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  1. Re: Legend Sir Bobby Robson passes away at 76 Those were the days...We'll always remember his 'Bobbyness'
  2. Re: Legend Sir Bobby Robson passes away at 76 Bobby Robson made football, Football made Bobby Robson. That's the way he should be remembered, we should remember what he did with Ronaldo, Ipswich, PSV. He should be remembered as not just a football manager but an overall football lover. My favourite Bobby Robson Quote: R.I.P Bobby Robson 1933 - 2009
  3. Hey, well I made a counter-offer to Inter of Balotelli + Zucullini for Keane, Keane doesn't get into my 1st or 2nd team, would you do it, considering that Keane is 92?
  4. Hey, just been counter offered, Santi Cazorla (First teamer next to Robinho) and Huntelaar (Doesn't get into my 1st team or cup team) for Robben, been after him for a while, would you accept this?
  5. Re: English Championship 3951 - Transfer/Gossip thread Crewe Risers, in the last 3 Days. Christian Andreasen 75 (+3) Demba Savage 76 (+4) Gruborovics 78 (+5) Tuomi 75 (+5) Portin 75 (+2) Tanska 76 (+3) Emet 77 (+2) Matrone 76 (+1) (Exactly same stats as Emet?) Niko Ikavalko 77 (+3) Reuben Ayarna 76 (+4) Friberg 80 (+3) Saleh 74 (+2) Fairly Happy.
  6. Re: Div 4 challenge - America Hey, Well played, with your Club America, Link to your squad? Here's my Club America 2 Seasons in, Best Club America Evar, http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=1455723&clubid=18444444&sid=21534
  7. I've been after Zhirkov for a while, in this very old WC, and the Inter manager has just counter offered me Ricardo Carvalho + Anelka for Zhirkov, considering I will have Alex to replace Carvalho and have Totti And Drogba up-front instead of Anelka, what do you think?
  8. Re: Benzema Sale? I would do it, Although Ibra, will drop it will be a while before Benzema reaches the accilade of being 96 on SM. Ibra will fail in La Liga and will drop to 95. However, still do the deal, it's all good.
  9. Re: Could i get anymore bad results Hmm, that's just unlucky, however you are Man. Utd. so you're handicapped.
  10. Re: Plaese i need Help Quick-Julio Cesar or Buffon-Rep for people........ Julio Cesar will fail next season, because Inter will fail. I would personally jump at Buffon as apart from Dino Zoff, he's the best goal keeper, I've ever seen, and the word Consistency comes to mind, when comparing them both, Nobody had even blinked an eyelid at Soares when he was playing Chievo, and I personally thought he was poor. Buffon has been and always will be, Mr. Consistency, apart from Injuries any time he is called on be it for the Italian NT or the Old Lady. Buffon will play on into his 40's, and better Dino Zoff (If it can be done!) whereas Soares has still to prove himself, he can only do this by being consistent and if Inter were (Shall not be) successful. My choice, Buffon.
  11. Re: Diego CAPEL for Goran PANDEV Two Words, Definetely Do It. Silva is world-class and is a certian stay at 93, whereas Capel can barely get into the Sevilla team so do it.
  12. Re: Gago & Capel for Toulalan? Because of most of the 'good' French players, flocking away from Ligue 1 to the Big 2 Leagues, I 'could' see Toulalan dropping to 92, it all depends on Lyon's form, you don't need to worry about Toulalan's form, as he is one of the most consistent players you're ever likely to see. However, even if he does drop to 92, he is easily better than Gago, and always will be. And Capel is more talented but he's not going to be given the change in the near future so go for Toulalan.
  13. Re: Diego CAPEL for Goran PANDEV
  14. Re: Diego CAPEL for Goran PANDEV Disagree, with Adriano, miles ahead of Diego Capel in the managers' eyes, I just can't see Capel rising for a long time, no matter how skilfull he is. I would probably try your hands at getting a bit more cash out of him, but for me I would do it, unless you get all hyped about young players.
  15. Re: Biggest riser .. .. Paulo Henrique +10. Irly cant be bothered, just check out the Brazillian, Swedish 'n South American threads.
  16. Re: Same rating and pos but who is better?
  17. Re: Same rating and pos but who is better? A teams is not based on how many games it doesn't lose, although this seems to be Rafael Benitez' policy (Bill Shankly would be spinning in his grave), the fact was that Liverpool did not win enough games, if Chelsea had a permanant manager it would've been them in 2nd. The fact is thoughout the season Liverpool didn't know whether to stick or twist, and the reason why Torres and Gerrard, may play well is because the formation of the team is made around them, what shows a players' class, is to be able to play in any team, or any position and still do a job. This is what players like, Essien & Xavi have done, the formation has not been based around them, by any means of the imagination, but they do not complain and play for the team, however they still get noticed, they still put in a great performance. Whereas people forget when Gerrard was going to move to Chelsea a few years back, because the formation of the L'pool team was not built around him, therefore he taken the 'huff' as he could not play well for the actual team. Thanks.
  18. Re: English Championship 3951 - Transfer/Gossip thread I'll join - Add the mighty Crewe Alexandra to the list
  19. Re: English Championship 3951 - Transfer/Gossip thread Crewe set Sights on Wasall's Top Spot Crewe fighack from opening day defeat, setting there sites on Walsall's top spot, after beating Brighton & Hove Albion 2-0 with goals from Pontius and Friberg.
  20. Re: Same rating and pos but who is better?
  21. Re: English Championship 3951 - Transfer/Gossip thread Ola Kamara Rose to 76 (+6) Erik Brathen Rose to 75 (+5) Orjan Royrane didn't get any rise at all, just a positional change, mythed.
  22. Re: New position suggestion Tbh, wing backs, is the way it is going, as many teams are looking to Barcelona and seeing how they play with Dani Alves and soon to be Luis Filipe on the wings basically playing a 2-4-4, the Wing back position should be brought in and I think it would be most effective in the 5-3-2 formation.
  23. Re: Trouble With Kaka Persevere with it, aslong as your team is winning, there is no need to change, your teams acutal results may change when he's off the pitch, as 96+ decide the game, even though their match rating may be poor, tbh I don't really think alot of the match ratings, as if you read the Match commentary (as I did last Wednesday) Zhirkov got 3 assists, so said the commentary, yet he got a match rating of 4. Persevere mate.
  24. Re: 12 year old first teamer-Mauricio Baldivieso No worries, Arsene will snap him up, although he may be abit out of their price range, I can see him playing in the Carling Cup in no time, people will be saying he's the next Eboue. Suprised he is not at Arsenal by now, the usual age is around 6.
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