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  1. Hey well, I play 3 at the back. I use Puyol, Pique and Vermaelen as my first team. Need 4 CBs as replacements/cup team. Currently have:- Van Der Weil Bocchetti Otamendi Sakho Hummels Howedes If you can give me 3 of those to keep for my Cup Team, then mabye One as 'Back-Up.' Sincere gratitude, thank you.
  2. Re: ;Annoying Problem; AM Considering i have Level 1 - 3 Concerns on them, with no club willing to take them as i also have Suarez, Balotelli and Pastore out on loan, to name a few. I'll get rid of Lisandro and Jovetic then, who would you choose between Ozil and Pjanic to flog?
  3. Hey, well I currently play 3-2-2-2-1 with my team. Everything is sorted, except for my '2-1,' up top. I like to play either AM's or Fwds in the '2' and a Fwd in the '1.' I currently have too many players to fill the position and i need to know who to flog. AM; Gourcuff Hamsik Ozil Jovetic Pjanic Fwds; David Villa Pato Lisandro Falcao Basically I need to have 3 to play in my first team, and then 3 for my cup team, and one has cover for my injuries. Therefore, I must get rid of 2/3 players, no idea who to touch, but it has to be done. Also, what would your First team be in the '2-1' Muchos Gracious, sudyu na milo.
  4. Re: Which Part To Improve From My Squad Thread Came across some cash, so i need to know where to strengthen my Club America, and also who to let go off. I alternate between a 3-4-2-1, 3-5-2 and a 3-2-2-2-1. However, I'm thinking of change to a solid 4-2-3-1 or a 4-4-2. GKs; Adler Delac LB; Evra Cissokho RB; Van Der Weil Santon (Away on Loan) CB; Chiellini Pique Albiol Kjaer Otamendi (Away on Loan) Bonucci (Away on Loan) DM; Xabi Alonso Fernando Sissoko CM; De Rossi Mikel AM; Gourcuff Ozil Pjanic Hamsik Jovetic Pastore (Away on Loan) Wing/RM/LM; Robben Malouda Pedro Di Maria Pablo Hernandez (Away on Loan) Elia Hazard (Away on Loan) Fwds; David Villa Adebayor Pato Lisandro Falcao Suarez (Away on Loan) Balotelli (Away on Loan) Lukaku Thanks, it's more who to sell, but if i were going to sell a few people, i would try to get rid of them in Part Exchange deals. E.g. Adebayor + Albiol = Aguero? Just want to know who to get rid of, and if so what areas to use them to get players for. Thanks
  5. Hey, Basically, I Play 3-5-2, and in every stage I have a decision to make. Firstly, Defence;- Pique, Chiellini, Evra, Albiol, Van Der Weil, Kjaer, Cissokho I need 6 Defence, Therefore this is one I need to let go, I'm thinking of selling Albiol, as I see Garay to be better than him, and I see Carvalho and Pepe as being the Centre Back Paring. Wings;- Robben, Malouda, Ozil, Pedro, Di Maria, Pablo I need 4, I'm probably looking to sell Malouda and Pablo. What do you think? CM;- De Rossi Gourcuff Mikel Pjanic Hamsik I was thinking of selling Gourcuff, and have Pjanic and Hamsik as back-up, however, should I sell Mikel, as Gourcuff is the 'next Zidane.' Just after Mikel's performance at Wigan Forward;- Villa Adebayor Pato Lisandro Falcao Suarez Balotelli Don't know who to sell, from that list, any suggestions? Thanks.
  6. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread What's your opinion on Fernando of Porto? Got a choice between him and Sissoko.
  7. Hey, well due to Player Concerns I need to let go of a few players, could you tell me who to sell, or if I should definetely keep them, the number next to the position is the number of players I need for my first team and reserves. Defence (6):- 1. Pique 2. Evra 3. Albiol 4. Cissokho 5. Kjaer 6. Van Der Weil 7. Criscito 8. Otamendi 9. Forlin DM (2):- 1. Alonso 2. Fernando 3. Moussa Sissoko CM (4):- 1. De Rossi 2. Gourcuff 3. Hamsik 4. Mikel 5. Marchisio 6. Granero 7. Pjanic Wing (4):- 1. Robben 2. Ozil 3. Malouda 4. Pablo Hernandez 5. Michel Bastos 6. Krasic 7. Pedro 8. Lennon 9. Gervinho 10. Elia 11. Di Maria Attack (4):- 1. David Villa 2. Adebayor 3. Pato 4. Luis Suarez 5. Falcao 6. Hulk I just need to cut my squad down to the bare minimium, so I will only keep a few extra players if they are world-beaters. I know it's alot of work, but I would be very grateful if you could tell me who to sell. Thanks. 7. Balotelli
  8. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Just bought Evra and now have a Defence of Evra, Pique, Albiol and Bruno Alves, I play 3 at the back, so who out of Raul Albiol or Bruno Alves should I Sell? Thanks.
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Sell Berg and buy Milevskiy for 13m, or Pogrebnyak for 14m or Remy for 11m or Keep Berg? Please help thanks, my Strike-force is Klose, Falcao, Kiessling and Berg.
  10. Re: Berg, Remy, Milevskiy or Pogrebnyak? Chamakh ain't available, just looking for the best player... Help?
  11. Title says it all, my current strike-force is Falcao, Kiessling, Klose and Berg. I've seen Berg hasn't been performing so I've been looking and found I can get Loic Remy or Milevskiy or Pogrebnyak for 13m. Pretty urgent, as I have competition, thanks in advance.
  12. Re: Danny Wilson Jeezo, Wilson's getting over-hyped, next season Rory Loy and Andre Little will take the SPL by storm, after Rangers Fire-Sale.
  13. Re: Which Part To Improve From My Squad Thread
  14. Re: Which Part To Improve From My Squad Thread Terry's out the window only option now is Capdevilla who i have an accepted 13m deal with. So would, Albiol - Bruno Alves - Capdevilla, I would like information on how Joan Cap. is doing in Spain as I only look at the stats for Spain, and Villareal -although last time I looked they were 2nd from bottom- are not doing too well, how's his rating looking?
  15. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Will Juan Vargas get a rating change and also, will Criscito's position change to LM? As I heard Genoa were playing 3-4-3. Thanks.
  16. Re: Which Part To Improve From My Squad Thread
  17. Re: Which Part To Improve From My Squad Thread
  18. Re: Which Part To Improve From My Squad Thread Hey, wondering if you could help my Club America, if you could I would be very grateful: http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=1455723&clubid=18444444&sid=21534 Thanks, I don't know where to improve my squad, and need a guide on which players to aim at, I've got Granero coming in.
  19. Re: Thorgan Hazard - Better than Brother Eden? I'd be grateful if you add me to the PM list, thanks.
  20. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings How's Criscito performing at the moment and what's to his rating change? Thanks, just need a little hint in the way of his rating. Curiosity, thanks in advance.
  21. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Need a quick response, can buy Zarate for pure cash, need to know what is going to happen to his rating. Thanks, is he a good buy? Ty.
  22. Basically having a squad clearout of quite high rated players that don't make it into my first team or my cup team. I was just wondering if someone could tell me if the player has a possible rise in the near future or not. Thanks. Here they are; Criscito Cissokho Van Der Wiel Elia Ozil Asenjo Keirrison Forlin Otamendi Pastore Santon Pjanic Balotelli Long list, I know but help would be really appreciated. Need to bulk my money up to buy higher rated players, so I'm only going to keep players who are going to rise in their next 2 rating changes. Thanks.
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