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  1. Re: Platini if you take into account the main mission of both EUFA and FIFA. Would you care to enlighten me as to what this actually is?
  2. Re: Tactics Thought i'd bring this to others attention.
  3. Re: Platini Due to the current credit crunch many people have started looking for alternatives to food favourites. I suggest you try the Korean take on Swedish meatballs. Their the Dogs Bollo*ks!!!
  4. Re: Platini No, what im saying is that every other week, it seems that Platini is saying this or that about the EPL. Man U's massive debt is immoral. Too many foreigners in the English game. Etc, etc. Now as a figurehead for a "global" game, why is he concentrating on the "English" part of it so much. Billions of people all over the world watch football, so why is a tiny nation, such a thorn in his side?
  5. Is anyone else sick of Platini spouting off about English football, "Qataris should invest in Qatar" is his latest drivel. It smacks of sour grapes to be honest, because no one is investing in the French league, and no French team can get near the semi's of the CL.
  6. Re: Arteta Deal if Hleb does drop, it will only be by 1 point, if at all, when you consider the players in front of him at Barca. I'd accept the deal, because as you mentioned, international appearances go a long way towards higher ratings.
  7. Re: Battle for Premier League Supremacy! The best thing that could happen for Liverpool, is if they fail to get out of the group stages of the CL, that way they could concentrate more on the PL, and Benitez might not rotate as heavily as normal. The UEFA Cup would still provide a distraction, but the teams in that are nowhere as strong. As for Newcastle going down, if this current mess isn't sorted before Xmas, then I think that would be a strong possibility. As much as it pains me to say it, my beloved BWFC will be down there again this season, hopefully not relegated, but we'll finish in
  8. Re: Should i sell essien? Why would you want De Rossi over Essien anyway? As mentioned before, if he does go down, it will only be by 1 point, and whats to say De Rossi wont have a decrease when the Italian ratings are done. I'd stick with Essien mate, even if he doesn't fit into your usual diamond, surely if you changed your formation to say a 5 man midfield, he would be a useful asset. And what about injuries and suspensions. As said before, money isn't all there is to SM, if the managers don't want to sell their best players then it doesn't matter if you've got 40 million or 4000 mill
  9. Re: Vieira Marcelo Tried that already mate, the first few pages had nothing to do with Marcelo, so stopped looking.
  10. Very disappointed that Marcelo is still on 89 after the Spanish ratings changes. He has been an integral part of a Real Madrid side that has just won the league, and he has also broken into the Brazilian national team. Man U's LB Evra is a 92, Bayern Munich's LB Lahm is a 93, Lyon's LB Grosso is a 92, the list goes on. These teams are top of their leagues for a reason, because they have the best players, with Marcelo being one of these, he should be at least a 91.
  11. Re: Bye Bye Jol =] Ramos won't be going to Spurs. After the way the board has treated Jol, I'd be surprised if there were any managers out there who want the job. A few seasons ago, Ramos was sacked after only a short time into his contract with Espanyol, and he took them all the way to court. So I cant see him doing anything similar to Sevilla, by which I mean he would be parting company with them only a few games into a new season, and effectively leaving them in the lurch, which from a seemingly honourable man would be totally out of character. As a Bolton fan to any Spurs fans, you h
  12. Re: Tactics I didn't mean that I wanted the ability to manually alter tactics as a game unfolded. More along the lines of: If Winning , substitute Player A for Player B, and change Tactics from Attacking to Defensive. or If Losing, substitute Player A for Player B, and change Tactics from Normal to Attacking. Or the ability to change tactics without even doing a substitution, with the same kind of time scale that already exists for substitions. 45,60,75. It happens all the time in real life, very rarely do teams who are winning 2 or 3-0, keep up the attacking game, they sit back and tr
  13. Re: Tactics Basically bringing it to other peoples attention as there weren't a lot of forumers on last night when I first posted this thread.
  14. Nice to see so many new improvements to the game, compared to how it looked when I first joined, SM looks like a new game. Now to the point of this post. The Tactics page, save for a few tweaks has hardly been touched. As this is a major part of the game, I don't see why it is being overlooked, while time is being spent developing other sides of the game, which to be honest don't even need touching. For Example, why is there still no facility to change tactics mid-game? (As there is to substitute). Why is there no option of If Not Winning , as well as Any Score, etc within the substitutio
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