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  1. Re: Gold Championship Teams - Who I'm Going For & Who I Landed !

    I also saw the message that everyone else got, didn't notice the date though!

    On my club homepage there was a message against GC57, GC58, GC59 stating that there were server problems, so i just assumed that GC66 had been created on this server as well, after waiting until 23:35 I gave up waiting as it could have taken ages and went to bed - if only i was a little more patient :( got Carlisle now, well someone has too :)

  2. Re: Gold championship 65 official match report/transfer thread

    Internazionale took the long flight to Argentina to face Boca Juniors in the first group C match of the SMFA Champions Cup. La Bombonera was a hot atmosphere of 55,000 partizan supporters, where a stong but jetlagged Inter side narrowly went down 1-0 to an experimental Boca Juniors side.

    The Inter side averaged 94 and the Boca side only 86, Inter will just have to try harder in the remaining 5 fixtures, but are glad to get the arguably most difficuly fixture out of the way in the first game, coming away with a narrow defeat, goal difference could yet play a part in this group.

  3. Re: Gold championship 65 official match report/transfer thread

    Internazionale 7 - 0 Chievo

    M.PEREZ (7) (own goal)

    E.CAMBIASSO (12)

    F.LUCIO (40)

    G.KARADENIZ (42)

    D.STANKOVIC (51)


    D.MILITO (74)

    Internazionale started the campaign at home to Chievo with a morale boosting 7-0 victory, this should set them up for the big Monday night SMFA Champions Cup Group C away tie against Boca Juniors, who have also started well with a 2-0 victory away to River Plate. The outcome of this game could be pivotal, even at this early stage, to decide who qualifies from Group C.

  4. Re: Gold championship 65 official match report/transfer thread


    Internazionale manager Gary Townsend is looking for players to fill the following postions - LB/LM/RM

    The president Massimo Moratti has given a large amount of funds should anyone want cash for their players, but as this is highly unlikely the following players may be available for part exchange for the right deal:


    pm if you are interested in a deal.

    Internazionale manager Gary Townsend has also stated that any cash offers for players will be ignored for the time being and all loan requests will be turned down, apart from those players on the loan list. This announcement has been made so that other managers don't waste their time bidding on these players.

    This stance may change over the coming days once suitable new players have been bought in.

  5. Re: 90+ overrated and underrated players

    Totti probably still deserves his 94, been a great player for many years in a not exactly star studded team, 13 goals in 23 Serie A games in 08/09. To compare against a similar player, Del Piero, recently back up to 94, 13 goals in 31 games, both fair rating in my opinion.

  6. Re: Credibility of Gold Setups

    Thought this thread was about Credibility of Gold Setups?

    Anyway your broadband speed won't really make too much difference as the web page you are getting from the server is only about 20KB (Kilo BYTES).

    Your broadband speed is measured in Mega BITS (not BYTES). There are 8 BITS in a BYTE so if you had a 8Mb (Mega BIT) broadband you would be able to download a 1MB (Mega BYTE) file in 1 second (divide by 8 to convert Mega BYTES to BITS), (bored yet????) so a 20KB (Kilo BYTE) file should take next to no time to download, regardless of your broadband speed.

    The biggest factors are your computers memory and processor speed, this will enable your web browser to process the HTML sent by the soccermanager server into the web page you see on the screen before you, oh and also your hand eye co-ordination to point the mouse at the required club then the manage club button.

    Just thought i'd try and clear this up as there have been many questions regarding broadband speed.

  7. Re: Credibility of Gold Setups

    I have many clubs in GC's, including a few top 10 clubs, everyone wants the best clubs but this obviously isn't possible, maybe limit each manager to only manage a specific club once. Some will agree, some will not, but play fair guys, why would you want 5 Chelsea's in gold Championships? - you know who you are :)

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