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  1. Re: Ivan Cordoba Sell him, it will be Chivu and Lucio in the middle for Inter next season.
  2. Re: EC 3987|Match Reports|Transfer News ofgs at Brentford, put all my bids in for risers, then Brentford bid for them all.
  3. Re: Who is the best CB in the world? Vidic is a clown, Cannavarro and Nesta are still the best. Toure being mentioned made me lol.
  4. Re: EC 3987|Match Reports|Transfer News Just taken over at Colechester Utd. looking to the Championship, time to put a few bids in
  5. Re: English Championship 3951 - Transfer/Gossip thread Lol, no worries, the main thing is atleast i know if you put a bid in for a player, I know he's good, whereas if i find a player not shortlisted by you, I think twice.
  6. Re: English Championship 3951 - Transfer/Gossip thread Went to shortlist half the African Risers, and MK Dons have bid for them all
  7. Re: URGENT - New English Championship So this is gonna be E.C. 3987?
  8. Re: URGENT - New English Championship Hmm, hopefully I'll be able to get Chelsea despite a terrible connection.
  9. Re: URGENT - New English Championship Keep all your paws off Chelsea. Thanks.
  10. Re: ETO'O and IBRAHIMOVIC Don't buy Ibra, sell Eto'o, Ibrahimovic is a clown and will fail in La Liga as it's all about pace, Eto'o will fail in Serie A as pace is nothing in Calcio it's all about close control and skill, which Eto'o has none of. Tbh, they will both fail.
  11. Re: English Championship 3951 - Transfer/Gossip thread Crewe Alexandra Bring in South African Starlets Crewe have raided the home of the 2010 World Cup, to capture Basie, Mabitsela, Gumede, Grobler and Tsabedeze. There was competition from the dreaded MK Dons, so Crewe lost out on a few RSA Starlets, however, Manager Tony Yeboah, hopes these new entries can hopefully fire Crewe to Division 3.
  12. Re: English Championship 3951 - Transfer/Gossip thread Sorry for ruinin the amazing 'match reports' but just wanted to ask is there any div. 1/2/3 teams coming up? Thanks.
  13. Re: Eto˙o deal-HELP I would do the deal but add a stipulation E.g. Let me buy Krasic for CV, as I'm guessing it's a plain Barcelona, if so you need wingers. Just a thought, good deal anyway. Eto'o will flop in the Serie A.
  14. Re: Manchester United v Malaysia XI 85th Min. - Goal, Michael Owen, Snatches another one, Who cares about Ronaldo, when you have Michael Owen? That's wrapped the game up, but the Malaysia XI have done themselves proud and made a good game of it
  15. Re: Worldwide Football Transfers Thread - 100% Official Only Please Provisionally been agreed, but the way Barcelona do business, because of the set-up of their board, it might take longer than a normal club.
  16. Hey, well just started watching it it's 2-1. Might do abit of commentary, Basically this is what's happened, (2nd Half just kicking off) Manchester United: Van der Sar, O'Shea, Ferdinand, Evans, Evra, Gibson, Scholes, Anderson, Nani, Rooney, Berbatov. Subs: Foster, Neville, Brown, Owen, Giggs, Tosic, Fabio, Macheda. CURRENT SCORE - MALAYSIA XI 2 - 3 MANCHESTER UTD. Amri 45', 52' Rooney 9' / Nani 28' / Owen 85' 9th Min. - Goal! The Malaysian defence was really all over the place and the goalkeeper didn't help either! Low cross from the right which was not dealt with at all. Berbatov shot, goalkeeper parried, Rooney finished it off. 28th Min. - Goal! Simple tap in for Nani just outside the six yard box. Cross in from the left which split the Malaysian defence apart and the goalkeeper was left helpless. 45th Min. - Goal! Malaysia score on the stroke of half time! a fantastic strike as well. Van der Sar was about 10 yards off his line and was caught out with an amazing lob. Poor play by Van Der Sar tbh. 2nd Half Starting - No changes, looks like the games changed abit all because of that goal, Utd's silky football seems to have haulted. 49th Min - Ohhh, Berbatov so close to making it 3-1 to Utd, but the goalkeeper does well, can only see one side winning this atm. Prediction: 5-1 52nd Min. - GOAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL - MANCHESTER UTD. 2 - 2 MALAYSIA HOWLER BY FOSTER WHO JUST CAME ON FOR THE DUTCH GK. HE'S JUST DONE A SCOTT CARSON! GIBSON PASSES IT BACK AND, OH MY IT'S JUST A HOWLER, AMRI COMES AROUND AND TAPS IT INTO THE EMPTY NET, FOSTER THAT'S WHY YOU SHOULD BE ENGLAND'S NO 1. - Manchester United are looking a shadow of there formerselves and some are looking about for Ronaldo, to pull them through, but instead they've got Michael Owen. Lol. 65th Min. - 4 Changes, Sir.Alex certianly doesn't look happy (Does he ever?) Rooney off for Owen.
