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  1. Out of interest are you guys gold managers? I friend of mine received cash injections in both game worlds were both in but I didn't. The only difference I can see is he's a gold manager.
  2. Re: Options for a cash strapped Div 4 team Cheers for the help fella's, have bought one or two of the suggestions (and already had a few of the others ) Have also bought a free transfer my chairman values highly in an attempt to male some easy cash, fingers crossed it works and thanks for the suggestion! I'm sure I'll be back in a months or so asking again lol
  3. Re: Options for a cash strapped Div 4 team Thanks for the reply, I've placed a swap bid for Spittal. He'll be a useful sub member when he gets his rating increase. Will have a closer look at the other two, what should their rating be increased to in your opinion please?
  4. I have the following players in my sights, but as it takes me an age to save up to buy a player I want to run the options past some other people and get their opinions please... Obviously if there is an obvious player due a ratings increase that I could afford share the name please?! I currently have £484k, making about 50k profit a week at the mighty Wrexham, so the players that are more expensive will have to be saved for... I do have a player worth £370k I'll be selling/px'ing in 8 days, so if I waited I'd have about £900k... WALTER, Rémi DM© AS Nancy Lorraine 19 75 £480k PALMER-BROWN, Erik D© Sporting KC 17 73 £170k BAZOER, Riechedly D,DM,M© Ajax 18 77 £930k SYHRE, Anthony D© H. Berlin 19 76 £670k ALLAN, Jordan F© Wolverhampton Wanderers 15 68 £10k PRENGA, Herdi D(RC) Dinamo Zagreb 20 76 £660k ĆALUŠIĆ, Josip D(LC) Dinamo Zagreb 21 77 £720k GREGOR, Pascal D(RC) FC Nordsjaelland 20 75 £640k PINTER, Michal D© Zlaté Moravce 20 75 £640k DEMPSEY, Kyle M© Carlisle United 19 70 £10k HENDERSON, Liam M,AM© Celtic 18 77 £920k ALARIO, Lucas AM(L),F(LC) Colón 22 75 £370k MARKOVIĆ, Ivan AM,F© CSKA Sofia 20 74 £320k
  5. Re: Underrated defenders under 500k please? Cheers, both been added to the list to buy in the coming weeks!
  6. I've been promoted with Wrexham and I'm in desperate need of some defenders while my 70 rated defenders await their increases. Could do with three defenders, each under 500k, anyone have any golden tips please? Thanks in advance!
  7. Evening all, help with the above offer please My Isco for £5m + Henrik Mkhitaryan + Gerard Deulofeu. Thoughts please? I really rate Isco, but rate Mkhitaryan too, could do with the cash for a defender and would probably sell Deulofeu for more cash when his Transfer ban ends...
  8. Re: Stadium Attendance Searched this because I'm having a similar problem. Glad its being changed, hopefully to the effect that its based upon average attendance of the real club, but success/failure in the game world has a greater effect the older the game world gets... The sooner the better in my book!
  9. Evening folks! A little help please, cant decide between these two players so if anyone can shed a little light it'd be appreciated. My two cents are Turan is likely to get a rise of +1 soon, but Pjanic could well be a better long term prospect. Thoughts please?
