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  1. Out of interest are you guys gold managers? I friend of mine received cash injections in both game worlds were both in but I didn't. The only difference I can see is he's a gold manager.
  2. Re: Options for a cash strapped Div 4 team Cheers for the help fella's, have bought one or two of the suggestions (and already had a few of the others ) Have also bought a free transfer my chairman values highly in an attempt to male some easy cash, fingers crossed it works and thanks for the suggestion! I'm sure I'll be back in a months or so asking again lol
  3. Re: Options for a cash strapped Div 4 team Thanks for the reply, I've placed a swap bid for Spittal. He'll be a useful sub member when he gets his rating increase. Will have a closer look at the other two, what should their rating be increased to in your opinion please?
  4. Re: Underrated defenders under 500k please? Cheers, both been added to the list to buy in the coming weeks!
  5. Re: Stadium Attendance Searched this because I'm having a similar problem. Glad its being changed, hopefully to the effect that its based upon average attendance of the real club, but success/failure in the game world has a greater effect the older the game world gets... The sooner the better in my book!
  6. Re: Sell Dzeko for Jesus navas? Thanks for the help guys!
  7. Re: Transfer did not complete yet..! I'm in the same boat. Made a bid yesterday morning at 07:14, was accepted and its now 20:29 and hasn't been completed. Some 37 hours after the bid was made and 13hrs after the bid was accepted (at least). Ah well, just got to be a little patient I suppose!
  8. Re: How to win more honours - guide Not cheating no, just not playing in the spirit of the game. If everyone did this it'd make the whole point of the trophy cabinet worthless... Plus, if you haven't earnt the "honour" then what have you gained? Would rather spend my time doing something worth while I think!
  9. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Little advice if you could please guys... I want to buy some, if not all, of the following players Glen Johnson (10.4mill), Motta (7mill), Ireland (13.3mill) and Owen (5.2mill) but need to sell to enable me to do it. I need to raise about 20mill, so who out of the following squad would you sell, if any, to get which of the above players? http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=9692&clubid=18601767&sid=21930 Cheers in advance guys, I'm struggling to look objectively at my squad
  10. Re: Little help please guys I'm coming to the end of the 2nd season and want to buy a few players, but need to sell some players to do so. My Wolves team is full of players I'd rather keep than sell, but would appreciate peoples views on who would be worth selling to get the following players... Glen Johnson (10.4mill), Motta (7mill), Ireland (13.3mill) and Owen (5.2mill). I have 5.5mill cash so need to raise about 30mill if I was to buy all of the above... Not likely to get a cash injection but over the next month I should have about 11.5mill of money makers coming off transfer bans... So
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