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  1. Re: Tevez or Pato? Any help basically the deals on the table are: Pato = 22m + Sanchez Pato = 15m + Huntelaar Tevez = 30M Tevez = 13M + Huntelaar Sell Huntelaar for 27m and try with cash deals. Which deal would you do?
  2. Re: Tevez or Pato? I could do Huntelaar + 15m for Pato. Tevez is on the TrL at 30m, however the Utd. manager is desperate for Huntelaar, so I'm pretty confused, I bought Sanchez a while a go, and I've watched him and I wasn't over-awed, so I'm happy to give him away, as I'm going to buy Marin in Oct. and already have Lennon.
  3. Re: Midfield help! Montolivo or stankovic!? Hmm, sell Stankovic, because Inter Milan have bought Sneijder, so in the midfield it will be a huge challenge for him to get into the first team, with Sneijder and Cambiasso in the team, they're better players than Stankovic, and Zanetti is always the first name on the Inter team sheet along with Maicon 'n Julio. So yeh, sell Stankovic, Montolivo can improve at Voila, and is still fairly young, and Felipe Melo's departure may invigourate him. Thanks.
  4. Hey, well I'm going to sell Huntelaar for 27m, and I've made a deal with the Man. Utd manager to buy Tevez for 27m. Which in the situation is a very good deal. Any opinions on Tevez. However, another deal came up of 22m + Alexis Sanchez for Pato, considering Milan's form, I'm unsure, about the wonderkid. Currently I have 22m, and have a bid on the table of 27m for Huntelaar, but obviously I need to buy a replacement before I sell, so what would you do, I only need one of them, as I also have Villa up front. Thanks.
  5. BlairC


    Re: Ribas 70% chance of a rise, great little player, in a now great Juve team, with Felipe Melo, Chiellini, Del Piero, Buffon, Diego through the middle. The only way is up. If Juve achieve what they're budget merits, Diego will probably rise, as he is a great player. Get Him.
  6. Re: Striker Problem! The only players available, for either Cash or Huntelaar + Cash, are Robin Van Persie, Tevez or Mutu. Thanks.
  7. Re: Striker Problem! I already have Keirrison and Balotelli as back-up, I need a high-rated partner for David Villa. I also have the chance to buy Tevez for 12m + Huntelaar, Opinions?
  8. Re: Striker Problem! I'm in it for the Long Term, so I'll wait till the end of the season and try my luck with RVP. Just try for Essien while I'm waiting. I've watched 2 Milano games this season, and they've been terrible that's why I'm worrying about Huntelaar. Anymore opinions? Thanks.
  9. Hey, well I've got a 27m offer on the table for Huntelaar, so I've been searching for a replacement, and I've found Mutu, who i can buy for Chairman's Value (18.5M). Would you do this deal? I'm scared about Mutu, as he may retire, can anyone clear this up? Also, this would leave me with 8.5M to buy Motta. Huntelaar is on great form for me, so i might wait to the end of the season, with a chance to buy RVP, however, the Mutu deal will probably be gone. Opinions? Is Mutu a safe buy?
  10. Hey, well I've been given the chance to buy Tevez for 12m + Huntelaar, which just makes Tevez's Chairman's Value, I like Tevez, however, is he likely to drop, and also is Huntelaar likely to rise? Would you do this deal? Thanks.
  11. Hey, looking for a back-up defender to partner Cristicito and Godin in my youth XI, I've narrowed it down to Subotic or Motta, how would you choose, they would bost cost the same amount. Thanks.
  12. Re: Kevin Kyle Scotland Call Up Surely A Rise ? Don't be over-awed thinking he's a late bloomer, he's not, he's absolute tripe, yes buy him for the rise, but seriously nothing more. Comes from the same town as me, and trust me, he won't get any higher than Killie, failed in England, will fail on the big stage for Scotland. And IMO getting a call-up for Scotland isn't such a big deal, as we need goals. Anyway, He's a big fish in a small pond at Rugby Park, nothing more, he'll go through a bleak period and get back to drinking.
  13. Re: English Championship 3951 - Transfer/Gossip thread Just rejected Millwall job offer, better get in there quick. Thread's gone a bit quiet.
  14. Re: Defending Midfielder Help! Didn't impress me in the Chelski game, and Fernando is at an un-managed Porto however, Kacar is at an External Club and I can trade Beck for Kacar, which is a good deal. Mhm, decisions.
  15. Re: Defending Midfielder Help! Who would you choose out of Ramires, Fernando & Kacar, they're all at unavailable clubs, so I'm gonna try my luck at Diarra first then see, but who would you choose out of those 3?
  16. Re: Defending Midfielder Help! Zanetti it is then, any 88 - 91 Back-Ups for Zanetti, that are in for a rise, already have bids in for Lass. Diarra. and I'm looking at Kacar any other suggestions? Thanks for the help.
  17. Hey, well I've been trying for a DM for a while, and the likes of Xabi Alonso, Yaya Toure etc. are un-available. So I've made a choice of 3 DM's that are at un-managed clubs: Zanetti Frings Tymoschuk I've got a very young team, however it's came down to those 3. Who would you choose, has Zanetti still got it? Please help, thanks. Also Huntelaar + 12m = Tevez? I'm getting Tevez. Thanks.
  18. Re: krasic for lennon If you have Krasic and are trading him for Lennon, I would do it, reluctantly however, as Lennon is not very consistent, however he is younger, and Lennon is getting into an England side, which obviously says something. I worry for CSKA this season, because of their 2 big losses, in Vagner Love and Zhirkov. So yes, I would do it, however, Krasic had sparked interest from Real Madrid. However, at this moment in time, I would swap Krasic for Lennon, if you're getting Lennon that is.
  19. Re: Balotelli, Hulk or Dembele? I'm going for most potential to rise, that's why I'm edging with Hulk, as he's a certian first-teamer, for a CL club. Whereas Balotelli has Milito 'n Eto'o in-front of him, and Dembele is playing in Holland, which is a shame.
  20. Re: Balotelli, Hulk or Dembele? I've seen Falcao play I don't like him, so you would go with Balotelli. Hmm, anymore opinions?
  21. Who would you choose, I have Dzeko and Bojan as my front 2, and I have Keirrison as back-up. I need someone to partner Keirrison, so who would you choose, Balotelli, Hulk or Dembele? Thanks.
  22. Re: Transfer Dilemma! Thanks, going to go with Lloris, Ozil & Arshavin. Thanks for your help.
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