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  1. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Adrien Mutu stay or drop? Can buy him for 20m at an un-managed club. Opinions? Or, I can sign Jovetic from the same club (22 Players) for 10m, money is not really an object, i do like my youth. However, is Mutu a good buy now?
  2. Re: English Championship 3951 - Transfer/Gossip thread Look lads, afraid to say I'm leaving my Crewe, just don't have time anymore. Been good fun since the start. Good luck in the future. L8r.
  3. Re: 99-Rated Players - A Journey Through Time 2 Words, Willie Henderson
  4. Hey, have a chance to buy Grosso to improve my first XI with Criscito and Cissokho in reserve. Basically, is he a safe 91, or does he have a chance of dropping/rising. I'll be grateful for all opinions. Thanks.
  5. Hey, just changed my 2 Centre midfielders going to buy Lampard as he's a great player and a safe 95. However, I'm unsure about Cambiasso. Can anyone enlighten me on his rating, is he going to go down? Or is he a safe 95. Thanks.
  6. Hey, basically completely changing my midfield, I currently have Carrick as my only CM. I've got a bit of cash, so I'm going to buy Collison and Asamoah as back-up Centre midfielders. Then I will sell Carrick, this will leave me needing to buy 2 CM's and I've narrowed it down to Lampard, Cambiasso, Pirlo or Xabi Alonso. So which 2 players would you buy from that list?
  7. Hey, well basically I have a frontline of Rooney, Benzema, Dzeko and Keirrison. K9 is not good enough for my cup team hence I need another good striker, basically, I've shortlisted it down to Drogba, Aguero, Pato and Gomez who would you choose. Considering I would like someone to partner Rooney. Just basically if you were in my shooes who would you buy? Considering no other positions in my team need strengthening. I'm swaying with Aguero as he is is very young and high rated. Who would you choose? Thanks.
  8. Re: Good Young Goalkeepers? Akinfeev all day long.
  9. Re: English Championship 3951 - Transfer/Gossip thread 'Simply The Best!' Tony Yeboah hailed his Crewe Alexandra team as 'Simply The Best' after their thwarting of Stockport. It was extraordinary seens in Stockport as the Crewe fans invaded the pitch to show their support for former Leeds Ace Tony Yeboah. After being claimed Champions of Division 4, due to the 5 point gap ahead of Brighton & Hove Albion with one more game to play, Tony Yeboah, spoke openly to the media stating that, 'those division 3 teams better watch their backs, this Crewe team are heading for Division 1, and trust me our team ethic will get us there.' This ringing endorsement of his team further cemented Tony Yeboah's place as the best manager in the league. They're have been rumours of a squad re-shuffle at Crewe, and Tony Yeboah has added more heat to the rumours stating that, 'Only the best are good enough for Crewe.' Despite the rumours, the facts stand out, CREWE ALEXANDRA ARE CHAMPIONS.
  10. Hey, well I have 49m, for my Marseille, and I've got a full squad, and I'm just looking for high rated risers, used the search button, and this is what I found. Dzsudsak Gentner Bengalio Puyol Miranda Now, I need to buy Puyol and Benaglio because I need a GK and who wouldn't want Puyol? However, I will only have enough for one other player, so basically who has the most chance of rising? Don't care about being a defender or a mindfielder. Just simply who is the best player with most potential. Dzsudsak, Gentner or Miranda? Thanks.
  11. Re: Anelka + 3m = Gattuso? No money I can only realistically pay Anelka + 4m for a fairly good CM, might just leave it a buy Bonucci and a young midfielder, a young 80-85 Centre Mid? Appreciate it. Thanks.
  12. Gattuso is at an external club, basically this is my team. 3-4-1-2. Considering I only have 4.6M and no foreseeable money for a while coming in, I need a better midfielder to partner Essien. Def. = A.Cole, Alex, Terry, Cissokho, Motta, - Need another back-up Defender CM = Essien, Asamoah, Palacios - Need another CM to partner Essien Wing = Salvio, Marin, Ribery, Maxi Rodriguez AM = Kaka, Pastore Fwd = Ibrahimovic, Messi, Berbatov, Anelka IMO, I'd rather have a 94 instead of an 88 in the midfield area, than a 92 striker sitting on the bench. Also, after I do this deal I will have 2m spare, and I've got no youth squad (Sold on). 2m for a young rising defender, I've only got Bonucci and Rannochia of Bari in mind, anyone else? Thanks.
  13. Re: English Championship 3951 - Transfer/Gossip thread Drew 1-1 tonight, 4 point lead at the top, 3 games to go. Getting tense, Brighton my only challengers. It was all going so swimmingly.
  14. Re: English Championship 3951 - Transfer/Gossip thread Top of Division 4, just won 3-2 last night. Good times at Crewe, the only way is up.
  15. Re: Spams West Ham EC2501/Toonfanforlife Newcastle EC 2400 Transfer Gossip/Match Repo Wigan join race for De Rossi, Everyone except Palacios and Valencia are up for sale. Complete revamp for Wigan by the end of the week.
  16. Re: Spams West Ham EC2501/Toonfanforlife Newcastle EC 2400 Transfer Gossip/Match Repo Jst taken over Wigan in 2400.
  17. Re: English Championship 3951 - Transfer/Gossip thread Crewe amass a 8 point lead over their closest Div. 4 challengers, surely promotion must be on the cards, for the lads at Crewe?
  18. Re: ronn's La Liga, Premier League and Seria A 09/10 However, at the rate they're going at they should be 92 -> 92/91, with no chance of a 93. One thinks you know I'm right.
  19. Re: ronn's La Liga, Premier League and Seria A 09/10 I sure will, but you're thread is based on the games gone before, I'm sure Santi will be 93, and Capdevila will stay at 92, but they're on based on this season for 92->92/91. The object of your thread is to update it after every game, so you obviously haven't seen that Villareal are in 19th place, because you're basically saying at the rate they're going at, if they keep at it till the rating changes they will rise to 93, so if Villareal stay in 19th place they're going to rise to 93? Ludicrous lad.
  20. Re: ronn's La Liga, Premier League and Seria A 09/10
  21. Re: ronn's La Liga, Premier League and Seria A 09/10 I disagree completely with your ratings on the Villareal players, I mean they're langiushing at the wrong end of La Liga yet, you think Santi Cazorla and Capdevila have chances of 93? Also, Marcano's not up for a rise? Explain, pls.
  22. Re: Spanish Ratings Keita and Capdevila Ratings?
  23. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Falcao is at an un-managed club, and it would leave me with abit of cash spare for risers, and I've got Aquilani as a replacement. Would you sell Capdevila for 18m to fund risers, considering I have Criscito waiting in the wings?
  24. Re: Best players in SM? Gotta say in nearly every league I'm in Forlan is top scorer no matter who he plays for. For me he scored 18 Goals in 25 Games.
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