currently struggling in the league with my Club America, despite having a strong squad. Currently alternate between 3-2-2-2-1 and 3-4-2-1. My squad is the following: Neuer Pique Evra Chiellini Subotic Van Der Weil Otamendi Coentrao Alderweireld Bonucci Ranocchia Alonso Fabregas De Rossi Sahin Mikel Ramires Kaka Ozil Hamsik Sissoko Pjanic Pastore Ribery Robben Di Maria Pedro Hazard Villa Pato Suarez Falcao Sanchez Any suggestions o nthe best formation to use for this squad, I would be extremely grateful.
  7. Simple, have no quality RB; able to swap Ribery for any of the 3, who's the best buy, looking for longevity and possible rating change, Thanks.
  8. BlairC

    Who to Sell?

    Need to get rid of some players, to tackle the concerns of various players. I alternate between 3-5-2 and 4-2-3-1, but if anyone has a better formation suggestion suiting the players, then go for it. GK; Neuer 92 Ulreich 86 Rafael 85 Neto 85 Def; Evra 94 Cissokho 90 Coentrao 90 Van Der Weil 90 Smalling 87 Subotic 91 Chiellini 94 Otamendi 88 Ranocchia 89 Kjaer 90 Pique 95 Bonucci 89 Alderweireld 88 Santon 87 Mid; Hazard 90 Alonso 94 Ramires 90 Mikel 91 Sissoko 89 De Rossi 94 Sahin 91 Fabregas 95 Ozil 93 Kaka 95 Hamsik 91 Pjanic 90 Jovetic 90 Ribery 95 Pedro 93 Di Maria 92 Robben 94 Pastore 90 Atk; Villa 96 Suarez 91 Falcao 91 Pato 92 Sanchez 90 Lukaku 88 Balotelli 89 Neymar 89 Carroll 88 Want to be able to have a League XI and a Cup XI, so that means i need to get rid of alot of players, any suggestions?
  9. Re: Scottish premier league-no better than the championship Typical over-the-border snobbery. Give Rangers & Celtic, say 3 Seasons in the EPL and they would easily be Top 8.
  10. Re: Brazil Player Reports and Updates I was just doing a squad clear-out and was wondering if someone could just tell me whether to Sell or Keep, these Brazilians; Wellington Saci; Eliton Deola; Borges Romulo; Mario Lucio; Carlos Eduardo; Soares Renan; Diego Macedo; Julio Cesar; Murara Neto; Araujo Egidio; Matos Anderson; Barbosa Maylson; Paulo Somalia; Aparecido Wellington; Almedia Ze Eduardo; Cabral Rafael; Jose Leonardo; Batista Rodriguinho; Oliveiria Elkeson; Dias Carlinhos; Cirino Marcelo; Augusto Marcio; Rodrigo Calaca; Araujo Tinga; Figueiredo Agenor; Junior Paulinho; Gumaraes Edilson; Vinicius Pacheco; Jansen Misael; Zardin Roberto; Silva Vinicius; Nino Paraiba; Ribeiro Paulao; Wellington Branquinho; Vital Dede; Rosa Rudnei; Neto Coruja Much appreciated if you can just give me a quick answer, just Sell or Keep. Thanks.
  11. Re: Jack Wilshire (Arsenal) Nice find.
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Been trying to get Lloris for a while, came up with these counter-offers. (Considering the WC is in Season 5) Lloris = Hamsik + 35 Million. Lloris = Jovetic + 40 Million. Lloris = Pjanic + 35 Million. Lloris = Suarez + 35 Million The money is not really the issue here, as it is pretty much useless, although i will try to haggle it down. Should i let any of those players go for Lloris, considering none of them are in my First 22. I'm in no rush to get Lloris as I have Neuer in my squad aswell. Might try to use Balotelli + Sissoko instead. Thoughts on these players? Not so much the cash value.
  13. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Ok sincere apologies. The Samba Lads; Wellington Saci; 77 Eliton Deola; 80 Borges Romulo; 80 Mario Lucio; 80 Carlos Eduardo; 80 Soares Renan; 82 Diego Macedo; 82 Julio Cesar; 83 Murara Neto; 83 Araujo Egidio; 83 Matos Anderson; 83 Barbosa Maylson; 83 Paulo Somalia; 83 Aparecido Wellington; 78 Almedia Ze Eduardo; 80 Cabral Rafael; 82 Jose Leonardo; 82 Batista Rodriguinho; 82 Oliveiria Elkeson; 83 Dias Carlinhos; 77 Cirino Marcelo; 77 Augusto Marcio; 80 Rodrigo Calaca; 80 Araujo Tinga; 80 Figueiredo Agenor; 80 Junior Paulinho; 80 Gumaraes Edilson; 82 Vinicius Pacheco; 83 Jansen Misael; 83 Zardin Roberto; 83 Silva Vinicius; 78 Nino Paraiba; 80 Ribeiro Paulao; 80 Wellington Branquinho; 80 Vital Dede; 83 Rosa Rudnei; 83 Neto Coruja; 78 Gracious appreciation if you can help me. Thanks lad.
  14. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Didn't know where to post for help, but I've got lots of risers coming off their TB's and need to know who to sell and who to keep. Thanks; Wellington Saci Eliton Deola Borges Romulo Mario Lucio Carlos Eduardo Soares Renan Diego Macedo Julio Cesar Murara Neto Araujo Egidio Matos Anderson Barbosa Maylson Paulo Somalia Aparecido Wellington Almedia Ze Eduardo Cabral Rafael Jose Leonardo Batista Rodriguinho Oliveiria Elkeson Dias Carlinhos Cirino Marcelo Augusto Marcio Rodrigo Calaca Araujo Tinga Figueiredo Agenor Junior Paulinho Gumaraes Edilson Vinicius Pacheco Jansen Misael Zardin Roberto Silva Vinicius Nino Paraiba Ribeiro Paulao Wellington Branquinho Vital Dede Rosa Rudnei Neto Coruja Nikita Malyarov Anton Kanibolotskiy Denys Garmash Yevhen Konoplyanka Vagiz Galiullin Jordi Figueras Vladimir Dyadyun Ricardo Alvarez Milton Casco Maximiliano Caire Federico Sardella Roberto Pereyra Leandro Diaz Roman Zozulya Jose Luis Fernandez Maximiliano Nunez David Stockdale Georgi Gabulov Ilia Gultyaev Serigne Kara Markus Henriksen Maksim Kanunnikov Aleksei Medvedev If you see a lad that's going to be a star, then if you could highlight him to me. It would be much appreciated, muchos gracious.
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