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  1. [uSER=6721]Noisy[/uSER] & Pip; Do you think it's worth investing in the current TOTW? I've never traded TOTW but surely their price would go up once they're removed from packs? I can't think of any other way of making profit right now. The lowest BIN and auction prices are too similar.
  2. Anyone on here on FUT doing some trading successfully? I've hit a wall at 200k..
  3. Just upgraded myself to a PS4. Only got Far Cry 4 at the moment - dunno if I'll keep the batman game it came with. Hit me up on PSN - ruggermad. Do let us know who you are though so I know you're not a random
  4. Lol ok Fern. One thing you can take from my post is that I'm disappointed yes, but not bitter. I said you deserved to win. What more do you want? The last ten minutes the refereeing was a disgrace.
  5. My two cents on the game.. Who had to score in the 10 minute period at the start of the game where we were playing well. After about 15 minutes we allowed Arsenal to play. All week, the top pundits and various Villa forums have said; "Don't let Arsenal play, at least challenge them". We just stood off and watched in awe as they built phase after phase up which is incredibly disappointing as one thing I thought would be guaranteed from us today would be passion and desire. Instead we found ourselves getting frustrated as Arsenal walked round us. First goal was disappointing defensively whilst the second was phenomenal. Could argue he should've been closed quicker but frankly there's not a lot you can do. Third was a joke and fourth was after game was up. That said, the last ten minutes was a disgraceful display of refereeing from John Moss. In that space of time he made 3 or 4 horrendous decision (including two stonewall penalties) and was just refusing to engage in any relatively big decision going our way. It was also nice for the Arsenal fans to turn up after 88 minutes and join everyone else who had been there singing since before the game started. Awesome effort to start singing at 3-0 up on 90 minutes. Villa fans were phenomenal. Noise sounded great through the telly so it must have been amazing. Oh if the performance matched it. Well done Arsenal. Worthy winners on the day
  6. Likewise. I've never had any problems with using it on my phone You wouldn't think this is new software; it's so slow. And then just gives up altogether. Unless the CP returns in some format or another and the speed picks up, people will just leave. It's a shame that the forum community is near dead anyway, this just might be the final nail in the coffin. Must say I've not been a fan of the last two major updates to both game and forum. I agree with Ben, communication has always been questionable around these updates. Some sort of meeting/chat with frequent/long term users to gain a brief understanding of what people actually want might have gone a long way.
  7. Horrible. Don't like it at all. Slow, cumbersome, clunky, just horrible Why do people have to change stuff all the time? What was so bad with the last forum that it required a total rebuild?
  8. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Good player. Big fan of him
  9. Re: The Official Formula 1 Thread What on earth were Mercedes thinking today? Cost Lewis a race he'd dominated for 65 laps. Madness
  10. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread In years to come the books will show us staying up by three points We've gotta have a good off season and sort ourselves out. Hopefully club sale comes along and we can push on from there. Feel for Hull but they just weren't good enough over the season. Ditto QPR and Burnley. Newcastle were lucky they were coming up against such a dead water club on the last day. No way were West Ham gonna do anything major today, it was just whether Newcastle players actually bothered to turn up. Great goal by Jack Wilshere today too. Less of that next week Finally, what the hell happened to Liverpool? Was anyone watching it?
  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread As funny as this is;
  12. Re: The Official NFL Thread.
  13. Re: Official Manchester United Thread What about Rooney?
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Did I miss something? Has Sterling signed for City or something?
  15. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread A big if
  16. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread I'm so happy we're not going in to the last day needing a result to stay up. Can concentrate on May 30th now. Given how none of the bottom three seem able to buy a win right now, you've gotta think Hull are going down. Guess it depends which United turn up
  17. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread That's an understatement. At least hopefully we'll get all the trash out the way before the cup final. Vlaar is lucky he didn't bring Mane down as a straight red would've cost him a place in the final. We need everyone available so a suspension would be costly
  18. Re: Official Manchester United Thread What do you mean half the game plan? He is the game plan. Tbh United would have probably been relegated if they didn't have Fellaini. TBH IMHO ITYF
  19. Re: Official Liverpool Thread This argument carries far more weight. You should be able to offer him much better wages than Napoli.
  20. Re: Official Liverpool Thread With the greatest of respects, why would he come to you if he's wanting Champions League football? You've gotta say that in the long run Napoli are more likely to get that before you do. Why would he move from one Europa League club to another Europa League club with less likelihood of trophies and Champions Football?
  21. Re: Official Manchester United Thread I wouldn't take any notice of those
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