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  1. New E.C. I got Manchester Untd. Want to play 3-4-1-2 can buy either for cash, Iniesta is abit more expensive, but Kaka is 2yrs old. So i want to know who would you choose, Kaka Higher rating, Iniesta younger. Opinions?
  2. Re: Great Team + Bad Results = ? Play 3-4-1-2 v.d.Sar Ufjalsi Vidic Evra Ronaldo Juninho Flamini (New Winger) Silva Rooney Kanoute Fast Tempo, Attacking, Direct, Men behind ball, Counter Attack, Using playmaker (Silva)
  3. Re: braking news Pls calm down, srsly, it's a forum I mean don't waste your life over it, not my fault your dyslexic, Ok, sure if you're dyslexic you deserve a bit of slack, but it's a forum. Come on. Viva Cloughie.
  4. Re: braking news Paid 1 Million, for an over-hill, scum-bag, who while at Rangers disgraced the Rangers name, by going to the pubs and binging, if he wasn't in football, he would be in the jail. Well played Rangers for getting 1 million for him. Great stuff Birmingham now you've got 2 pieces of over-hill, football scrap metal, being Lee Bowyer and Barry Ferguson, I wish you fairwell Barry and don't step foot in Ibrox again, worst Rangers captian ever, disgrace to the Ferguson name, and has always been in the shadow of his brother, now he was a player.
  5. Re: C.Ronaldo = Fabregas and David Villa ? First of all, accept the bid, secondly he isn't the best player in the world.
  6. Re: Eto'o Ibra, 'flourished' in Serie A, because it's all about close skill, which is Ibracadabra's forte. Look at the strikers which have made it in Spain, Fernando Torres, (Even) Raul, Higuain. Then look at who's flopped, Huntelaar springs to mind, the exact kind of player Ibra is, you see all the strikers that have made it in Spain have pace, which Ibra has none of. Thanks.
  7. Re: Eto'o Mhm, check goal.com have a look at the evening prints in Italy and Spain. Most of the main newspapers / sites are reporting. Eto'o + 40M Euros for Ibra, with a season long loan of out of favour Hleb to strengthen their creative midfielder department.
  8. Re: The Serie A News Thread! It probably won't be an exchange, exchange, Ibra would probably move to Barca in a seperate deal, with a contract to buy Eto'o for a certian price, anyhoo Eto'o will fail miserably and Ibra will fail in La Liga, at the end of the day Steven Fletcher will replace Ibra at Barca. Great deal for Inter, tbh, the only prospect of Eto'o being a success in Calcio would be if Inter strengthen their creative midfielder (Cough, Sneijder, already missed out on Diego) Also, all Mourinho wants is his pet, Drogba.
  9. Re: Eto'o Try to get abit more money for risers, but I would flog Eto'o right now, he's just moved to Inter, and because of the standard of Calcio, he will most probably drop, also the italian game doesn't suit his game, so flog him now.
  10. Re: Help with a brilliant but under-performing Arsenal Side I play 3-4-1-2, ticking Counter-attack, Men Behind Ball and Using Playmaker (use the '1') I also use Normal tackling, direct, fast tempo. 8 teams that play this, 7 of them are on an over than 5 game winning streak.
  11. Re: 90+ overrated and underrated players Completely disagree, Eto'o was the most important player for Barca last season, think back to the Champions League Final, Eto'o's goal changed the game, they're were many moments like that last season. Pique is over-rated, he's a clown.
  12. Re: English Championship 3951 - Transfer/Gossip thread Any Teams about to become un-managed? Thanks,
  13. Re: English Championship 3712 Match Reports/Transfer Activity. Dnt worry, just adapating the team to a 3-4-1-2 spending a lil bit of cash on a few prospects (Kjaer etc.) By tomorrow I will only have around 1m, One word, Alexandre Pato.
