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    speddiez got a reaction from hujnkh in What the hell is this message all about !   
    Watched a program about this on tele a few years ago.
    Exact same story, and they were targeting small business owners then.
    You would be surprised just how many people fell for it.
    It could be someone taking the mickey, or it could be a genuine con artist.
    If it is genuine dont they know about ticket prices these days.
    Football fans dont have any money, they give it all to their clubs.
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    speddiez got a reaction from tebthereb in Should i sell essien?   
    Re: Should i sell essien?
    Why would you want De Rossi over Essien anyway?
    As mentioned before, if he does go down, it will only be by 1 point, and whats to say De Rossi wont have a decrease when the Italian ratings are done.
    I'd stick with Essien mate, even if he doesn't fit into your usual diamond, surely if you changed your formation to say a 5 man midfield, he would be a useful asset.
    And what about injuries and suspensions.
    As said before, money isn't all there is to SM, if the managers don't want to sell their best players then it doesn't matter if you've got 40 million or 4000 million.
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    speddiez got a reaction from lukelufc in Bad joke competition!!!   
    How do you get all the Chatroom mods, and the Forum Admins into a phone box?
    Put Ste Gore in first and they all crawl up his arse.
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