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  1. Re: moussa sissoko deal thanks guys anyway larson was my back up but ive got aluko and henrique and oconnor was a reserve lol
  2. Re: Dale's Tips On Who To Buy! LOL i have shay given' date='ben foster who are there and cesar denis [sao paul'] should i sell him
  3. Re: moussa sissoko deal i need help urgently the season starts soon and my only DM is jack rodwell and im in division 1 HELP please
  4. moussa sissoko deal should i go through s.larsson g.o'connor 6.9m
  5. Re: Frank Nouble, West Ham Striker when will he be added been waiting since this thread started:mad:
  6. Re: DM help! thanks guys both repped i have rodwell as a back up and busquets is unavalible by the way
  7. hi guys i have a limited budget and theses are the only DM i could think of: marchiso £11.1m fernando £14m alot for me but i could strech palacios £7.7m song £8.1m parker £5.5m manager might not sell but will loan who should i get or does anyone have better ideas. busquets,de rossi,melo and ranieri are unavalible thanks in advance rep may be given
  8. Re: 88/89 > 90/91 try 22 year old 90 rated lazio striker: MAURO ZARATE:)
  9. Re: 90+ LB Help Plz! my LB is maxwell
  10. Re: Defence help thanks everyone both repped
  11. Re: Defence help and melo is unavailible
  12. Re: Defence help anyone else fernando is 15mill in my game world to much
  13. Re: Defence help thanks i must have 10 charcters
  14. Re: Defence help thanks i will bid on him but i want a 89+ DM any ideas i could get parker on loan until rodwell rises
  15. Re: Defence help thanks but i need a DM not CM any ideas
  16. Re: What Will Happen To These Players? (Ratings) owen could rise +1 jo might -1 or stay
  17. Re: Defence help any ideas?????????
  18. please help me i need: a LB -under 30- 90-93 to replace heinze a cB- under 27- 89-90 to replace djourou and how does buying scott parker for my DM sound for 6mill should i go through?
  19. Re: HELP! with end of season transfers thanks i will go through with these tomoorow after the final playoff to division 1 me v derby hope i win wish me luck
  20. Re: HELP! with end of season transfers who should i go for nani replacements: milner £11m michel bastos £7.8m klose replacements: di natale 8.6m kuyt £10m will he raise to 93 huntelaar £12.5m will he raise to 93
  21. Re: HELP! with end of season transfers ok anyone with any ideas for: a 93 rated striker instead of klose and a 89-91 wing/rm instead of nani
  22. Re: HELP! with end of season transfers current strikers macheda,anelka,zarate,trezguet but when he goes i need another 93 rated any ideas
  23. Re: HELP! with end of season transfers ok then why not jenas and what wing/rm should i buy to replce becks instead of nani
  24. Should i go through with these: INS D.Welbeck £3m Hernanes £12m Y.Gourcuff £14m S.Given £7.6m L.Nani £8.9m M.Klose £10.6m Insua loan Y.Brahimi £2m OUTS J.Lehmann £5.6m D.Beckham £8.2m D.Trezguet £14.5m B.Elano £12.9m J.Jenas ? Martin Taylor £2m Maik Taylor ?
  25. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! ok mate ill have anoth go tommorow i didnt now what pick u wanted sorry
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