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  1. Re: Player values. Friendlies count for nothing, so no, your best hope is to put them on the loan list then hope for the best.
  2. Re: Rangers Players That Need Rising!! It completely confused me, as I only usually go to Ibrox or Rugby Park, so it was a bit of a culture shock!
  3. Re: Rangers Players That Need Rising!! Mhm, what ever floats his boat, probably never been to Parkhead. What makes me laugh on this forum, is that the one's that go 'psycho' over the forum, swearing or being an extreme bigout, would never have the bottle to sing or even mention it during a football game. What made me laugh at the Arsenal v Rangers game yesterday, was when 10,000-Odd Rangers fans started doing the so-called 'bouncy', So the Arsenal fans started singing, 'We Love the Celtic We Do, Ohhh, The Celtic We Love You', which made me laugh, seeing as I was in the Arsenal End (Not Part of a Supporters' Club, so couldn't get in Rangers' End) surrounded by PSG fans, The Rangers fans to reply to this started singing Chelsea songs. Btw, can anyone help me on this point, you know when you get to the gates, I got my ticket ready to hand to the guy in the lil' box, just like Ibrox, Rugby Park etc. but there was no one there, I was like But it's a lil' electronic bit to put your ticket in, is this what is in every Premiership stadium, as I have never seen it before.
  4. Re: Rangers Players That Need Rising!! Language?
  5. Re: Rangers Players That Need Rising!! That's just bigoutry, which one will never eradicate from Rangers' and Celtic, but why do you have the urge, to bring up the Potato Famine? Rangers' and Celtic are as bad as each other be it about the Battle of the Boine or the Pope. You never hear about it on the East Coast or up near Aberdeen, it's just on the West Coast, and it's sad, because many know nothing about where these songs come from or the don't know the history of the Rangers, Celtic Religous divide. It's just not needed, especially on a forum.
  6. Re: Rangers Players That Need Rising!! Shh, mate, Do you go to Rangers' Away Games? Answer is probably no. So you don't know what the Rangers Fans' are like away from home, especially when they get to England, they seem to think they're above the law, because they were Rangers' Shirts. I mean when I was on the train back, There were loads of police at the train, checking for alcohol, which is fair enough especially after a football game, but for some reason, Rangers Fans' seem to get the erge to argue, 'Isit Cause I Is From Glasgae?', 'No it's because you smell like you've been dipped in a keg of beer' and you're wearing a shirt with 'Big Jock Knew' on the back, so you will probably have drink in your bag (Which he did) Yet they always continue to argue.
  7. Re: Rangers Players That Need Rising!! It's a shame because IT IS THE MAJORITY of Rangers fans which go to the away games which cause trouble (I stray away from the trouble) When I set off in the car to Carlisle, we got to the train at 7AM, and there were 50-Odd Rangers Fans there, with 15 Crates of beer. Now no man in the world can drink at that time in the morning and still be in a fit and sober state by the end of the Cup. Simply impossible. There was only one train out to Glasgow Central after the game last night, packed with Rangers fans, the bigoutry was un-believable, the police were on the train, but what can you do with hundreds of Rangers fans on a train?! Luckily, we got off at Carlisle just after things started to simmer. And the problem is in England, they don't know what the Rangers' fans are like, they don't know how far they go, It's the unknown that scares me, some fans go, maybe sing 'Blue Sea of Ibrox' or 'Follow Follow' and taunt the Arsenal fans, which is fine and all in good nature, but with Rangers fans, you never know who's going to pull out something, it's actually very intimidating even if you go to an away game with Rangers, even if you are a Rangers fan, as you never know what is going to happen. Got back home at 3AM, Train was 40 MINUTES DELAYED.
  8. Re: Rangers Players That Need Rising!! It was highlighted alot more because of Arsenal's youngsters such as Wiltshire etc. If I were Rory Loy or Andrew Little I would be looking on enviously at a 'squad' like Arsenal's and watch young players developing. It's sad for Scottish Football and Rangers as a whole, as Rangers want to reduce their debt, and not spend alot in the transfer market, so they stupidly think, that playing Lee McCulloch from the bench instead of youngsters, is going to help them in the future? I think not. Also, does anyone know if there was any trouble after Rangers v Arsenal, I was walking to the game, and I noticed alot of trouble brewing, between a few groups of fans, just hoping Rangers didn't do a Manchester.
