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  1. Re: Birmingham City [THE NEW BREED] News ROSSOLDINIHO UNVEILS PAZZANO AS BCFC'S ADVISOR After weeks of searching rossoldiniho finnaly found his man the very experencied and talented Pazzano who will help him with his player ratings and advise him how to strenghthen the BCFC squad. Later today rossoldiniho will unveil a full youth and first team squad list for the first time to help pazzano.
  2. Re: Mauro Zarate =[ i wanted a rise sorry pazzano ill rep you later i must spread my rep first anymore ideas Pazzano would you be intrested in being my advisor for info about my team click my BCFC sucsess story in my sig [pm me if you are intrested or not]
  3. Re: Mauro Zarate i also want to know this so i will rep all help
  4. Re: Birmingham City [THE NEW BREED] News A EVENTFUL WIN FOR BLUES!! BCFC 2-0 WIGAN ATHELETIC Last night in a very eventful match stand-in captain M.Bastos guided his team to a deservable win. The team for this match had 4 new faces in the squad but at least 2 of them will not play next match. A crucial BCFC A.Valencia got injured and is due back 28-12-09 and BCFC defender R.Shawcross has got suspended for 3 matches. The goal scorers in that matc were D.Ngog and A.Valencia with the man of the match award going to D.Ngog. - david ngog's trainig paid off with 1 goal in 1 game- In other news: BCFC have been drew QPR in the second round of the sheild. BCFC are hoping to secure the loan signings of either R.Giggs or P.Scholes whos experince would greatly help the 32 man youth team.
  5. Re: Birmingham City [THE NEW BREED] News DRAW FOR BLUES MIDDLESBOURGH 0-0 BCFC This saturday rossoldiniho saw his team draw a match witch they should of won. Despite having the likes of N.Anelka,M.Zarate and M.Bastos in there line up BCFC still couldnt brake the dead lock against a team with the likes of A.Robben and J.Carew. - a young BCFC fan - In other news: BCFC are set to scheldue a mid-season freindly with sheffield wednesday. BCFC are still looking for a advisor so have extended the deadline to 1-1-10. BCFC are set to give M.Klose his second start of the season after injury and give R.Shawcross and D.Ngog there debuts. F.Macheda is expected to go out on loan for the rest of the season along with a few other members of the youth department.
  6. Re: Birmingham City [THE NEW BREED] News BCFC BEAT ARCH RIVALS ASTON VILLA BCFC 3-0 AVFC M.BASTOS 42 S.MAXWELL 46 J.FUCILE 74 Last night BCFC beat arch rivals aston villa in a 3 goal stunner. M.Bastos scored for his second time in 2 matches and rossoldiniho said "I am very pleased with Michel Bastos's form and if he continues his form he could be made captain of the squad." Later in the match a micrale happened in defence with LB S.Maxwell and RB J.Fucile both scoring amazing goals. This victory makes BCFC 5th in division 1. In other news: BCFC have sold youth goalkeeper arthur krysiak to sheffield wednesday for a sum around £1million. BCFC have been drawn darlington for the 2nd round of the cup.
  7. Re: Birmingham City [THE NEW BREED] News BCFC LOOKING TO RECRUIT A ADVSIOR Today rossoldiniho made a press anouncement. He said - "As my aim for BCFC this season is to make them a mid division 1 team i will need to improve the squad but i have lack of income so i will need an advisor to tell me which players to sell." If you are intrested in being BCFC advisor and are experinced in the player disscution section of the forum please PM me sometime before the 20th of december.
  8. Re: Birmingham City [THE NEW BREED] News !!!FINNALY A WIN!!! Wolverhampton Wanderers 0 - 1 Birmingham City M.BASTOS 86 Last night in a full [bar 5 seats] Molineux stadium rossoldiniho lead BCFC to there first win in 3 games. -wolves trudge off disapontied- After an eventfull 85 minutes Michel Bastos finnaly scored after countless shots BCFC only had 1 yellow card given to them wich A.Coda unfarily gained. But Wolves had 2 yellow cards one going to C.Berra and the other to K.Foley. At the end of the match Y.Gourcuff was awarded the man of the match for the second time this season. This match makes BCFC sky rocket to 7th place in Division 1.
