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  1. Re: Sell Team/Account? I think not being able to gift an account to someone is a bit silly.
  2. Re: Fifa 11 Tips I'm making a FIFA UT website so if you are interested in being part of it let me know, it's a good place to discuss players and deals etc
  3. Re: FIFA 11 Ultimate Team ( Trading centre) I'm making an UT forum if you are interested in joining
  4. Re: Anyone Selling Ultimate Team Coins? I'm setting up an UT forum so that would be the best place to ask for something like this, let me know if you wanna be part of it
  5. Re: FIFA 12 News and Updates I've noticed it's a free site. I'm currently setting up a FIFA Ultimate Team site if you're interested in being part of it.
  6. Re: FIFA 12 scouted players! I'm setting up an Ultimate Team forum which will have a scouting section on it, let me know if you're interested. [Just to note: I don't mean to spam, but it's hard to get yourselves known on the web these days]
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