  14. Re: English Championship 3712 Match Reports/Transfer Activity. Taken over Middlesbrough, as my Villa were abit out of pocket, the 50m was just too enticing. Well played, who ever was the last manager btw.
  15. Re: English Championship 3712 Match Reports/Transfer Activity. Jst taken over Villa, everyone available for the right deal. Viva Cloughie.
  16. Re: SPL Predictions 1st - Rangers 2nd - Hearts 3rd - Celtic 4th - Kilmarnock (Ima Killie Fan 2) 5th - Hibernian 6th - Aberdeen 7th - Hamilton 8th - St. Johnstone 9th - Dundee Utd. 10th - St. Mirren 11th - Falkirk 12th - Motherwell Top Scorer - Boyd Top Assist - Fernandez Kthxbye.
  17. Hey, well I'm in a very old World Champ, and most of the prospects are taking, I'm looking for a young back-up (at an external club) within the criteria of being 86 - 89. I have narrowed it down to the following players: Carlos Eduardo Fayzulin Small list I know, but nearly everyone is taken. Who would you choose out of those, heard Fayzulin is the next Arshavin. Hmm. Help pls. Viva Cloughie.
  18. Re: Maxi Rodriguez Hmm, well I can buy 3 Players from Madrid (The Manager sells for just cash) any suggestions, it's last seasons Madrid squad, without Raul and Huntelaar. Thinking of trying for Pepe, Higuain 'n Lass. any opinions on these 3 players, will Pepe's ban affect his rating? Thanks.
  19. I haven't seen Maxi Rodriguez play and have a bid accepted of 31m for him, (I have a huge budget, money means literally nothing in this setup) I could buy Robben instead, however Robben is very injury prone. Any opinions on Maxi Rodriguez is he any good? Ty.
  20. Re: Esteban Cambiasso or Wesley Sneijder? Mhm, i bought him for Chairman's Value he was at an un-managed Man City, TB atm, I'll see how City start the Prem. then might try p.ex for Robben/Ribery.
  21. Re: Rangers Players That Need Rising!! Tbh, when Fergie moved to Blackburn from Rangers for a season, he actually done fairly well and was actually a part-captian for Blackburn. And tbh, the Premiership is glorified. The SPL is more exciting. Wait, till i make my point, I went to a Gretna vs. Kilmarnock match, (I can't remember the score) each team gave there all, even though there was only 600 fans there, you find way more atmosphere than you would find at a Wigan v Pompey match. What I'm trying to say is, Yes the Top 7 or 8 Teams in the Premiership play great football and from this comes great atmosphere (Last Premiership match i went to was 2-3 Villa v Utd.) the SPL cannot battle this, but lower down the table, it really is terrible, teams like Blackburn, Bolton etc. do not battle, they don't give their all. The temperment is, 'We can stop playing because we're avoiding relegation.' The SPL doesn't bring this each team gives 100% and I'll say right now Steven Fletcher will be the Top Scorer in the Premiership next season. The English forget when Sounness came to Rangers, Everyone in the english game, were grovelling (begging) to come to Scotland. Thanks, just need a rant. Viva Gheorghe Hagi.
  22. Re: Esteban Cambiasso or Wesley Sneijder? K, Gonna try for De Rossi, Santi and Keane won't get in my team, as i have Robinho 'n Maxi Rodriguez on the wings & Ibra 'n Villa up-front. So ye. However, the Roma chairman is alot smarter than the Inter one, Already bought Ibra and Julius Ceasar off Inter, gonna try for Maicon. So thanks for the help, De Rossi it is. Rep'd
  23. Re: Esteban Cambiasso or Wesley Sneijder? I could buy Cambiasso for pure cash, however I like the younger players, I have a rule of never buying 27+ (I Upped it t buy Villa and Ibra) However because i could get Cambiasso for just cash it made me think twice. But I'm currently negotiating with the Roma manager and he wants, Santi Cazorla + Robbie Keane + A fair amount of cash. Would you do this deal, considering money is nothing in this setup. Thx.
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