  9. Re: Birmingham City [THE NEW BREED] News BCFC LINKED WITH A WORLD CLASS WINGER AND A FORWARD!! Today rossoldiniho confirmed that BCFC are intrested in a argentine winger and a foward. The 22 year old winger is angel DI MARIA. When we caught up with rossoldiniho he said: "He [DI MARIA] is a perfect winger that has a bright future ahead of him. He will enable me to play 4-3-3 wingers and will be a great back up to my current wingers: antonio VALENCIA and michel BASTOS he could also share his expertice with my youth team." The fee for di maria would be sone ALUKO and a nominal amount of cash. Gregory SERTIC is also a wing possibilty. - di maria celebrating one of his many goals- It was also confirmed BCFC are looking for a foward with the following being put foward: GABRIEL ABONGLAHOR EDIN DZEKO MAROUNE CHAMAKAH STEVAN JOVETIC EDUARDO HULK CHRISTIAN BENITEZ all of wich are being regarded as great replacments for mauro zarate,nicholas anelka and klose
  10. BCFC RESIGN LONG STANDING MANAGER ROSSOLDINIHO In the early hours this morning BCFC manager rossoldiniho resigned with blues for 5 seasons after managing them for 5 seasons already.In those 5 season the BCFC squad has had a complete revamp and rossoldiniho has managed to lead them to division one and made them the english cup runners up. The previous results this season are: BCFC 3-1 everton portsmouth 1-2 BCFC chelsea 2-0 BCFC BCFC 0-2 bolton BCFC are currently 11th in the league. After a poor start to the season rossoldiniho insits he will change BCFCs poor form.
  11. should i swap cesar denis and cash for asenjo
  12. Re: andre CODA well should i sell????????
  13. Re: *!transfer helped needed!* thanks guys rep awarded to all of you anyone else with ideas on who to sell rep will be awarded;)
  14. should i sell him or not will he raise? rep for the best answer
  15. first of all my shortlist: ryan shawcross £5.1m gary cahill £7.4m who should i go for and what will they rise by angel di maria £11m no questions asked gabriel agbonlahor £11.5m david n'gog £4.5m ryan babel £12.5m how much will thes raise by and now who to sell out of my youth team my first has noone to sell apart from possibly CODA what do you guys think: KRYSIAK, Artur Gk 20 78 RAITALA, Jukka LB-CB 21 82 MASSEY, Dane LB-LM 20 74 HODSON, Lee RB-CB 18 72 UDOH, Kingsley CB 18 78 MUNIESA, Marc CB-LB 17 75 WAKASO, Mubarak LM-AM 19 75 ONICAS, Mihai DM 19 78 WISS, Alain CM 19 80 ALLEN, Joe CM 19 80 LAW, Nicky CM-RM 21 76 SVEZHOV, Viktor CM 18 75 BUTTERFIELD, Jacob CM 19 70 PAULO HENRIQUE, Chagas AM-Wing 20 85 ALUKO, Sone Wing/Fwd 20 84 WRIGHT, Nick Wing 21 65 OROZCO, Norvey Fwd 18 76 MUNIAIN, Iker AM-Fwd/AM 16 75 HINES, Zavon Fwd 20 74 MACHEDA, Federico CF 18 80 WICKHAM, Connor CF 16 74 UMUNEGBU, Kingsley CF 20 72 thanks in advance rep WILL be awarded for any helpful help lol
  16. Re: di maria?!?! thanks everyone especially spam who is repped for the good advice and getting this topic back on track
  17. Re: di maria?!?! ok check my scout should i swap him the links in my sig
  18. Re: di maria?!?! thanks i will swap or i might buy di maria in a swap including aluko[check my scout] or paulo henrique and cash what do you guys think
  19. sould i swap antonio valencia to get angel di maria who will rise more and what to?
  20. Re: Wellington Alves Da Silva is he on the DB if not when will he be added promising talent
  21. Re: Frank Nouble, West Ham Striker lol doubt it do reserve games count towards getting him added
  22. Re: HELP with my blues team! thanks ill try that for my next match by the way im in division 1 and can i have the whole team sheet etc please. any more ideas or ideas on who to sell/buy
  23. I need help with the tactics/formation/line-up and who to sell keep and sell etc. jack rodwell is on my first team because he is on the bench:rolleyes: FIRST TEAM: YOUTH TEAM thanks in advance;)
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