  9. Re: Rangers Players That Need Rising!! I travelled over 500 miles, to watch Rangers play in the Emirates Cup, and I was pleasantly suprised, at their performance against Paris Saint Germain, I did not expect much against Arsenal, however, Rangers very much let, us the travelling support down that game. We played with a 4-5-1, with a donkey worse than Samaras, Lafferty up-front. When we went 2-0 down, I atleast expected Smith to blood some of the youngsters, such as Andrew Little and Rory Loy with it being a pre-season game and give it a go, however, instead we bring on a terrible, thuggish Lee McCulloch. I felt sorry for us, the legendary Rangers support as I atleast expected Rangers to get in the faces of Arsenal and give it a go, but that never accumulated, and after Arshavin scored early on, they just gave up. I can't see Rangers getting any better, as we are not actually playing youngsters, which could improve. We will probably still win the league with 30yr old's winning 1-0 or 2-1 away at Falkirk or Motherwell, and we probably won't blood any youngsters. Disgraceful, to be honest.
  10. Re: Legend Sir Bobby Robson passes away at 76 Anyone going to St. James' to pay their respects, I am, travelling 4 hours, but I know it will be worth it, how can you not pay your respects to not only a footballing legend, but a legend in context of mankind, because of his charity work and overall demiener.
  11. Re: WC at 5pm today - 19 Forumers allowed
  12. Re: WC at 5pm today - 19 Forumers allowed
  13. Re: Div 4 challenge - America Not a bad team, still not found someone with an America to match mine. Well played getting into Div. 1, missed out on promotion in my first season, because of risers. But now it's all paid off. Best of luck with all your Club America's.
  14. Re: Legend Sir Bobby Robson passes away at 76
  15. Re: Simao or Navas ? I personally can't see Jesus Navas rising above 92 in the near future, because of his homesickness problem, whereas Simao is a proven great winger, and is a definite first teamer in the Atletico Madrid, and at his age is making a fair go of the fight to be in the First Team for Portugal, which is testimant to his skill.
  16. Re: Gozzy Look For Contributor Sure, got nothing else to do
  17. Re: Ribery wants out! No doubt, Ribery is a good player, but I just can't see him at Utd. SAF doesn't usually spend that type of money, look at all the big-money Utd. buys, Veron, Berbatov, Stam all flops. Anyway, no matter who Man. Utd. buy all the Utd. hooligans, would say they were amazing, I mean no big team wanted Michael Owen, but when he comes to Utd. everyone thinks he's going to be great. If Utd. bought Titus Bramble people would think he's the next Cannavarro. Ribery will stay at Munchen.
  18. Re: more help please I wouldn't buy Di Maria, he only played well in the Olympics, and during the portugese rating changes, i was slightly thinking about a -1. They're the best picks, if they're not available try Michel Bastos.
  19. Re: Tosic swap for Sakho Do it, can't see Tosic getting that much time at Utd. this season, with Obertan, Nani, Park, Valencia etc. However Sakho is an amazing prospect, and he's a certian first team pick for PSG. Definite riser, if injuries do not hamper him.
  20. Re: Player Ratings: Rise, Stay or Drop Thread Because it's pre-season It's hard to tell, But I can see Sakho as a countinued riser, 87 -> 89/88, if he moves away from PSG (Arsenal) the boundaries to his rating would be boundless. Hazard, I really rate the boy, up there with Witsel 'n Defour, a part of the Belgian Young Starlets, 84 -> 87/88, it all depends on injuries etc. but if all goes well he's easily a 90+
  21. Re: The Best Midfielder ever is.. Woah, Two Words, Gheorghe Hagi.
  22. Re: Legend Sir Bobby Robson passes away at 76
  23. Re: Legend Sir Bobby Robson passes away at 76 Forgot about Jose's connection with Bobby Robson, as he was the Translator when he was at Porto, Going down to St. James Park on Sunday to pay my respects, should be packed at the Weekend, There's gonna be a cloud over ever Pre-Season tournament. Mhm, Gonna be a sad weekend.
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