  10. Morning all, Need a some help sorting the teams I've had for 18months or so and aquiring new targets please. I know there is a lot to read / comment on so I appreciate any of you that do! Due to time constraints I haven't been paying to much attention to the world of football over the past 6 months or so, so I'm not sure which way to turn with my players and who to buy etc. If you could advise on who to sell, and then who to replace them with in each of the following teams I would be eternally grateful, and I promise to pay more more attention next season! (wedding out of the way and it'll be the 2nd year of the business then! lol) To try and keep this a little shorter I've left out most of the "potential" players / loaned out players, and kept it to the first XI and back ups. Wolves - £25m to spend Keepers Akinfeev (91), Asenjo (88) Defenders Cissokho (89), Johnson (91), Ivanovic (90), Vermaelen (90), Bocchetti (89), Subotic (88), O'Shea (89), Vertonghen (88), Schaffer (89) Midfielders Zhirkov (92), Busquets (90), Gourcuff (92), Motta (89), Fletcher (91), Dzagoev (89), Mata (91), Krasic (90) Forwards Dzeko (91), Hulk (89), Walcott (89) Club America - £62m to spend Keepers Neuer (90), Asenjo (88) Defenders Johnson (91), Ivanovic (90), Thiago Silva (90), Bastos (90), Hangeland (89), Vertonghen (88), Mathieu (89), Kolarov (88) Midfielders Ramires (90), Gourcuff (92), Pablo Hernandez (90), Toulalan (93), Palacious (89), Afellay (90), Mata (91), Krasic (90), Marin (89), Elia (89) Forwards Gignac (90), Helmes (89), Agbonlahor (89), Dembele (88) CSKA Moskva - £28m to spend Keepers Akinfeev (91), Asenjo (88) Defenders Cissokho (89), Johnson (91), Pique (92), Ignashevich (91), Thiago Silva (90), Berezutsky (90), Westermann (91), Vertonghen (88) Midfielders Zhirkov (92), Pablo Hernandez (90), Diarra, lass (92), Busquets (90), Motta (89), Meireles (91), Felipe Melo (91), Fletcher (91), Dzagoev (89), Krasic (90), Lennon (90), Elia (89) Forwards Dzeko (91), Gignac (90), Cavani (89) As you can see, each team has plenty of low 90 players, but now mid to high 90's players, which is obviously where I want to go next. Any tips please? Each team has plenty of 85 - 88 players that had potential at the begining of the season (like Santon etc) I could sell if their season hasn't panned out as planned. Thanks again guys
  11. Re: Sell Dzeko for Jesus navas? Thanks for the help guys!
  12. Been offered Jesus Navas for Dzeko, forgetting the positional difference for a bit, is this a good deal? My thougths are yes, but just want to some more oppions Thanks in advance! Rob
  13. Re: Transfer did not complete yet..! I'm in the same boat. Made a bid yesterday morning at 07:14, was accepted and its now 20:29 and hasn't been completed. Some 37 hours after the bid was made and 13hrs after the bid was accepted (at least). Ah well, just got to be a little patient I suppose!
  14. Re: How to win more honours - guide Not cheating no, just not playing in the spirit of the game. If everyone did this it'd make the whole point of the trophy cabinet worthless... Plus, if you haven't earnt the "honour" then what have you gained? Would rather spend my time doing something worth while I think!
  15. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Little advice if you could please guys... I want to buy some, if not all, of the following players Glen Johnson (10.4mill), Motta (7mill), Ireland (13.3mill) and Owen (5.2mill) but need to sell to enable me to do it. I need to raise about 20mill, so who out of the following squad would you sell, if any, to get which of the above players? http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=9692&clubid=18601767&sid=21930 Cheers in advance guys, I'm struggling to look objectively at my squad
  16. Re: Little help please guys I'm coming to the end of the 2nd season and want to buy a few players, but need to sell some players to do so. My Wolves team is full of players I'd rather keep than sell, but would appreciate peoples views on who would be worth selling to get the following players... Glen Johnson (10.4mill), Motta (7mill), Ireland (13.3mill) and Owen (5.2mill). I have 5.5mill cash so need to raise about 30mill if I was to buy all of the above... Not likely to get a cash injection but over the next month I should have about 11.5mill of money makers coming off transfer bans... So that leaves about 20mill to raise... So, who out of this team would you sell to buy the above?? Cheers in advance for reading and responding! http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=9692&clubid=18601767&sid=21930
  17. Re: Little help please guys Lol, bugger! Cant go for Zhirkov until next season because I've already done three transfers with CSKA (Akinfeev, Dzagoev and Schennikov). Will have to wait until next season to get Zhirkov then, hope no-one part ex's a keeper till then... Going to buy Hamsik or Gourcuff now I have a few weeks to raise the 10m for Zhirkov, cant really go wrong with either I dont think, but who would you reccomend? Cheers for your opinions guys!
