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  1. Re: New Goldmembers lol ok that is not bad i though you was ganna close it
  2. Re: New Goldmembers YH i know it is but it does nothing wrong so u cnt do it understand
  3. Re: LB options go for birge will be playing in the cl soon
  4. Re: Everton Striker hey i think i answered your littel prblem i sent a pm to you
  5. Re: New Goldmembers Hey this is only for goldmember new ones im thinking of becoming one
  6. hey hi this is only for new Goldmembers can you guys explain why you choose to become goldmembers thanks
  7. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread who is the watford manager
  8. Re: milos lacny (74----->80+) hey this player might goup but will never be a good player he isover rated and lazy i used to watch him play when he was 16 and is going downhill dont waast money on this player get ayub duad he is much better
  9. Re: New Chairman Idea yh its a great idea but it will be better if that was the assistant manager job if there was a assistant manager this game would be fantastic
  10. Re: Div 4 challenge - America hey what league is your club america in i want to do it with you
  11. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread IM Mohammed Ismail and what i can be whoever i want to be ok and i will be the watford manager soon very soon so shame
  12. Re: Help ok thanks for your help i will be doing these changes and once again thanks guys
  13. Re: Help ok and what tactics should i use then
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