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  1. Re: !!!!help!!!! owen is worth about 7 mill is that good
  2. This is wher you post your predictions of the EPL premiship table I AM SORRY IF THERE IS ALREADY A POST SIMILAR heres mine: 1.liverpool 2.man u 3.chelsea 4.man city 5.arsenal 6.everton 7.villa 8.tottenham 9.fulham 10.wigan 11.west ham 12.blackburn 13.bolton 14.sunderland 15.wolves 16.birmingham 17.stoke 18.portsmouth 19.hull 20.burnley
  3. Hi guys can anyone help me with the following questions?: 1.Are ashley young,christian benitez,michael owen and glen johnson worth signing? 2.Will the above players raise if so by how much? 3. Should i sell elano if so who shall i buy to replace him? 4. Should i sell beckham if so who should i replace him with? thanks in advance:rolleyes:
  4. Re: Help ben foster quite expensive but is gonna be man us no1 when van der sar leaves possibly at end of season. or cesar denis great goalkeeper who is almost garranted a raise sos for spelling errors;)
  5. Re: strikers / mario gomez sell adebayor if he joins he will never stay at 93 with man city
  6. Who shall i buy for a good raise wilson palacios or antonio valencia??? And is young worth paying 10.1mill for??
  7. Re: I need a new RB thanks ive put a bid in for frits thank god he is in a external club:D
  8. Hi this is my first topic.i hope this goes here but i need a new RB as my current RB is stephen Carr (80) I want him to be bewtween 80-90+ i have a budget of max 8m.(prefebaly under 30 years old) any ideas.
  9. Re: Best youth goalie to rise in recent changes. Cesar Denis or Ben Foster as he will soon be man utd no 1 when van der sar leaves at end of season.
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