  18. Re: Little help please guys Ok... Bit of an update with my Wolves team, and another request for opinions... I have the oportunity to take advantage of the charmain valuations. In that I've just bought Akinfeev from CSKA, leaving them with 1 73 rated keeper. I have an 85 rated keeper worth 4.5m that the CSKA chairman values at 9.5m... Seems like too good an opportunity to miss really! So here's my team now... First team GK Igor Akinfeev (91) RB Vertonghen (88) CB Rolando (89) CB O'Shea (89) LB Marcano (87) RM Lafita (88) CM Fletcher (90) CM Busquets (88) LM Mata (91) Fwd Helmes (89) CF Hulk (88) So, as you can see, I need a LB. So the obvious choice is Zhirkov (LB/LM 20m), and keep my fingers crossed that he does move clubs this summer, linked with Liverpool and Chelsea I believe? And that he performs well when he does! Or, there is Vagner Love (92 rated Fwd 20m), Krasic (90 rated Wing/AM 12m)... What do you reckon peeps? Cheers in advance!
  19. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? I have an over abundance of forwards, and want a little help deciding which two to get rid of please. Vagner Love Helmes Gignac Hoarau Cavani Ibisevic Cheers!
  20. Re: What's The Worst Offer You've Ever Received Good thread! I only recently got offered 500k for Santon, rejected it (obviously) and sent him a PM saying something like he was going to be at least 85 rated soon and that if he wanted to buy him at least treat his value as such... Got another bid a few days later for 1m!
  21. Re: Little help please guys
  22. Re: Little help please guys Cheers for the reply, I did think about Krkic, but he's had is chances limited under Guardiola. The other two guys aren't available (I missed out on Pique by a pitence) Reasoning behind the two Utd players is because they offer good bang for buck, meaning I can buy four players. I could always blow all 30 mill on eto'o, which I am tempted to do!!
  23. Just got my Wolves side promoted (Well, I'm 10 points clear with 4 games to go, so hopefully!) And could do with some help on who to buy to help me survive the prem. I'll give you my team first then the players available that I'd like to buy. Cheers in advance! First team GK Sergio Asenjo (87) RB Vertonghen (88) CB Rolando (89) CB Subotic (87) LB Compper (87) RM Weis (87) CM Dzagoev (87) CM Busquets (85) LM Mata (89) Fwd Helmes (89) CF Ibisevic (88) Rotating / Back up players / Subs (only including the 85+ players) GK Hennessey (85) CB/LB Moisander (85) CB/LB Brandao (85) CB/RB Douglas (86) CB Carrico (85) Wing Kightly (85) Wing/AM Baumjohan (85) AM/Wing Skjelbred (85) CF Hulk (88) CF Ebanks-Blake (85) CF Bapa (85) While there are a few of my first 11 to go up (Mata, Busquets, Rolando, Dzagoev) and I have players such as Santon and Ivan Marcano waiting patiently for there increases I still need to get a few 89+ players in so I'm not torn to shreds! I've got a few players in mind to buy, I think I'll have about 30 Mill to spend once I sell a few money making players and get the cash injection (anyone know how much that is roughly?). I want to consentrate on my defence and Midfield... But know that I'll need to buy a 90+ rated striker eventually to bang a few goals in for me. Who do you think I should go for out of this lot? I've put what I think in green. FLETCHER, Darren (Value of 8.3m) YAYA TOURE (value of 15m) ANDERSON, Luis (value of 16m) HLEB, Aleksandr (value of 14.2m) BABEL, Ryan (Value of 8.6m) KEANE, Robbie (value of 10.9m) BOJAN KRKIC, Pérez (value of 12.4m) O'SHEA, John (value of 4.7m) MIGUEL TORRES, Gómez (value of 10.2) GAGO, Fernando (14.7m) GOURCUFF, Yoann (value of 14.3m) MOLINARO, Cristian (value of 9.8m) Zdenek GRYGERA (value of 7m) The ones in green come to 34m, but I can part ex players and sell others. Would you agree? Should I be looking for someone else? Cheers!
  24. Re: Need a 85 - 89 CM Riser Busquets will be rising very shortly (next week or so) because they are in the process of doing section 8 (the Portugal, Italy and Spanish leagues). Dzagoev will be rising not long after that (Prob 3 weeks or so? Someone else might be able to offer a better guess) because its the Belarus, Russia & Ukraine leagues next...
  25. Re: Need a 85 - 89 CM Riser Busquets is a good shout, prob get a rise to 88 this time round and onward and upward in the next round of changes if he carries on playing like he is. Another is Alan DZAGOEV. Playing very well for CSKA. Prob get a rise to 89 from 87 in the next changes and again higher later on if he carries on playing as well as he is...
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