  17. Re: Worldwide Football Transfers Thread - 100% Official Only Please Hmm, Here's a round-up of all the rumours on a fine Saturday, while watching The Open: -Barcelona are tracking Chyrynsky but they won't pay more than 15m euros for defender Dmytro Chygrynskiy. If Shakhtar Donetsk don't accept the bid, Henrique could keep in Guardiola's team. -Atletico Madrid are very interested in Eduardo Salvio, but are finding the 15m euro price tag that Argentine side Lanus have put on the man dubbed the 'new Aguero' a bit steep. - Inter president Massimo Moratti is interested in upsetting Real Madrid as far as Xabi Alonso is concerned. Inter need to sell Mancini and Patrick Vieira before they can make a move. (Gazzetta dello Sport) -Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez wants Alberto Aquilani to cover the void left by Xabi Alonso leaving. The Italian midfielder is ready to accept to reach Liverpool. (Corriere dello Sport) -Real Madrid sporting director Jorge Valdano has told Klaas-Jan Huntelaar he should accept Stuttgart's bid for him. Huntelaar has said he will give an answer next Monday. -Alvaro Negredo has been left to decide if he wants to go to Tottenham, but the Real striker would prefer to stay in Spain. As at 11:36
  18. Inter president Massimo Moratti is interested in upsetting Real Madrid as far as Xabi Alonso is concerned. Inter need to sell Mancini and Patrick Vieira before they can make a move. (Gazzetta dello Sport) This will probably set Real Madrid off. Discuss.
  19. Re: Real Madrid On SM - Unbeatable? I'm sorry, but Barcelona have one of the worst defences I have seen, it's only because of the state of La Liga that it doesn't get focussed on, as many La Liga teams give up against Barca, I remember when Atletico Madrid bet Barcelona 4-2, all you need is a good forward (In this case 2) to rip Barcelona apart, Puyol is over-rated and over the hill, Dani Alves isn't a defender, he's a diver. And Pique, he's an absolute clown. Real Madrid will win La Liga next season, Kaka for Ballon D'Or
  20. Re: Ferdinand for Maicon? I'm from Scotland 2. Hmm. Ty for help anyway.
  21. Re: Iniesta or Kaka Going for Kaka, because he's within my Transfer Budget, unlike Iniesta who I would now have to P.Ex for.
  22. Re: Iniesta or Kaka Mhm, I was swaying towards Kaka because he is already 97 and he's going to play in a great Madrid team, anymore opinions?
  23. Re: SPL Predictions Obviously, the SPL, would be plummiting down the Fifa Rankings (and standard of football) if the Old Firm were moved into the Champinoship. Tbh, since the inauguration of the SPL, it was a complete false dawn, some said it was going to challenge the 3 main European leagues, however, many accept that it has failed miserabely, the many only counts for nearly everyone in football except for 3 Boards which run Scottish Football, who thought making an 'SPL 2' would solve this problem. Which is frankly laughable. So i wouldn't put it past the SPL, SFA and the SFL to let the Old Firm go, the life of Scottish Football down the drain. Sack the Board(s)
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