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  1. Re: Jonathan Del Valle - Deportivo Tachira and Venezuela!
  2. Re: Suarez ROBERTO CANELLA One to watch out for i'm sure. He's already risen to 86 and has played 1620 of Sporting Gijon's 1710 minutes season to date. For Aston Villa fans there's rumours of Canella possibly moving to Villa in this transfer window, as a 20 year old LB he might fit in well. I'd predict Canella to rise to 87 next time around and he's well worth the investment.
  3. Re: Robert Lewandowski - Polish Sensation! Superb update on a g8 talent. Ahmed beat me to this post, I was going to create a thread on the very day this thread started! My personal opinion is that Lewandowski will rise by 10 from 74 to 84 next time around. SM are conservative in their ratings and whilst Lewandowski will probably get to 87/88 at Lech Poznan it will take 2-3 ratings in my experience for SM to get him there. (Frustrating I know!) If Lewandowski moves to a bigger club he looks to have the potential to go to 90+ within the next 2 years. If he stays at Lech Poznan I think he will be 87/88 in 2 years time. Nethertheless a great post and definitely worthy of my rep, just for the sheer level of detail posted by Sav. Such a good post for a forum newcomer.
  4. Re: Vedad Ibisevic - Bundesliga Goalscoring Machine!!
  5. Re: Abdelkader GHEZZAL, Siena, Italy 79 to future 85? Ghezzal's now an 82 following the last Italian ratings. Good news for SM'ers who've bought Ghezzal on my last recommendation is that he's started 4 of the last 5 Siena matches. Stats this season are 578 of 1080 minutes, scoring 2 goals. I'm confident given this that he'll rise to 84/85 next time around and I still recommend an investment even though he's already risen to 82. If you want to see Ghezzal in action here's his weekend goal versus Bologna http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Vu_p-vFAY6w
  6. Re: Vedad Ibisevic - Bundesliga Goalscoring Machine!!
  7. Re: Bestpay's Paraguayan ratings (9 players)
  8. Re: Bestpay's Paraguayan ratings (9 players)
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Some help with this complicated deal if I could please? I've put together a 3-stage deal in a Gold Championship: Deal 1) I buy Prudnikov 18/82 for £3M Deal 2) I sell Sychev 25/89 for £35M Deal 3) I buy Sergei PARSHIVLYUK 19/84 for £4.6M Stage 1 is now complete. Whatever we try to do to complete stage 2 though gets blocked by the SMFA, e.g. £35M for Sychev, £30.4M + Parshivlyuk for Sychev and other combinations all get blocked. The frustrating aspect is i've had 4 X £35M offers for Sychev in 10 days, so clearly this is a valuation clubs are prepared to pay - does £35M for a 25/89 in a Gold Champinship sound reasonable? Problem is now, the other manager doesn't think it's fair for me to walk away from the deal (as i've got Prudnikov for £3M - a bargain price). I very much understand this viewpoint and want to act with integrity, but also want to sell Sychev to get funding for new talent. Perhaps the best option is for me to offer one of my youth at a bargain price and negotiate with other clubs but I just wondered what forumers views on this would be? Any suggestions welcomed (well I think they are ;)
  10. Re: Vedad Ibisevic - Bundesliga Goalscoring Machine!! Ibisevic has to be the number 1 prospect there is at the moment. Well he certainly is for players rated 82+. TSG Hoffenheim are top of the Bundesliga and Ibisevic is top scorer. A combination like that for Klose would see him rise to 94. For Ibisevic I think it will now mean a rise to at least 89 (provided it continues). The consistency of Hoffenheim and Ibisevic is amazing, snap him up if you can, but if you play in a decent league he'll be gone already!
