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    Thomas Vermaelen 88-90/91 ★STAR BUY★
    CB - 23 years old
    First choice for a strong Arsenal side, looking very promising. Small chance of an unusually large increase to 91 if him and his team continue their rich vein of form, but more likely to see a solid rise to 90. Could easily be a 93/94 in the next year or so!
    Glen Johnson 89-91 ★STAR BUY★
    RB - 25 years old
    Another new signing dazzling for his new team, Johnson is surely guarenteed that rise to 90 this time round. More strong performances for club and country and 91 is a definate possibility.
    UPDATE: Now impressing for England, I have made Johnson a sure-fire bet to hit 91, and a star buy.
    Stephen Ireland 90-91/92 ★STAR BUY★
    CM/RM - 23 years old
    Still a key figure in the Man City side despite their huge financial outlay over the summer, Stephen Ireland is fast becoming City's Frank Lampard. Don't rule out 92 if Man City continue their scarily good start. If Man City do end up becoming the world power they so dearly want to be, this guy will still be there!
    Sergio Asenjo 88-89/90 ★STAR BUY★
    GK - 20 years old
    The promising Spanish stopper looks to be first choice for the Champions League participants. An 89 is almost guaranteed, a 90 a possibility should be get people talking with his performances.
    Gerard Pique 90-91/92 ★STAR BUY★
    CB/DM - 22 years old
    Unless Chygrynskiy replaces him in the first team (unlikely considering Pique's popularity) a 92 is quite likely. This is the guy at the heart of the defence of a treble-winning team after all.
    Sergio Busquets 88-89/90 ★STAR BUY★
    DM/CM - 21 years old
    Establishing himself as a key member of Guardiola's squad. He won't play every game, but should easily see enough time to merit an 89 and maybe a 90.
    Lass Diarra 91-92/93 ★STAR BUY★
    DM/CM - 24 years old
    An intergral part of the Real Madrid revolution, Diarra is worthy of a rating much closer to his more glamourous collegues.
    Juan Manuel Mata 91-92 ★STAR BUY★
    Wing/Fwd - 21 years old
    He is talked of in the same breath of Silva and Villa; Mata is surely set for a rise to 92. This youngster is undoubtedly a star buy.
    Emiliano Thiago Silva 89-91/90 ★STAR BUY★
    CB - 24 years old
    The Brazilian cetre-back couldn't play for AC Milan when he arrived in January due to Italy's rules on players from outside the EU. Since becoming eligible he looks to have become Nesta's regular partner, and will see a rise to 90 at the minimum. Nesta and Silva's blossoming partnership has been the one positive from Milan's otherwise depressing start to the season.
    Thiago Motta 88-89/90 ★STAR BUY★
    DM/CM - 27 years old
    A typical Mourinho signing, Motta is the hard-working, defensive-minded midfielder the Portuguese manager loves. Remaining a squad player will probably see him reach 89, but a run in the first team can see him reach 90 comfortably.
    Davide Santon 86-88/89 ★STAR BUY★
    RB/LB - 18 years old
    Another departure from the thread's title, I just don't want anyone to think I've forgotten about him. Although not a first-team regular yet, he is probably the most natural left-back left at Inter ater Maxwell's departure. Comfortable 88, possible 89 (and a likely change in position).
    Felipe Melo 91-92 ★STAR BUY★
    CM/DM - 26 years old
    Outstanding for the Viola last term, Melo is now an established Brazilian international and plying his trade for a resurgent Juventus intent to reclaiming its former glory.
    Simon Kjaer 87-89/90 ★STAR BUY★
    CB - 20 years old
    The young Dane excelled for Palermo last term, and was consistently linked with big clubs over the summer. A rise to 89 would reflect his importance to the team. A rise to 90 for such a player is virtually unheard of, but he probably merits it. The other Palermo player in for a notable rise is Javier Pastore - snap up the young playmaker before it's to late!
    Marco Motta 88-89/90 ★STAR BUY★
    RB/RM - 23 years old
    The young Italian stopper impressed last season and won a permanent deal with the club. Seems likely to win the right-back spot in the Italian national team too soon. A rise to 89 for sure, a rise to 90 if he plays well for the Azzurri. Fromer Bari winger, Guberti (rated 85) is another Roman in for a rise.
    Gaetano D'Agostino 89-90/91 ★STAR BUY★
    CM - 27 years old
    A brilliant season last year won him a place in the Italian national team and almost got him a transfer to Juventus. A guaranteed riser, his early season form will dictate whether he reaches 91.
    Yoann Gourcuff 90-91/92 ★STAR BUY★
    AM/CM - 23 years old
    Sensational for the French champions, Gourcuff is a definate 91. Should Bourdeux perform in the Champions League a 92 could be within sight. THE star of Ligue 1.
    Aly Cissokho 86-88/89 ★STAR BUY★
    LB - 22 years old
    OK, this is really over-stepping my self-imposed remit. But this guy is a real star and in for a big rise. He won't reach 90 this time round (virtually unheard of) but may come close, and as long as he stays fit it should be coming by the end of the season.
    Eljero Elia 87-89 ★STAR BUY★
    Fwd/Wing - 22 years old
    The Hamburg winger looks to have settled well since his move from Holland. There is quite a lot of excitement about this guy; I don't think he'll be rated 87 for long.
    Mesut Ozil 89-90/91 ★STAR BUY★
    AM/LM - 20 years old
    Promoted to Werder's chief playmaker, there is a lot expected of Ozil this year. So far it looks like he's ready to deliver, and I can see a rise to 90 in the near future.
    UPDATE: Strong form for both club and country have seen Ozil raking in the plaudits - a 91 is becoming ever more likely.
    Edin Dzeko 89-90/91 ★STAR BUY★
    CF - 23 years old
    One half of the strike pairing that tore the Bundesliga apart last season, Dzeko is sure for a rise. Continuing his goal-scoring exploits into this season could see 91 become more likely than a modest 90.
    Edinaldo Grafite 89-90/91 ★STAR BUY★
    Fwd - 30 years old
    The other half of the aforementioned pairing, Grafite is also a certainty to rise. Still scoring goals by the hat-full (a hat-trick in Wolfsberg's CL debut!!!), Grafite wins star buy status along with his younger colleague!
    Luis Suarez 90-90/91 ★STAR BUY★
    Fwd - 22 years old
    Ajax's stand out performer is probably the best positioned player in the league to reach 91. I personally can't see it happening while he's still at Ajax unfortunately. Surely another good season should earn him a move to a major league - in which case his rating could rocket. A star buy for this very reason.
    Givanildo Vieria Hulk 88-90/89 ★STAR BUY★
    Fwd - 23 years old
    Porto's new cult hero burst onto the scene last season and soon found his name all over this forum. He got a +3 last time round, expect a +2 this time. A very good investment (particularly if you got him while he was still 85) as could well be 91 or even 92 sometime soon!
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    Thanks for that mate .
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    When are the Brazillian rating changes going to take place ??
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    Re: my squad ratings
    I think you have a really old squad but with a good rating. Personnaly i'd sell some of your older players and buy players like Zapata (Udinese) , Park (man united), Lennon, Agbonlhaor so on.
    Your squad i think
    Hleb - has a chance of going up or staying the samebcuase of his move to stuttgart he will play regularly
    L.Diarra- He should have a rating increase of 1 he scored recently and has been performing well.
    Negarado - Youngster could improve by 1 at the most 2.
    Sagna could improve depending on how far arsenal progress in the league and champions league
    Hope that helps thanks for any reps.
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