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  1. Re: Need great help for win the league This is their starting lineup, the manager is off line from 2 december so i think that will be no change from their last starting lineup: 4-4-2 ABBIATI AMBROSINI MARQUEZ PIRLO BONERA FLAMINI KAKA KALADZE SEEDORF LUIS FABIANO RONALDINHO As you can see, two of their defender are midfielder and bonera is out of position. The only threat can be Kaka in the middle and Fabiano and Ronaldinho in the attack. So i must use a 4-1-3-2 with very attacking? Thanks for the help!!!
  2. Re: Need great help for win the league its an away game and Milan use a 4-4-2 with normal mentality, normal passing, mixed attacking, normal tempo and pressing on own half. Thanks for the repplies!
  3. Re: David Silva for Johnson + Hamsik + 15m IMO is a good deal, Silva is a huge talent, expecially if he moves to a greater club a future 95/96!
  4. Re: Need great help for win the league please can anyone help me?
  5. I have done a perfect season until the last 15 matches, when i lose 4 games, going down to the second place. Now there are still 5 matches to the end of the league, i have lose the last two matches with very low rated squads, but there are only 3 points from my Bayern to the Liverpool, who is first in the table. I hope you can help me with which formation, mentality and tactics i should use to win the remaining 5 matches. I usually use 3-5-2, but now it isnt as effective as the first half of the season. These are my best players: GOALKEEPER Adler 91 DEFENDER Lucio 94 Chiellini 94 Lahm 93 Chygrynski 90 Vermaelen 90 Bruno Alves 92 MIDFIELDERS Toulalan 93 Lass Diarra 91 Carrick 92 Gerrard 97 Arshavin 93 D.Silva 93 A.Turan 90 FORWARDS Forlan 94 Di Natale 93 Gomez 93 Zarate 90 This is a very competitive WC, where the best teams have copied my 3-5-2 formation... The next match is against milan, who is 19° in the table, i cannot lose with him.Its formation is a 4-4-2 and their best players are Kaka, Pirlo and Dinho, but the manager is off line from 3rd december. What formation should i use to win? Any help would be appreciated and repped!!! THANKS ALL.
  6. Re: Player Rating Changes in English Leagues Robinho and Toure didnt drop?? Why? If Robinho is still a 94 Arshavin should rise to 94...
  7. Re: Utk's English League Prediction why Hines only rose to 78? i expected a 80/82...
  8. Edox


    Re: Spam's Guide to 80 -> 90 Players and Must Keepers IMO will drop to 92, with a small chanche of staying.
  9. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread Hi Derbypower, i would know how is doing Hulk in the portoguese championship.I saw him in CL and i was very impressed, i have also him in all of my squad, he plays for the NT? is he a definite 90?he might go for a 91?or only rise to 89? Thanks!
  10. Re: Spanish Rating Changes (09/10) Any chance of rising for Chygrinsky? He is having some games with Barca in La Liga,is he playing well? I have him in my squad and i dont know if should i sell him... Thanks!
  11. Re: need help for my Bayern formation Thanks all for the advices Another question: this night i am against Roma, who plays 3-5-2, his best players are De Rossi, Juan and Totti, the others have 90-91 rating with a medium rating of 91. Actually both Lahm and Gerrard are injured/squalified, and i usually play 3-2-2-2-1 until they'll return.Also Carrick is squalified. my formation is: ----------Adler---------- Alves----Lucio---Chiellini ----Toulalan---Diarra---- -Arshavin------Silva----- ---Forlan-------Di Natale --------Gomez--------- Medium rating: 93 Passing short and speed fast, mentality attacking. I have good chanches of winning? This is a very important match because i am second at -3 and there are only few matches to te end of the season. fast help please!
  12. Re: Help With My DAFC Team Glen Johnson 89->90/91 Pablo Hernandez 88->89/90 Thiago Silva 89->90/91 Thiago Motta 88->90/89 Claudio Marchiso 89->90 Alexander Song 89->90/89 Sergio Busquets 88->90/89 you can also get Vermaelen,Falcao or Hulk, Filipe is also a good buy. Hope that helped
  13. Re: Arshavin - Puyol if you need a defender do the deal, i also suggest you to sell Cordoba, he will drop by 2 in the next rating changes!
  14. Re: Name your top players Mario Gomez for my Bayern: 20 app, only 5 goals but 17 assists! and also Carrick, with 10 goal and 11 assists, and Silva, 11 goals 12 assists!
  15. Hi all. I control Bayern Munchen in WC3844 and i dont know which formation to use in my team, now that Gerrard and Lahm are back from injuries. These are my best players: GOALKEEPER Adler 91 Gk Asenjo 88 Gk DEFENDER Lucio 94 CB Chiellini 94 CB/LB Lahm 93 RB/LB Chygrynsky 90 CB Vermaelen 88 CB/LB Bruno Alves 92 CB Badstuber 85 CB/DM MIDFIELDER Toulalan 93 DM/CB L.Diarra 91 DM/CM Carrick 92 CM/DM Arshavin 93 AM/Wing David Silva 93 AM/LM Gerrard 97 AM/CM Arda Turan 90 Wing/AM Marin 89 Wing/FWD Busquets 88 DM/CM FORWARDS Hulk 88 FWD Zarate 90 FWD Di Natale 93 FWD Forlan 94 FWD Gomez 93 CF Can you give me advice for the formation and for any player that should i buy? Thanks all!!!
  16. Re: Spanish Rating Changes (09/10) hi all How is doing Sergio Busquets? He is playing for Barca? and for the NT? I have just bought him and i want to know if he will rise Thanks!
  17. Re: Spanish Rating Changes (09/10) very good job kensational What chanche of rising to 94 has David Silva? and Sergio Asenjo? Thanks.
  18. He will stay, rise or drop?
  19. hi all i am buying FORLAN for KLOSE and EDERSON. is a good deal? ederson will never play in my squad and klose will be replaced by forlan. But Forlan is a sure 94? he might drop? Thanks.
  20. Re: The What will he drop or rise to Thread. ok, so i will keep Klose in my team and about these players? Silva david Hulk Marin Carrick Asenjo Zarate
  21. Re: The What will he drop or rise to Thread. i need to know if Klose is surely staying this time or he has a chance of dropping? Thanks.
  22. Re: Nesta or Carvalho i'd go for Nesta, he is an immense defender IMO.
  24. Re: CHIELLINI for SAGNA and DEL PIERO ok, i have accepted the only problem it's that i have Lucio out for a game, Chiellini is also suspended for 3 games but also Del Piero was injured for 3 weeks..the next game is against barca and i am first in the league with only one point over the second
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