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  1. A few years ago my uncle gave me 2 seperate signed photos one a monthage of Trevor Francis in his Blues days signed by him and the other Bob Latchford signed squad photo and I have just fount them while having a tidy up, any idea how much they would be worth?

    I also have signed photos of Gordon Banks, Peter Shilton, Geoff Hurst, Bryan Robson, Henry Cooper, Pele and Marradona if anyone knows how much they would be worth?

  2. Re: A Nation’s Pride (ANP 2012)

    A squad cap of 50 might be a better idea. anymore and it would look too unrealistic and also deprived other clubs from making any good youth transfers. With the upcoming ANP schedule' date=' maybe a better idea would be a Reserves cup broken up into a few groups, proceeded by a knockout format. Hope this will be an incentive for clubs to give youths more playing time :)[/quote']

    Think this is the best idea so far but we would need to seed the groups somehow so one team doesnt win the group easily or one team really struggles in it.

    In other news I have signed the following youth player and now most of my transfer budgets gone on 31 players.

    Thomas Carroll

    Joshua King

    Scott Wootton

    Jose Antonio Rios

    Pena Mandini

  3. Re: A Nation’s Pride (ANP 2012)

    Very solid backline there ross.

    thanks mate, I'm also happy with my front two so once the TB's are over I need to strengthen my midfield, I've but in a loan bid for Doumbia from you as his in your back up XI but feel free to reject or if you accept it you can recall him for cup matches as he will be my starting winger

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