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  1. Re: Esteban Cambiasso or Wesley Sneijder? What if i add De Rossi to that equation, is he a better choice, considering Roma's diabolical season last year.
  2. Hey, i can buy him, for plain cash, which is a very good deal in my setup, however, he is fairly old as I want someone younger to partner Essien. I also have the option of buying Wesley Sneijder. So basically, who would you choose Sneijder or Cambiasso? What is their predicted rating? Thanks Btw, never go on the London Underground, get what they do, On the day of the Emirates Cup they close the routes to the Arsenal tube station. Basically, no way of getting to the stadium, and supposedly they plan to ship 60,000 in buses to the Emirates, 50 people in a bus. 600 Buses. Well done London Underground, picked a great time to do some repairs.
  3. Re: Squad limit A Few Questions: When will these changes be implemented? What would happen if a squad limit was brought in and a team already has around 150 players, would u release a certian amount of them? The Un-managed clubs making loan bids, would these be very frequent or entirely random? (I Hope it's very frequent as in many of my teams i have over 60 odd players on the loan list). Thanks in advance. Viva Hagi.
  4. Re: A new English Championship! 5PM Tuesday. I'll join, aiming for my beloved Chelski.
  5. Re: Dan Griffin's Avatar Store. Can i get a Gheorghe Hagi one pls, thanks in advance.
  6. Re: Full look at Brazil: Part 1 Any opinions on Thiago Heleno, he's available in a few of my setups.
  7. Re: Ryan's Updated Sig Request Thread Can I get a Gheorghe Hagi, Sig. & Avatar, Thanks. If you can that would be great.
  8. Re: DM to rise Kacar, hearing good things from Kicker and the forum about this lad, I know he's 88 but if you can stretch to buy him, buy him.
  9. Re: RB to rise Raul, should rise in the Brazillian changes, and he's a RB, fits your critieria.
  10. Re: Gonzalo Castro I would keep him, still young.
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