  11. Re: Vedad Ibisevic - Bundesliga Goalscoring Machine!! According to Kicker, Ibisevic is now number 1 ranked player in the Bundesliga. See http://www.kicker.de/news/fussball/bundesliga/topspieler/saison/2008-09/topspieler_position/0/topspieler_verein/0 Ibisevic has a rating of 2.36 at present, the lower the rating better and anything below 3 is considered very good. This goes to prove what an outstanding prospect Ibisevic is, out of interest here are the top 5 Kicker rated players at present: 1 Ibisevic Hoffenheim 7 7 7 2,36 2 Renato Augusto Leverkusen 7 7 1 2,43 3 Helmes Leverkusen 7 7 7 2,50 4 Geromel Köln 7 7 0 2,57 5 Rolfes Leverkusen 7 7 1 2,64 Cheers, Bestpay
  12. Re: Vedad Ibisevic - Bundesliga Goalscoring Machine!! I've recently increased my stake in Ibisevic to 18 teams. I think he's worth paying £8M for, never mind £4.4M. I'm pretty sure that Ibisevic will rise from 85 to 87/88 next time around. Invest now! Bestpay
  13. Re: Bestpay's Paraguayan ratings (9 players) Here's my predictions for the next Paraguayan rating changes as they stand after matchday 10. 9 players in all, a little disappointing but there doesn't seem to be loads of risers in Paraguay at the moment. Milton BENITEZ, 3 de Febrero, 22/74/£331K, 582 minutes, 64.7%, rise of 4 to 78 Carlos LEITES, Tacuary, 27/77/£832K, 572 minutes, 63.6%, rise of 2 to 79 Roberto ACOSTA, Libertad, 24/77/£951K, 900 minutes, 100.0%, rise of 3 to 80 Rafael AGUERO, 3 de Febrero, 28/78/£1.0M, 810 minutes, 90.0%, rise of 2 to 80 Pedro GONZALEZ, Sol de America, 27/78/£1.1M, 706 minutes, 78.4%, rise of 3 to 81 Adalberto ROMAN, Libertad, 21/77/£1.0M, 900 minutes, 100.0%, rise of 3 to 80 David MENDOZA, Cerro Porteno, 23/78/£1.3M, 865 minutes, 96.1%, rise of 2 to 80 Hugo NOTARIO, 12 de Octubre, 28/80/£1.6M, 808 minutes, 89.8%, rise of 2 to 82 Joel SILVA, Guarani, 19/82/£3.2M, 900 minutes, 100.0%, rise of 2 to 84
  14. Re: Vedad Ibisevic - Bundesliga Goalscoring Machine!! Ibisevic is certainly one of the best Bundesliga players to buy at the moment. Bestpay's a firm believer and i've already stocked up in about 20% of my set-ups on him. Currently rated the highest player on Kicker (the German stats site) I expect him to rise to an 87 minimum and 88 maximum next German ratings.
  15. Re: Buy a team, 82+ rated players who will rise at least 2! If I was predicting i'd say 88 next time then 89 (2nd time) and 90 (3rd time), provided Sapunaru stays in the team. He is the best prospect of the bunch and that's why I made him team captain!
  16. Re: Buy a team, 82+ rated players who will rise at least 2! Well so far this season Sapunaru has played 270 of 270 minutes for Porto in the league and also played the full 90 minutes in the 3-1 Champions League win vs Fenerbache. This player will rise from at least an 86 to 88 in a few weeks time when Portugal gets reviewed. Also Sapunaru played for Romania vs Lithuania on 6th September (not much of a claim to fame as Romania lost 3-0!)
  17. Re: Buy a team, 82+ rated players who will rise at least 2! 4 risers today in the team following the French Ligue 1 ratings: Lemoine 82 > 86 (Value increased from £3.0M to £5.3M) Keseru 82 > 84 (Value increased from £3.0M to £4.1M) Pino 82 > 85 (Value increased from £3.0M to £4.7M) Fofana 84 > 86 (Value increased from £3.9M to £5.0M) Snap up the other 7 team members, before they rise!!
  18. Re: Jose Schaffer, Racing Club, Argentina - 74 to 80 Yes Philippe' date=' Schaffer played the full 90 minutes in Racing Club's 2-1 win vs Estudiantes, unbelievably this takes Racing Club up from 19th to 12th in the league! This is one of the aspects about SM I love, 3 years ago I wouldn't have cared for the Racing Club vs Estudiantes game, now i'm passionate about it! Come on..Racing Club [center'][/center]
  19. Re: Italian Ratings There's no such thing as a certain increase to 92! I'm about 60% sure Aquilani will rise, although he might remain at 91.
  20. Re: Italian Ratings Jovetic has played 216 of 360 minutes this season so far for Fiorentina. Jovetic has also got 4 recent international caps for Montenegro in which he has scored 3 goals. For me he's a certain riser from 87. I think SM will increase him to 88 (65% likely) although he may increase to 89 (35% likely). 2nd rating of Italy from now I think he's almost certain to get to 89 if current form continues.
  21. Re: Italian Ratings Bestpay:You predicted Alexis Sanchez will increase from 87 to 88. Is Sanchez's increase based on performances for River Plate or Udinese? River Plate, Udinese and Chile all taken into account Also, what will the following players recieve? Sebastian Giovinco 87 > 87 Alessandro Rosina 90 > 90 Soraktis Papastathopolous 88 > 88 Fernando Damian Tissone 89 > 89 Lorenzo Di Silvestre 86 > 86 Alexandre Pato 89 > 90 Thanks in advance.
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