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  1. Re: 80-90 Risers Massive Database Nice Thread thanks:)
  2. Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis Marco Torsiglieri from Metalist stays or rises?
  3. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 Evaldo have been playing a lot in Deportivo, will he rise?
  4. Re: Kaka or Tevez for pato? I guess you should give up of Kaka, this year I guess he wouldn't retrieve a first team place, and he is 31 years old, Tevez is younger and have better chances of rise in the future so keep him
  5. Re: Portuguese championship 59 Marítimo road My team is now in 6th position, on the league, we are in the championship cup final and in the championship shield semi finals. The chairman said to the news: " we are in the good road, with lot of victories latelly, but is still soon to create too much expectation, our last victory over Sporting was great."
  6. Re: Behold the power of...FC Porto-Portuguese Championship 24 You just sign with one player?
  7. Re: Looking For Active World Try english championship 4079, is a new and very active world:)
  8. Re: Portuguese championship 59 Marítimo road Two matches two victories "The new manager, Josué is building a great team,nobody will stop us", this were the words of the chairman in the end of the match. Olhanense-0-3- Marítimo Miroslav Klose scored 1 goal Baba Scored 2 goals Man of the match:
  9. Re: Portuguese championship 59 Marítimo road Great debut for the new manager Marítimo won Santa Clara by 5-0 Miroslav Klose scored 2 goals Fernando Cardozo scored 2 goals Marcinho scored 1 goal Man of the match:
  10. After 5 matches with 1 draw and 4 losses, the chairman of Maritimo dismissed Carlos Carvalhal and sign up with a new coach, Josué. The new coach established that if Maritimo didn't reach the first half of the table He quit the team. In a chocking new Josué anounced that Miroslav Klose signed up with Maritimo. Daisuke Saito signed up with Maritimo.
  11. Josué

    Hello people

    Hello my name is Josué, I'm from Portugal, I had 18 years old and this game is the best ever.
  12. Re: A Guide for Newcomers I just would like to say thank you, this thread is awesome, thanks to him i won with my Ajax team 3-1 to PSV
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