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  1. Re: Official SPL Thread A brilliant performace put in by Hearts today, great stuff!
  2. Re: Official SPL Thread I expect that if Black is proven guilty, the club will sack him immediately. Not sure if they'll do the same to Ogleby seeing as he's a young laddie. Absolute idiots though.
  3. Re: Official SPL Thread One of my favourite players ever. Cheers for the memories Paul and especially the semi final against the wee team!
  4. Re: Official SPL Thread Sorry, should've stated that it wasn't here where I saw the comments, but from other places saying that the only reason we hate Neil Lennon is because of his religion. I don't like the guy, but the abuse he is receiving is out of order. I was pretty disappointed at the guys around me cheering as Lennon got attacked, I'm not sure what the reaction of the rest of the stadium was like (I couldn't make it out with the noise around me plus I was looking at the incident, but going by the reaction on most Kickback threads, it didn't seem like many were cheering it). He's only doing his job and doesn't deserve the bomb threats, bullets and people attacking him (and I am very glad that we have booted this moron out of Tynie for life, we just need to sort out the poisonous sectarian section).
  5. Re: Official SPL Thread One stupid Hearts fan attacks Neil Lennon and the whole world has imploded. We're scum are we?! What about the Celtic fans hmm? Singing IRA songs throughout the game, hitting a ballboy with coins, abusing the police, fans supposedly jumping over the food counter and trying to rob the place, intimidating the girls behind the food counter who are usually 17 or 18 year old girls and having a brawl in the stand. Scumbags. I despise Neil Lennon. THAT MAKES ME A BIGOT YEAH? Naw, he was a bawbag as a player and is a bawbag as a manager.
  6. Re: Official SPL Thread What a game that was! The quality of goals we're scoring is top-notch. Paw Broon must be wondering what he's done.
  7. Re: Official SPL Thread Ooh, 3-1 to Rangers now. Yesterday's Hearts game was great. Rudi Skacel getting a hat-trick. He'll be our top goalscorer imo.
  8. Re: Official SPL Thread Yes! Three points in the bag to Hearts.
  9. Re: Official SPL Thread I was out at a guitar thing so I wasn't able to watch the match but I recorded it. After reading Facebook comments and other opinions I've decided not to watch it. What an awful system he put the team out with. Was always gonna be a disaster.
  10. Re: Official SPL thread Very gutted about the result today. Will have to watch the highlights to see if the goals were offside.
  11. Re: Official SPL thread Very pleased that Lee will be back sooner. One of our best players by far. I think Palazuelos will slot in at left back for us. He's been pretty good there before.
  12. Re: Official SPL thread Hearts have Dundee Utd on Sunday, and I think we'll win. Come on Hearts!
  13. Re: Egypt is FINALLY being reviewed!! Risers here.
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