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  1. Re: Gold Championship 48 - Match Report / Transfers Thread Liverpool CARRAGHER is available for transfer, part exchange only, require younger replacements, must be CB and a CM, sensible offers only please else he stays.
  2. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC64 Fabricio FUENTES (Villarreal) 32 years old, 89 rated CB for sale for CASH
  3. Re: Gold Championship 69 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Barcelona Ipswich Town have made an offer to Barcelona for Krkic BOJAN of £10,000,000 plus Ben THATCHER Wow i'm seriously tempted, a player of such quality, a much better LB than ABIDAL or MAXWELL. C'mon guys please stop wasting my time, do I have to make all my players unavailable to stop these ridiculous offers?
  4. Re: Unmanaged team transfer ban at start of setup Good Idea, someone may come across Notts County for example and think 'I want them', then look into it and Sol Campbell has been bought for chairman value, this would disappoint you. 6 weeks seems a long time but 7 days seems fair as that is the amount of time a team is protected when a manager quits them, i've suggested this purely for consistency, else a new setup could be created, manager takes over then quits right away, this would leave it at 7 days protection, rather than the suggested 6 weeks.
  5. Re: Gold Championship Teams - Who I'm Going For & Who I Landed ! Got Barca! I was surprised to see the take control button there, god knows why I went for Barca, thought i had no chance.... soon as I clicked it I saw the website error and thought here we go again... then to my surprise when I decided to login a couple of minutes later I'm the Barca manager!
  6. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Glad you got St Etienne, more managers in the setup the better - I bet some managers are unhappy with me though, some good players nearly got picked up for peanuts
  7. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) AS Saint-Etienne in GC39 - get in quick before the raiding bids get accepted. 14x87 7x88 2x89
  8. Re: Gold Championship 19 Match Report and Transfer News Argentina Huracán 0 - 2 RIVER PLATE M.AUGUSTO FERNANDEZ 19 G.CABRAL 87 Boca Juniors 1 - 2 San Lorenzo C.GIMENEZ 75 -------------- D.PRANJIC 39 D.RIVERO 49 Final Argentina Standings 1 Racing Club 36 18 11 7 67 41 26 65 2 San Lorenzo 36 17 8 11 66 51 15 59 3 River Plate 36 18 5 13 61 47 14 59 So San Lorenzo take 2nd place by virtue of having a better goal difference, by 1 goal! River Plate manager Gary Townsend would like to congratulate San Lorenzo manager Carlo Bradford on achieving SMFA Champions Cup football for next season, we'll just have to make do with the SMFA Shield, but we'll be back for a title assault next season.
  9. Re: Gold Championship 19 Match Report and Transfer News River Plate are looking for a 7th straight win in all competitions, knowing that a victory is a must and clinging on to the hope that the already relegated Boca Juniors can do them a favour by beating high flying San Lorenzo. This is where the players stand up and be counted, time to earn thier corn... To be continued...
  10. Re: Thiago Neves Down 3 to 87, glad I sold him for £18 million in GC50 just the other day
  11. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC52 Udinese lose SMFA Shield Final 3-1 to Roda JC. I forgot to pick my team - but no excuses, congratulations to Roda JC manager Steven Murphy on his win, i'll be back next year for another crack at the competition
  12. Re: Thiago Neves Re: Vagner Love, isn't he only on loan to Palmeiras?
  13. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Santos GC49 - 1x90, 1x89, 3x88
  14. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Blackburn GC62
  15. Re: Gold Championship 49 - Match Report / Transfers Thread Bayern Munich Transfer News Bayern Munich have been busy in the transfer market with the main focus on bringing in young players. This has seen the following activity take place: 1. Ludovic BAAL (82) - LB/LM - 23 (Le Mans) - Cash Purchase 2. Nicolás BIANCHI ARCE (86) - CB - 22 (San Lorenzo) - Cash Purchase 3. Menezes Jácomo FELIPE (81) - CM/AM - 21 (Benfica) - Cash Purchase 4. Augusto EVERTON RIBEIRO (75) - LB - 21 from (Corinthians) - Cash Purchase 5. Yao Kouassi GERVINHO (88) - Wing/Fwd - 22 (Lille) - Cash Purchase 6. Radamel FALCAO (89) - Fwd - 23 (FC Porto) - Swap Jose SAND and £2.5 million 7. Édinson CAVANI (89) - CF - 22 (Palermo) and Eugen POLANSKI (86) - CM/DM - 23 (FSV Mainz) - Swap Luca TONI and £11 million Bayern Munich are very happy with the dealings so far and are looking to add one or two more new faces should the right players be available
  16. Re: Axel Witsel - Long Term Injury Standard Liege midfielder Axel Witsel banned for horror tackle Published 22:29 01/09/09 By MirrorFootball Standard Liege midfielder Axel Witsel has been suspended until November 23 for a shocking foul that resulted in Anderlecht's Polish defender Marcin Wasilewski suffering a double fracture of his right leg.
  17. Re: World Championship Gameworlds On the hour, not always every hour though, don't know exact time range but 9am - 6pm game time seems to be the accepted answer.
  18. Re: Gold Championship 68 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Arsenal Transfer News Arsenal have confirmed that the transfer rumours are true and Robin Van Persie has departed The Emirates Stadium for a new challenge in Italy with Internazionale, the fans should not be too unhappy as coming in to replace him is former Genoa hitman Diego Milito who has scored goals wherever he has been. Arsenal's defensive ranks have also been boosted by the arrival of Walter Samuel as part of the deal, at only 31 he is still relatively young for a CB, despite losing a player of Van Persie's quality Arsenal are very happy with the players coming in exchange, especially as Adebayor and Toure had departed prior to this GC being created. Samuel is cup tied for the SMFA Champs Cup and Milito is currently out injured for 3 weeks. Arsenal would like to wish Van Persie the very best with his new challege in Italy, except in the two meetings we have in the SMFA Champs Cup of course
  19. Re: Gold Championship 59 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Valencia Transfer News After some intense transfer negotiations, Valencia and Lyon have agreed the following transfers: Part 1: Juan Manuel MATA will move to Lyon in exchange for Mathieu BODMER and Miralem PJANIC If this part of the deal is successful then Part 2 of the deal will take place: Part 2: Karim BENZEMA will move to Valencia in exchange for Raul ALBIOL and Mamadou SAMASSA Both managers are hopeful that the respective chairman and SMFA will not have any issues with these deals Part 1 has now been completed. Part 2 has been amended slightly with Karim BENZEMA set to arrive in exchange for Raul ALBIOL and Dominguez PABLO HERNANDEZ
  20. Re: International table I logged a ticket to find out how to access the world cup tables, they replied and told me, so I replied asking if the yellow button should now be removed due to it not giving you full access to the things you need access to, this was the bit that got closed with no reply, so I wasn't totally ignored by SM, maybe they missed my additional comment?
  21. Re: Gold Championship 68 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Van Gaal is the manager of Bayern Munich
  22. Re: International table Menu: Game World | SMFA Internationals | SMFA World Cup Qualifiers / Finals The International button in yellow is misleading as some of the buttons within that, such as tables appear to have gone, i've logged this as a ticket, but it got closed maybe if some other people log a ticket it will get looked at? I'm just using the main menu items from now on mind you....
  23. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Betis GC37
  24. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Me too, I have a standard account which works just fine, but my gold account gives me the wesite error message As you say, maybe they are working on the servers, although no message on the news feed telling us of this?????
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